Elder Edgels wisdom:

Elder Edgel's wisdom: I knew God was a Heavenly Father who loved me beyond anything I could ever imagine and was going to do His best to help me along.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Skype picture

It was a very Merry Christmas since we were able to talk to Elder Edgel. He really is doing great! He looks so wonderful!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Its so humbling to think that the Savior was born for US.

Elder Condie while on exchanges and talking about the missionary pictures (all leaders have pictures of the missionaries in their jurisdiction) said jokingly every time he sees my picture it makes him happy because of how purely happy I look hahaha. Thank you for the smile momma! That's a compliment to your wonderful contagious smile!

How can i cook with chicken breast?

All my dirty boys, I'm currently trying to write letters to each of you. I can only write letters on P-days and mostly we don't even have time to be in the appartment. I love you all though. Something that came to mind though, my companion studied some hymns this morning and got a whole lot out of it. Did you know Nearer My God to Thee is based off the story of Jacob in the old testament? If just reading scriptures is boring to you, try annotating the hymns and reading the scripture references. I think you music talented kids might like that. I thought of you. I'm sure you could understand music a whole lot more just by studying music written by the Spirit.

I asked Fred one day if i could come back after my mission and work with him for a summer. He said ya of course and brought it back up another time. He's another one of those extremely hard working men. He's very smart. A little more on Fred. He's a native here and grew up on owl eggs and elk milk since they were so poor they just domesticated their own wild animals. He's a convert to the church at around age 21. As soon as he read the BoM he knew it was true and couldnt stop reading. He served in Vietnam, has a twin sister (who just passed), has been in prison where he constantly was singing teach me to walk in the light, has had a pet beaver, skunk, seal, racoon, built his own boat to make some money as a fisherman in Alaska, abducted his kids from Alaska got past border patrol twice after the whole continent was looking for him (you might be able to find that in the news if you search. it was a big deal. People were sending him money and supporting him) and is a very very spiritual man. He always tells of the story when he was in the middle of the ocean in shipwreck pass with 3 story tall waves around him in his small boat feeling like he would die and literally seeing the waves calm around him as he prayed so earnestly our Heavenly Father and sailing safely through the night. He's an amazing man. He's rough around the edges and secretly sensitive, but a very good man. I would love for my family to meet him and Don Ella. Such wonderful people. So helpful to the ward. Call Don Ella some time, momma. She would love to talk with you. Make sure you get to have Fred say hi as well. And ensure that pops says to them.

Well He did. Heavenly Father is giving me a testimony of leadership. I was bitter about it but He's teaching me to not overlook it. I feel such unearthly love for these missionaries. It's been really great to be a part of. I love how He works with us and gives us what we need to be stronger. In Gospel Principles as were talking about The Fall a less active lady told about how she had gone through a divorce and car wreck and how she's not totally glad that it's all happened, she's at peace with it and knows it was there to help her and knows that if it weren't for the fall and the pain that we get to experience, we wouldn't grow and become stronger. She doesn't talk about her trials much so it was so special to be a part of. We just hope she continues coming to church. Such a simple thing such as church attendance can bless our lives spiritually in so many ways. Especially the way that God has set up His organization in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. There are so many testimonies that point to this being His Church. Find your own testimony. Find out for yourself and experiment upon the Book of Mormon and see if it can't help your life even more.

I love you all. Merry Christmas and remember the reason for the Season. It's so humbling to think that the Savior and Redeemer was born on THIS earth for US. That the one person who had a perfect love and perfect being came for US. Remember His love.

-Elder Edgel

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sometimes the Lord uses ice cream to do His work

THANK YOU THANK YOU for the package! It was so exciting and perfect! The music is perfect. It reminds me of being gathered around a Christmas tree reading stories and drinking hot cocoa. The songs on them were really good so thank you a ton for sending them!

If anyone has any recipe for meals I'd like them.

I would like the story of both you and Dad's conversion. How old were you and how old was Jeremy?

Not sure if I already shared this, but reading through my journal, my favorite parts were when I was working with my family. Some families favorite thing is watching movies, playing cards (our poor mother likes it and her grumpy boys hate it), our family likes to just work. I love doing that with my dad and brothers. I didn't do enough of it.

Joe is coming around quite well. He said that he only wanted to say one thing that he was grateful for on Facebook for Thanksgiving and said he talked about the missionary program in the church.

At our last district meeting we all talked about what we learned this past transfer. The most quiet spoke up and admitted to what he has learned. Everyone said profound things. One had wanted to go home, not sure if I told you, said he learned how God is there and that he's decided to stay. Sweat almost came out of my eyeballs. It was such a reward to have him stay. My district in one transfer has had 2 ETs. That was a good reassuring start of how well I was doing. It's so important to know what's going on in everyone's lives. I love my district so much. I feel so unworthy to be their leader sometimes but I when I forget that, and focus on the love I feel toward them, it all works.

No one in Steamboat was transferred! Only two in my district, but they are still in my district.

We had very cool OYMing experiences. Stoner method. One person who had his headphones in and was quite awkward, when asked what he thought of when he saw the picture of Christ holding the lamb on the pamphelt paused, looked at it and said, I'll be honest with you guys, I needed this right now. I'll tell you something I haven't told anyone. I feel very lucky to have met you. It was such an amazing experience. We're going to see him soon sometime. We also met someone wanting to have Christ more in his life and struggling. We promised him that because of his open heart, he could be filled. He said he was very grateful to hear that because not many of his friends tell him good job for being open minded.

We had a powerful lesson with some kids of a member. They've been inactive for awhile. It was very powerful just going over the first lesson. Whenever the Spirit is strong I always know it's because that person we're teaching needs it. I'm learning to not be afraid of being bold and confident and loving.

We've been playing basketball every Tuesday night (just found out we weren't supposed to. Whoops!) at the ward building with a lot of non members and one of our investigators. We've been having a spiritual thought every time and in the last one we asked them to read the BoM and one of the boys asked us for one before we could offer it and was excited to read it. It was so special. My comp has been struggling a lot with confidence in himself. In the car he said he never feels the Spirit when he talks and said he feels like he ruined the thought after he spoke. After saying things I thought were necessary for him to hear I shut my fat mouth. Then felt to tell him that he was good enough for the mission and good enough for the Lord. He asked me "how did you know to say that?" in his tears. It was so special to be there for him. He's really improved so much since that and has greater confidence in himself. I'm learning a lot to be more sensitive to him and love him more as the Lord does. We get to be together another 6 weeks which is really special to me.

There's a lot of drama going on with the people that the Sisters teach and in the ward. So at waffles today Don Ella was in a room with a sobbing investigator while everyone was cooking and eating. I noticed Sister Tew grab ice cream from the freezer and two spoons and slip into a room. I started asking "what was tha - oh." Then as she was talking to another investigator had to take her to the room. Then a recent convert had to be led into the room hahahaha. And another tub of ice cream and spoons were thrown in. It was so good for those sisters to have that. Don Ella is an amazing woman.

Elder Dean stories! While OYMing a cute/kinda flirtatious walked by. Elder Dean: Hey how's it going what's your name. girl: I'm (whatever)! I have to go but don't worry you'll see me again in your dreams! Elder Dean: *after she's walked off a little ...Can we give you our number?!?!
He's been slipping on ice and falling at least once every single day this week. Poor guy.

OYMd three girls "hey have you guys every talked to mormon missionaries?" No not yet. *stood willing to talk Elder Dean walks away. Bahahahaha! So they asked if he needed help getting back to his apartment or something. Finally I came up and helped him out and set up a time to see them latter. Elder Dean asked, do you think they're hookers since they offered to come back with us to our apartment?

While guessing what transfers was going to be he said how most the elders would be whitewashed. I asked do you know why missionaries are white washed? That's a little rude Elder. No I just like saying whitewash.

Elder Dean has a lot to talk about! Such an awesome kid. In my journal I wrote down all this gifts to help me love him more. And what is in my power to help him. It's helped us a lot to grow closer with one another.

The biggest thing I'm learning right now is inspiring in others a motivation to learn more about the Gospel. That's all we can do at times. I've come to find for myself that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints offers so much peace and solace. It has helped me to feel happy. I would be 100Xs more of a grump than I am now. Everyone that has ever truly and honestly opened their heart to if the Book of Mormon is truth and is honestly willing to act on it, has been made happier. Kirk is so much happier. My parents are happier who came from hard lives, my brothers are happier who were in the middle of despair. And I've been given hope that life is worth something and that I should keep mine. I've been given peace that there is a being who created and loves me infinitely and knows what's perfect for me in order to be happy. There is a master plan for each of us by this being who profess to be our Heavenly Father.

This plan is called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This plan is found in the Book of Mormon and missionaries can help you find it out for yourself. Don't wait till you're broken hearted to find if this can help. Try to open your heart now. I wouldn't dedicate 2 years of my life going against all that is natural to me to do something I didn't know for a surety is not only just a good thing to do, but is THE truth to help us all. Not to push around, but to lift us up. I know that is true. I know it can help all and I am eternally grateful for the chance to give it to others.

Read the Book of Mormon. Talk to the missionaries. I love you all and think you of you all.

Elder Edgel

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pics of baptism, thanksgiving drawing

So you have my name in the left corner which is in of itself saying what I'm grateful for (did you catch that? hehe) The BoM, Snowboarding, bottom left corner is supposed to be the Vegas lights, there's a ski lift of Eagle point, my family. That one gets a little tricky. I had to hurry so I didn't get much detail for it. But you have a hammer underneath dad for how hard working he is, a bridge underneath Jared for his engineering, a trailer for Tyler since he's a hick wood chopper now, a jack hammer for Jeremy since he's the loco guero at work running the jack, money by Jacob since he's rich and doesn't even work, a Y for Janea since she's at the Y. Then for a DMB a book underneath Brandi since she never has time for us since she's always doing homework, truck and name tag for Elder Herdt, ipod for Chase since he's always got his ipod, a tanktop for Robert since he's always wearing a tank top, a book and name tag for Alec since he's always reading a book, writting a book, or making music, a terribly drawn chess piece for Bret since he's into that kind of thing, and spray paint and a tag for Elder Velazquez since that's all I could think of and he wanted to try spray painting. Mint at the bottom right corner and my best friend Whitney and then a sun because so crayon drawing is complete without a sun with sunglasses.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The light shines after gratitude

It's so good to hear about the family all getting together. Who all came down? Oh man our Thanksgiving was so incredible.

So to start off about Turkey Day last week!

Steamboat had never had nor heard of a Turkey Bowl. I was dead set on organizing a football game so we did and Steamboat had it's very first ever Turkey Bowl! Only one member family from the ward came and 3 youth hahaha. But a ton of non members came so it was a success. Even a family visiting came! So that was good, building ward unity bit by bit! Then we played games with non members and members in the Ward Mission leader's home and had some awesome food. I even splurged and had dessert! Then back to work. It was a very succesful day with awesome lessons at the end with Joe and Nichole.

The light has begun to really shine in my life again beginning on Thanksgiving morning. I just prayed and said things I was thankful for and didn't ask for anything like my mommy used to challenge us to do. That really helped me to have confidence. My prayers have been desperate and in fear. That helped me to have confidence in His power and ability to help this area through whatever comes our way. Instead of, "please bless us this day to have success and have the Spirit because I'm really scared I'll mess it up and won't." "Thank you for your infinite power and willingness to help me this day if I truly focus on thee." Kinda like already knowing He's going to help us. That's real faith isn't it? So ya, that's filled me with such fantastic joy because now I know everything will fall into place even more than I did before. I trust 100 X's more than I ever had. Then for personal study I read over my journal to see all the revelation I've received in my life. I've been so ungrateful in forgetting what amazing things God has done for me in my past. Giving me so much peace, and inspiriation and guidance with school, friends, peace, and especially you. That helped me to see that I can still have that guidance out here. I forgot I was capable of that. It was a reminder that we all are. It also taught me to be myself out here. To act completely natural with everyone. To not be fake so that was really good. Man I just love the guidance we receive from the Spirit when we try to get it. After so much faking it till I make it, I feel I've made it. There is still so much more to come though.

Highlights for this week:

We're getting so much more work here and are doing so much better with OYMing everyone around us. You never know who's interested so it's so important to talk to everyone. And more important than just talking to them, caring about them. Not being afraid and hoping to get told no so that you can leave as soon as possible. But really talking with them. We've gotten so much more potentials and investigators. In OaPhYa. (Oak Creek, Phippsburg, Yampa) The 3 small towns that we cover we had dinner with a member. (I've sent a picture with their family) we talked about the Word of Wisdom with the Bro. He's never been real active but is seeing more and more importance in the Gospel and the truth and wanting to be a part of it. He's really awesome and holds true to the Gospel at work when people are hard on Mormons. He's a real stud. He apparently hasn't gone without chewing for a few months or years. He has gotten down to somedays only having one. So we challenged him to go a whole week without a single one. We felt to tell him to fill his mind with other things, scripture verses, hymns, pictures, his family, the temple, anything! And to write it down. And most importantly, come to church. While he didn't come to church because he couldn't make it in time for sacrament and had to be at work, he did go the whole week which was a miracle.

When something cool happens that tickles Elder Dean's peach he jumps up and down going "OOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!" really excitedly. When he eats on the couch he bounces up and down so I tried taking video of it. It cracks me up the way he does, I can't describe they way he does it. I wish I could take video of him all the time it's so funny the things he does. He'll brush his teach with both hands holding the toothbrush. One time after getting hot dogs at a gas station he goes "good thing I jacked some ketchup packets before I left! I mean I didn't actually jack ketchup. It was out for anyone to take. I didn't steal it." Or will say "I swear. I mean I actually don't swear. That's bad" While OYMing someone and in the middle of talking to him Elder Dean just stares at him in the eye extremely intently and gets closer and cuts us off asking if he has green eyes. Another time a guy walked past us and I left him to Elder Dean to OYM so he turns around and goes, "are you eating pizza!?" "no" *starts walking after him "Do you like pizza?!" *silence "have a good night." I ask, so what could we have done better? Elder Dean pouting: "I don't think he even heard me say have a good night" Or I'll ask someone, "hey have you every talked to Mormon Missionaries?" "no man that's not my thing I'm not interested in religion." He'll ask "why not?" and they'll get offended and get mad at us hahahaha. Poor guy. The ward is really supportive of him though. It's great to see.

The other night we had a lesson with Joe. He admitted that he'd been avoiding church and was too lazy to come to the baptism we had on Saturday. (2 baptisms in Steamboat back to back! One for the Elders and One for the Sisters!) He also admitted that his biggest hold back was marijuana. He feels the prophets today are of God, and while he loves his gay friends, he understands homosexuality isn't the most happy plan that God wants for us. He admits his biggest hold back is getting rid of marijuana. He knows he uses it as a crutch, escape and addiction which is amazing. He does want the Spirit and understands he has to find out for himself why it's not good and not be spoon fed by the prophets on what to do and what not to do. He'll very easily make it back in strength because he's admitted all these things and wants it. Luckily he's too broke to have weed haha.

Kirk's baptism was so peaceful. The most spiritual things to me aren't overwhelming. They're just very peaceful and comforting. They do give me so much energy to keep going through the awkward stuff. There is such a change in Kirk now when we see him. It's so unique how you can just tell there is something different. He told us the biggest thing he's learned is God's love for him. He says how happy he is now. He's invited his family to talk to missionaries and learn more even without us! It's amazing. He's so laid back. For a little he felt confused why he didn't feel some amazing rush from the Spirit even at baptism like some people talk about. But he now is content with what he has and talks about how happy he is and peaceful he feels in his life. He's even talked about his conversion with people at work so that's really neat. He's so awesome. I've learned such a love for him. He had Fred baptize him and Elder Dean and myself give talks and the sisters give a musical number.

Then Fransisco's baptism this week as well! 2 back to back! Kirk even came to it so it was neat for him. Fransisco is the Sister's investigator. He's 24 from Mexico. They sisters met him while teaching his ex-wife. He invited himself to the lesson and asked what he had to do to be baptized and invited himself to church as well all within first meeting them. He for a little thought he needed a greater answer. The sisters were really bummed about that. On Thanksgiving I asked when he was going to be baptized when it was just him and my companion and myself and he said his date so we talked about how it's so important and he knows enough. That caught the sisters off guard when they found that out haha. He has shared the Gospel with a lot of his co-workers and family members already before he was baptized and now wants to serve a mission which is amazing to see his desire to share with others. Fortunately he cannot because he's been married. Sisters haven't had the heart to tell him yet. He had me give a talk on baptism which I felt very honored to do. He also had Fred baptize him. And Elder Dean gave his testimony. It's the dearest thing when he gives his testimony. "It's just so wonderful now that you're baptized. You can be happy and stuff and it's so just wonderful. I just feel so happy for you. It's just so great." Letting the words out little by little and beaming the whole time talking.

There you have it. An extremely long letter to make up for last week and since my companion wanted to email for extra long today. I've been in this library for way too long haha.

I love you all and think of you all. The work is amazing. Maybe next time I won't be burnt out from writting some wisdom at the end haha.

-Elder Edgel

Letter to Dad

Can we see snowboarders and skiers? Oh yes... Yes we can. A bitter amount of times. We can see them as they come down the slopes. We see them on the streets... In all honestly it isn't painful. It's really fun to be around if anything. To see it and be around it is fun and the next best thing. At least everyone around me understands the magic of shredding.

Cold, why yes...In the negatives! It was amazing! President held (tried) us in doors for a little even. It feels so good to me. Church sounds awesome. I told one of the counselors about the stoner method Bishop shared with us and he asked if it was working. Anything on that? It's so great to see youth being so valiant. We can't ever overlook the potential of youth. We may be annoying and unlearned and way too energetic but man, they are so valiant in sharing the Gospel. Youth bond easier with one another I suppose.

I'm loving my mission so much. The infinite amount of things I'm learning and growing from and how it will prepare me for my future life. I'm so glad to have the example of my father. Currently I'm learning trust in our investigators/less actives/recent converts/Elder Dean to be able to learn and grow. To trust the Spirit to teach them the most valuable things. I can't change them. Only they can.

Kirk and Joe are definitely progressing. There is such a change in Kirk and Joe is realizing how he needs to change.

More in my epistle.

Elder Edgel

Thursday, December 5, 2013

God loves us and the Gospel is very important and makes us more happy.

I'm trying to learn the full velocity of what I'm doing as a missionary. It's quite enormous. The importance of the Gospel is hard to grasp. All I know is that God loves us and the Gospel is very important and makes us more happy.

My district is amazing. They're so awesome. Last week we had a zone conference. Our zone is small with only two districts. Elder Jordan and I. My pops and I as the DL's. :) That's pretty cool. I'm so glad I can stay in contact with him and sit with him in zone meetings and hear his wisdom throughout the meeting. He goes home after this transfer though.

This week we had a training by Elder Hamblin and myself on finding. Every training we have is on finding and member presents. The zone leaders attended this district meeting. Our standard is to find 6 new investigators a week and have 8 member presents. Ask the missionaries what they're standards of excellence are. Stay involved with them. It's hard but we know it's inspired and we can reach it.

We went on exchanges with the zone leaders. Elder Condie came to Steamboat. He's a great missionary. He may sound very monotonous but he loves the work and does have a passion in talking with people. He taught me a lot. We OYM'd everyone. (street contact, open your mouth). He runs up to them when they're all the way down the street and shares the gospel. And it works. We found a pretty solid potential that way. It was really cool. He told us that he'd been looking for something to fill him with serenity. So he taught me to run to people with a smile. "I lit myself on fire and they came to watch me burn." Light yourself up with excitement and people will wonder, "why on earth is this weirdo running up to me and so happy?" It's helped me a lot to not care what people think and just love them and the Gospel.

One night after a very spiritual experience we were oyming and saw a figure in the distance so we ran all the way down the street (in 15 degrees on ice) and caught her just as she was about to go inside. (we called out to her and didn't sneak up on her like previous). She was completely weirded out. Why are you running in 15 degrees? "because our message has changed our lives so much that we want to share it with everyone!" Ok... well I'm going to go inside now...

In district meeting today doing role plays. Elder Dean role playing on a bus talking to a non member.
"how's it going" "pretty good" Do you like riding buses?" No." "Why are you on a bus?" Because I have to." "we ride buses so we can corner people and talk to them because they don't have anywhere to go." (seriously) I come in and say we're going to start over and not creep them out and be more serious. Investigator pretends to text. "....Who are you talking to?" (serious straight faced.) hahahahha everyone started busting up laughing. He's a hit.

OYMing is hard for me because sometimes I feel I do it because I have to and it's not from the heart. So I start feeling weird. But I'm learning to put my heart in the right place with love and charity. It's been stressful and my mind has been cluttered thinking about what I can do better. A lot of peace has come to me accepting these trials and realizing I need to put my heart in the right place.

Kirk is being baptized this Saturday! :) We had his interview and have been teaching him about repentance and the law of chastity. The Law of Chastity was actually a really good lesson on how relationships and lives can be so much happier. Our lessons have never been amazingly Spirit filled, yet Kirk sees the difference. The Spirit works to what we need. It's so amazing.

Joe is having questions on the church. He's wondering if we're in an apostasy and the prophets have been faltered. He doesn't want to accept no marijuana and no gays. So we had a powerful lesson on how he has to be ready to give those up if he wants answers. Reminded me of Alma 12:10-11. If we harden our hearts things will literally be taken from us. Knowledge, reassurance, our testimony. If you hold your testimony dear, if you want a better one, then keep your heart open to the fact that you just may be wrong. I've had to do that this week because I've noticed the Spirit is not with me as strong. God will give amazing things to our understanding when we are humble.

I love you all. The church is so true. Even I am gaining more and more of a testimony of it everyday.

-Elder Edgel

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I always feel the Spirit when I write home

I loved loved loved my packages! The turkey was hilarious! Best momma ever. Momma's are so important. They take care of their babies better than anyone around. It's amazing to think of the infinite bond between a mother and her children. To think that the heavenly principle of infinite love has truly touched here on earth in our families is mind blowing. You truly see God's Hand in everything as a missionary haha.

The ward had their primary program. The ward is tiny and so is the primary. Some kids were missing so they had two ladies that were converts and never got to be in a primary program to fill their place. It was really sweet and hilarious. One lady said that everything she was told to read was an answer to her prayers. She was very touched when she read a part on families that said "I pray for them to happy in eternity" it was really sweet.

We had interviews with president and got some one on one time. That was really really awesome. I chewed him out for making me a DL haha. Then he humbled me with a few words of why he called me...

My companion is weird. It's no mystery haha. I love him to death. I don't really get that annoyed with him that much though. I honestly do love him and regard him as anyone else. But I won't beat around the bush in that he's weird. I've thought a lot about that and on whether it's my job to accept him or make him normal. And I've come to the conclusion of both. More accept than anything. But we as missionaries are very most definitely supposed to be mature and professional. So it's been happy for me to realize that yes, I can teach him maturity and acting his age and it isn't wrong of me. I am learning through him to not care about what other people think.

I'm in the Spirit of Christmas finally. I gave in. With all this snow and lights here and there, and a dinner where our host sang "Do you see what I see?" I just caved in.

My companion while chasing after a girl at night (I explained to him how we don't chase after girls after dark) to share the Gospel saw that his efforts were about to be wasted in catching up to her. So in a last ditch effort he purposely fell off the path into snow with a dramatic "Ahhh!" In hope of getting her attention. (I explained to him how we don't bare false witness).

Here's some spiritual stuff. Our investigator wanted to be baptized in March. So we had a lesson to explain to him how we felt by the Spirit he was ready for the 10th. I read Mosiah 18 (little something I learned with Golden and Reel) and Elder Dean spoke more than he ever has. Our sketchy ward mission leader didn't go off into deep doctrine and the investigator said he felt excited to be baptized the 30 of November. That's been very exciting. The biggest thing I learned this week is to teach very simply. To trust in the Spirit enough to completely let go of all the things I think are right because I can do them and start from scratch and completely trusting in him. I don't need all this luggage to hike Mt. Charleston. All I need a little day pack with maybe a few BoM's and enough snacks and water to carry me over and I'll be just fine. I feel so humble in this. I must completely rely on the Spirit to be successful.

I know success isn't measure by numbers and large quantities of baptisms but I want to be like those in the Scriptures because I know their true. I want to be able to walk around a lake and in 3 hours have 16 people on date to be baptized and 14 follow through. (a true story from a MTC instructor) not to be high and mighty and show how cool I am, but to really dedicate myself to the Lord and make a difference. And leadership have better not get in my way of teaching! I'm still working on gaining a testimony of leadership....

I love you all so very much! I always feel the Spirit when I write home. I get so excited about sharing my experiences with the Spirit with you all. I know it's true.

-Elder Edgel

Elder Edgels moms baptism

On November 1, 1980 Patti Pickard was baptised by Elder Robison & Elder Lamb. Best Decision of her life!!!

Young Elder Edgel

Elder Norr is from my semenary class at ATECH, in Las Vegas. Woot, Woot

Elder Evans is from the Highland HIlls Stake from back home.

Cold Steamboat

Elder Edgel in Steamboat Springs & Loving it!!!

Investigator bonding

Every Sunday after church we go to Fred's and cook everyone waffles, eggs and bacon. It's amazing for investigators and less actives bonding with members. It's expensive and the Sandliens all do it themselves but they love it. Members will chip in and bring something already cooked. It's good because it's not too big. It's just a few members, ward mission leader, usually bishop and the missionaries so it's more intimate.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

If you want to grow, be happy.

Oh man I love my mommy. I love that you tell me the quotes. I love my past comp, Elder Buhecker a ton. We got along fantastic. I am younger in both mission age and actual age so their were a lot of things that I would ask him that were pretty obvious and so I do understand his frustration at some times. But I loved that kid. I've started saying "two shakes of a fist" and winking at people because of him haha.

My training is going well actually. I was very excited and maybe even a little prideful that I was so young and also training. It was very very humbling. The stress and hardship of a mission has hit me smack in the face. It's all on me. I don't have a companion to lean on. It's time to be my own man and be responsible. I love the learning. Even the hardships. I won't be negative or detailed but so you know this past week was the darkest time of my mission and maybe even my life. Not normal hardship. A whole new level. But my companion is such an example and help. I would not be surviving if it weren't for him.

The amazing thing about our loving Heavenly Father is how perfectly patient He is. That's what I've learned this past week. Every attribute revolves around His love for us. One thing that He does is let us figure things out for ourselves. He doesn't give us the answers right away ever. He doesn't take away our problems ever without us accomplishing things. In my darkest days, in my most sincere prayers, the only help and answer that I get from Him is, "Patience, learn to be a man, be strong, learn." It's frustrating sometimes when you're in real pain. The most real pain you've ever felt before. But He needs us to learn. He needs us to experience things otherwise it's in vain.

Everyone and especially missionaries and even more especially myself, want the answer right away. They want to know how to do things right away. I would absolutely LOVE to have one of the three Nephites as a companion and just learn everything from him that I need to in order to be a perfect missionary. But it's so crucially important that we learn in order to our pace, and God will answer our questions according to how ready we are. One tip I've learned is, in order to be more ready for the answers, inspiration and revelation; be happy. Focus on what the Atonement has done for you. Focus on what the good things God has done for us. Remember. Then you will be filled with such greater desire than ever before. Don't look at the things as a checklist and a bother to have to learn how to do them all. Look at them as a great way to learn and grow and be happy, to do your best to accomplish them. That's what I've learned. So I do love that you've learned that the Spirit will teach us even though nobody does. That's the best teaching ever that we could receive. That's another reason why we can't take it upon ourselves to correct people and tell them how it's down. All we can do is encourage them to have the desire and trust in them to learn for themselves. That's the best way that they can learn. Just love and trust.

My companion Elder Dean is awesome. He's 19 from Tennessee. He's a timid guy and asks a lot of obvious questions but I wasn't too far from that myself. He's extremely sincere. I was so excited to have a greenie because they always are excited and extremely sincere. He will talk to ANYBODY. It may be extremely awkward most of the time but he will do it. And that's all anyone can ask. He's going to learn lot and be a great teacher. He has a great desire to learn.

Me encanta las mexicans! I'm so glad to hear you feeding a ton of missionaries and doing temple service. My parents are the best. Keep that up.

Also, I'm uh, district leader too apparently for my district here. I'm the youngest in actual age (only 18 year old) and the leader. That was stressful. I didn't find out till the day of transfers. In the packet it said, "thank you for accepting the call to be a district leader." Too often people think leadership is a sign of being all that. I'm nobody, lemme tell ya. Our first district meeting was good though. I had everyone introduce themselves with their name, POO (place of origin) biggest thing learned on a mission and biggest thing they want to learn. They were all kinda, "what? that's too deep! Can't we just say our favorite color or something?" But it brought the Spirit in strong and helped me to love them all even more. We have 6 elders & 4 sisters.

I love you so much. Each and everyone of you are in my prayers. Take care, be happy, be teachable.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Letter to Dad

Thanks so much for the support, dad. I love being a missionary. I want to be one for the rest of my life. I love that our Stake is so focused on missionary work. A marvelous work is truly coming forth. It's so amazing that I actually get to be a part of it. I truly feel God's love for me in allowing me and trusting me to be a part of the missionary force.

The temple is so cool! I'm so happy for you guys. We only go to the temple if we're on the metro side (Denver) but we're out West in the mountains. Which I wouldn't trade a thing for! But going to the temple would be nice... That's so cool Dave is taken his Father's place. Frank did give me mine. That guy is awesome. They both are.

I love you Dad! I think often of what you guys have done for me. I love you so much.

-Elder Edgel

3rd Transfer & training

Mommy! You are the goodliest parent ever! Make sure you do not edit this out of my blog. Every sentence of this paragraph. MY PARENTS ARE THE BEST!! They're the goodliest of the goodly!

I'm training. Tell my foster parents. My greenie is currently here in Colorado and the mission home in Denver. I will meet him tomorrow. I'm really excited to train! I always knew I would. I've always been thinking about the things I would do if I were training. The things I would want him to know. When you're in training you get an extra hour of study, so just when I thought we could start going outside and proselyting, I still get that hour of study haha. But it's good. My companion is leaving. He's really frustrated and bummed about it. He's loved it here and has grown so close to everyone. He's great at being good friends with people. This will be the 3rd time in a row that he's been in an area for only one transfer. So he's really bummed. I'll miss him too. He was a great companion and taught me confidence a lot.

We drove down to a training in Grand Junction with President. My pops is also training again. This will be his 3rd trainer in a row in 3 transfers. He's poppin em out! It was good to be with him again. He always just whispers tid bits of wisdom during trainings to me that prove to be pretty helpful. In the training with just the trainers he told us the reason he calls missionaries to train is because they're obedient, hard working and spirit filled. That was refreshing to hear. President Atkinson (dad's cousin) had me come up and read something and told everyone I was his cousin and his middle name was Edgel. That was pretty cool. Two other of the missionaries that came out with me are training. Amazing things are happening in the mission. 8 areas are being white washed. The record was 2. 5 areas are opening up. The two areas I've been in so far I white washed and opened. It's been really cool to be apart of.

Dad, what's your indian tribe and name? What's Jeremy's?

One day a guy was outside his friends house with a joint in one hand and a drink in the other. The Jehova Witness's walked by him but didn't talk to him. So as they walked by he said, "The Mormons are more right than you guys." As they looked really confused at him. I busted up laughing when he told us that. That guys gets to the heart of my humor.

This week has been hard. These WEEKS have been hard on numbers. We got up there but we've come back down. We're going to have to really push it this next transfer with my new greenie. We're going to get things DONE. We need some greenie fire. President had all the missionaries do a 24 hour fast for the people in their area to be softened, for members to have courage to bear testimony, for us to be faithful and obedient and to have a baptism by Dec 16 and rescure a less active. But as a desire of our heart. Not out of obligation. So it's been good. I do feel very good things will come out of it.

I love this work. I'm going to be pushing myself harder than ever this next transfer. Thanks for all your prayers. Missionaries are so blessed to get so many prayers. Every temple in every sessions everywhere prayers for the missionaries.

The snow is finally sticking! We've been in so many almost accidents! It's been so amazing hahaha. Just an hour ago we actualy had just got our car pushed out of a ditch. I want to blame my companion since he was driving but I could be no better haha.

I know my Heavenly Father loves me and is going to help us get our numbers up. He's going to be there for me because he was there for my parents in their darkest times. The darkness always ends. And how bright it does get in the day! Not just bright enough to see your way away slowly, but to see EVERYTHING.

I love you momma. I will do this with strength.

Your baby,
Elder Edgel

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The gospel contains why we even exist

Sounds like everyone is having a blast. The Gospel is so amazing because it allows us to truly have fun and enjoy life with our families. People may say they don't need God or need religion or need the true church in order to have enjoy life and their families. That they can have good families without it. Ahem. That's the biggest bull honky I've ever heard. Families are missing out so much. It's so hard to think of all the families in the world that don't have the Gospel and are missing out because of false teachings against the church and personal pride. It's really too bad.

Have I told you about an awesome family here? Husband was exconed. Twice. They're about to go get sealed in the temple. He hasn't been in for quite a few years. Their children are all wayward and very stubborn and living with them currently for a little. The oldest is like 26 or more. They have a huge house that they built by hand from many different barns and live out in the boonies with their own gun range. They've had so many miracles in their lives it's amazing to hear. She had a experience with an amazing man that was out in the middle of no where and picked up a hitch hiker in a suit and brief case that really helped her in her life. He talked about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the importance of prayer. Ya, that's right, talked about OUR church! Booya! They're one of the most charitable people I know. They constantly are allowing strangers that are in a rough spot to live with them for a little. Right now 15 people are living in their house. Mom, dad, 3 kids, 2 lost boys, 1 lady that's having marriage problems and her kid, 3 kids whose mom is in Salt Lake for depression rehab, another friend living going through a patch, a random Mexican whose girl friend stole his money and ran and doesn't speak english and the dad's dad. Ya, talk about charity. She's trying to help everyone and not go crazy.

Who are the lost boys you may ask? I don't know if I talked about them. They got kicked out of the polygamist colony. Or asked to leave themselves. A 26 yr old got kicked out and his little brother Bo-in (don't know how it's spelt) 16 yr old found out about the internet and wanted to leave when he realized everything he knew was a lie. It's a very heart gripping story. They've been through a lot till the Christensons finally took them in. They're still struggling. They're very confused. Some of my most favorite people I've ever met. So genuine and mannered. Apparently in the colony you go to middle school then do construction for the rest of your life and you do it well. But I love those guys so much. I'm so definitely coming back after my mission.

I love your Alma 38:2 momma. Thank you so much for that.

We met this guy a few weeks back, stoned drunk. The first thing he said to us was, "hey you guys are Latter Day Saints right?" He told his amazing story of being on meth and heroine in a dump neighborhood. He had a trial in steamboat for a DUI and had no way of getting to it. So he prayed and said, if you're God, you'll help me get there. I'll walk down this alley and if I go right, I'm going to rob the liquor store and drink myself to death, if I go left, you're going to help me. He looked left, and saw a car battery by the dumpster. He passed cops 3 times and never got pulled over, he ran out of gas, met a priest who helped him out and promised God would get him where he was going, and as soon as he pulled into his mom's driveway, the car died. He sobbed like a baby.
Sober, he avoided us. Then he was drunk and we could talk with him. Then he was sober and avoided us. Finally he was in a very humbling situation and talked with us. His girl friend broke up with him and his power went out for 3 days and lost his puppy. So he let us come in. So we talked about things being for our experience and shared Joseph Smith in Carthage, talked about the purpose of the BoM and Church. He wanted to be baptized and said he was ready to. He asked us to give him a ride to church (before we asked him if he wanted to) and immediately said he'd be baptized. I explained the going to church 3 times so he matter of factly said "well then I'll be baptized the fourth Sunday". We also asked him about calling us Latter Day Saints and how he knew and he told us, I don't know, I just knew. Something told me you guys were.
It's been a miracle and complete privilege to be apart of his conversion. I have never seen such great faith.

I find out about transfers this Thursday, Friday or Saturday. I hope I stay. I feel I will. I love the people here. I feel like Ammon, desiring to dwell with them perhaps till the day I die. About 90% of the ward are converts. it's the funniest time. I really need to record the stuff that goes on.

We get fed pretty much every night. My favorite dinners are the good ones. I'm eating well on my own. Pasta slides, sandwiches, pancakes, left overs, juevos y chorizo, the works.

My comp is 23 and been out for a year. I'm 18 and been out for like 2 months. So he can be a little prideful and not take into account things I have to say. We've been doing awesome this whole transfer but this past week was a little hard. I talked about after we felt the Spirit during lessons when we were both soft hearted and so it was good. We're better now.

I love you all as I say every time. Never fear to share the Gospel with friends. God is hastening his work as they always say. Miracles will happen when you offer it and love people. It's happening here. Just speaking up and offering the Gospel can affect generations to come. Look at my mommy and our family now. Look at my great great great Grandpa George. All he got was a flyer he couldn't even read. A simple invitation. And now we're so many generations later. The Gospel is real. It contains what our lives are even for. Why we even exist. I talk about it all the time because it continually blows me away. I know these things are true. Pray about them for yourself. God will give you an answer.

Compiled with Love,
Elder Edgel

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sharing the gospel the way Jesus did

I love my parents incredibly and everyday I'm so grateful for the things they've taught me. Everyday I consciously think of the effort they made towards me. I'm sorry I was a punk and am a punk still haha. But I love you guys so much. I don't fully realize the sacrifices you've made but I do think of them. I love talking about my parents and what amazing things they've done to raise they're 5 troublesome kids and 1 daughter.
I got to go on exchanges with Elder Hamblin! I've sent you pictures of me and him. He's such an awesome missionary. He's been struggling with his companion a lot. He's so willing to do anything for anyone but his companion (his trainer) just hates everybody and doesn' act like he wants to progress. But him and I were able to talk about it and my companion and his companion (who get along famously instantly) were also able to talk about it. Hopefully they get better. But it was a dream come true being able to serve with my buddy Hamblin.
We have this investigator Tom who is open minded but just wants to do the eduaction side of it. Which is a good start. But he's really funny. We were talking about even Hitler being bapitzed for the dead and i asked my companion, he's already been baptized? I thought they would wait a little bit on that. And Tom starts flipping through the BoM going, come on Joe Smith! There's gotta be some kind of bit on the Hitler thing! He's a really funny guy.
To all scripture scholars: what kind of scripture marking system did you use? I'm developing my own and looking for advice from others.
Could somebody get me Todd Moodys hilarious poem for the Christmas fast sunday with the moldy bread those years ago?
In Gospel Doctrine (we don't have principles yet but we're going to start one) they were talking about family history ideas. Sister Tew told us that her mom made real bed time stories of their family ancestors history. I thought you might like that idea, mom.
People can't say or remember Buhecker and Edgel (both weird German names) so they call us Bacon and Eggs.
I'm learning that service and helping others must be done out of pure love and desire to lift another. Not out of, "I'll do this because then they'll see what a cool person I am and want to talk to missionaries." But out of simple love and desire to help in anyway. I'm learning it must be completely selfless and you must have no back thought of how you're going to trick them into wanting to be baptized because of it. The Savior went around healing people of life long, life threatening, heart aching, undescribeable pain causing illnesses. All out of the most pure love. He didn't say, alright now listen up to my words and get baptized in my church. He did it with the most single mind in just lifting their burdens in any way he possibly could. Such selflessness and love. Once we do this, then we can see miracles of being able to help others more than through physical ways. Sharing the Gospel isn't to get gain or to say you're a good member and you're better at being obedient. But to just share the pure love the Savior has for us. He tells us over and over, if you have faith and you want it, I'll give it to you. He just wants to help us in anything we desire. He'll give us anything we want. Inside the church, outside the church. But how much more He will bless us when we don't think of what we want to do and think of what He wants us to do. That's when we're no longer just a branch being grafted in a tree. That's when we're His SERVANT grafting others. And what an honor it is. How much you are able to feel of His love when you don't ask for things and look for ways to help build His Kingdom.
The church is so true. I'm learning that stronger and stronger each day. It's not something here that's pretty cool and can help us and has a few good things going for it. It's so simple and so amazing that it's the purpose of why we even exist.
I love you all so very much and pray for each of you. Both my family and all my friends and all people in the ward and all people I've ever known. I may not be good at writting to you particularly but I remember and think of you so often. I wish I could have enough time to talk to each of you individually every week. And to think of how infinitely much our Father in Heaven who created us wants to talk to us every day.
Compiled with much love,
Elder Edgel

Monday, October 14, 2013

Lets plan for a miracle

I will hand write you this week. There are a lot of people I have to write and I'm very behind. But I will do my best. I loved my package! I finally got it! It was perfect.
I love my area. I love my people. I love my companion. I'm really appreciative (not allowed to love) for the sisters. Our bishop is hilarious. We only have one counselor it's so small haha. On average about 50. Our goal is to double it. And the Lord is preparing the way. We're praying for it and telling people about it. We're doing our best to work. I'm trying my hardest to hold the Edgel name properly and never waste a second. To be the kind of hard worker as my dad and brothers. To be the missionary they think I am. Too often I feel we waste time. Little things like not having an appt. after 8 and walking around almost aimlessly trying to talk to anyone. Miracles have happened from that though so I try not to ever complain haha. This week Elder Buhecker had to pee and we asked a member but it was broken so he told us of a pool house we could use. We couldn't find it so I thought to knock a particular house and ask them. He said to keep looking. We walked by again and I felt to knock that house. It was an awesome experience. He was bit out there with ideas but it was great. Awesome family.
We found 8 new investigators this week! It was truly a miracle. Mission president has increased the standard to 6 which has been a big deal for people. People have been struggling with it. We found 8! We reached 17 lessons by our third week! It's been great. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to, that my companion was going to be much of a help, but I've been humbled. He may do things differently but we get it done and make a great team. I'm  learning to calm down and really get personal and just get to know people before I start preaching to them. They tell us to talk for a bit and THEN bring up the restoration, Elder Buhecker? He talks 30 minutes and THEN brings it up ever so slightly. It makes me so anxious but it brings the Spirit. I'm  learning to really work with his talents and his way of doing things.
Saturday night during planning he just said, let's plan for a miracle and get 5 new gators tomorrow. Guess what? We had a miracle of 5 new gators. We also were handed an eternigator of 2 years. We had the Spirit strong as we told her our purpose.
Well the library just announced that we need to get off comps because we've been here too long. We're in another missionaries area for P day and the ZLs are also so it's double and every computer has a missionary on it haha. Hope you like the pics.
People don't think I'm 18. They think I'm older than my 23 year old companion hahaah. They don't belive I'm the youngest. That's reassuring. My District leader sounds like uncle merril.
I love you all! Make sure my friends are reading my emails. I'm going to write them shortly. Post on facebook my blog if you haven't.
Elder Edgel

Pictures of Denver

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I had sweat coming out of my eyeballs

More pics next week. We've had both a great and bad week. I love every second. We've had 11 lessons from the past 2 weeks. Every week you're supposed to hit 20. We're struggling. God is mindful. I'm learning to not be hard on myself. Godly sorrow talk was perfect for me. I love the revelation our leaders receive for us. We're learning and having fun. We were depressed because our gator who we had found that week, we put on date the second time we met her, felt the spirit so much, put her on date for her birthday (which we didn't know) and she dropped us through her boy friend. I have faith in her though. And "when our hearts were depressed" scripture. I love you all.
It's so true how we realize the importance of the Gospel while on missions. The Gospel was always so dear to me but I'm realizing the full velocity of it while on a mission. I was prideful and thought that wouldn't really change for me. That attitude really hurt me in the MTC and slowed me down first few days. But when I let go and realized I have some learning to do, I've been so much happier and closer to my Savior and been more okay with sounding like a sensitive little guy haha. It's definitely beyond words to be a missionary.
It's dark and we can't see anyone to contact anyway. No one is ever outside this late and this cold. My companion brought that up but I said, whatever come on lets just humor this thought inside my head. So we walk through the park a little. Sure enough, can't see jack. So I decided, "well I'm just going to go for it." So outloud I just say, "Hey! How's it going?" into the empty night. Absolutely no answer obviously. hahahahahahahaha. I busted up laughing so hard. My companion was really down and he was able to laugh as well. It was a good healing time. The day was crap, but we could laugh. We also walked down to this river and quoted the grinch "Hello! How are you? I asked you first!" and we heard what sounded like someone throwing a big rock in and making a splash so we tried talking to them but got no response so we shared the Gospel with them. Never got a response though haha. But we needed it to cheer up.
I'm becoming a man, Tyler. In the middle of the day when I'm lost in the work I pause and think, "I'm doing the same amazing work as my father and amazing brothers and becoming like the Savior as they were." It's truly amazing to follow in these big foot steps. It's so cool to be on my own and on the Lord's errand. There's just an awesome spirit about it. Whether shinning my shoes in the morning and watching that Colorado Sunrise or bearing testimony to a stranger, it has an awesome feel to be following after such great men and becoming more confident, faithful, humble, virtuous, knowledgable, experienced and capable. More like the Savior. It's amazing. I love this work. I love representing the Edgel name. I love representing our Savior

Conference very powerful. I loved it so much. So inspired. I thought of you guys and had sweat coming from my eyeballs from the talk about the grandparent with a grandchild in prison. How God knew they were strong enough to take it. Well you guys must be a whole lot stronger hahaha. You guys have been amazing parents.

I love you all so much. Elder Edgel

Monday, September 30, 2013

We're gaining everyone trust through Service.

ERR! There's always so many things bouncing wildly in my head I can never get them all out! Ok here goes:
I love you guys.

We're getting our own PO box but using the sisters for now:
1360 Indian Rails # 14
Steamboat Springs, Co 80487
Hunting is amazing huh? Promise to keep going with us? I need to go hunting with my momma.
To answer your questions in that letter. Members have fed us every night, I eat food everyday on my own except when I fast. There.
I'm so happy to hear people are enjoying my letters! A mission is amazing. I'm glad I can share my mission and help people feel of what it's like as much as I can. Our ward is so strong, it inspires me. I want to make every ward I walk into a little bit more like my homeward.
I'm doing great, Mommy. So you keep doing great too okay? I love that your progressing so much. The best antidote for sadness is service! Or however it goes. I'm glad you feel the Creator of everything having your back.
Transfers has been bomb. Heart breaking a little, but all in all, very good. So many people in Rangely are ready for either baptism or reactivation. It was crazy. So that was hard to leave. But I like doing hard things so this is good. At transfers some people said my companion was pretty good, one sister got all hush hush and was like, "I heard him curse one time though". On the drive we had such an amazing discussion. He has such a deep knowledge from only being a convert of 2 years. He's also from Vegas which is cool. We both know what the other is actually talking about. He's super serviceable. He's a great example of service and politeness. he just jumps to work at member's house for dinner. He talked about how at each area we're there for a reason and we have to find out. And shared what he felt he was there for in his last area. I felt the Spirit so strong that it was God's will that I leave Rangely. It's very cool that you did too, Momma.

I feel such an urgency for Steamboat Springs. Steamboat is BEAUTIFUL!!! You will be so jealous when I can actually upload pictures. It's fall and the leaves are changing and it's amazing. Breath taking. Tyler will be so jealous he might come to Steamboat after I leave. But it's ski resort kind of town. It's definitely made of money. That part I'm not too fond of. The creators of South Park have a summer home up here! We're going to baptize them and be the cause of South Park being cancelled of made clean.

We have our work cut out for us. But we have won the hearts of these our brethren and sisters! We sat down with the sisters when we split the area and told them we weren't trying to compete, we were extremely thankful for their example and help and would try to live up to the sisters before(who really did kick awesome butt). That sister's heart has been softened to us. The other sister that was transferred in with us is a huge bundle of love and joy. She's so excited about the Gospel haha. Such an example. I came out with her in the MTC and was always afraid of her haha. But now she trusts us so it's really good. And our leader Fred! We made dessert when we ate with them and made cobbler. He's loving us now. Long story short, we're gaining everyone's trust through SERVICE! I couldn't have done it without my companion. He's awesome.
Church was a little intimidating. We were over making sure a DVD worked for a presentation we're giving about Justserve.org (check it out, get a head start) which is experimental here in Colorado, California and Texas. Well the DVD was corrupted so it wouldn't work, it was a little scary but I'm learning to become a man by being confident and facing my fears of people.
The work is about to explode and my computer is going to shut down.
Church is true, book is blue, I love you

Elder Edgel

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Creator of everything has our back.

WOO HOO!!!! Momma's goin' huntin!!! Make sure you eat your fill of liver, talk like a hick, and don't shower. I'm so happy for Pops. Everyone's going hunting with him! I'm sure this has been his dream for so long. I am so incredibly happy to hear that. That sounds so fun. I can't wait to do that with the fam. But it might not be happening when I get home haha. We'll hope. Dad, I laughed at your comment about how you wish there was just a little bit more room haha. So true of human nature.

I'm really glad you're able to get a lot done and be productive. To be honest... I miss Mexico sometimes more than home hahaha. I'll have dreams of Mexico and being with the Velazquez's again. But no I'm healthy and fine.

I'm getting transferred out of Rangely. I'm really disheartened about that. I built this area up from the dust when all we were given was 4 hangout spots. I made so many friends. I want to be here and see their progression. But I know I'll feel the same wherever I go.
There was one 20 year old girl who has been really out of the church but has an amazing testimony and really opened up to us. She's really progressed in amazing ways. She's thinking about serving a mission. There's the eternigator, Brother. We don't feel the Spirit with us when we teach them so we've felt impressed to stop teaching them. But they wanted us to come by so we did. He really opened up to us. He focuses too much and being able to do miracles and thinks that's the sign of having God in your life. But we talked about how when he was able to do neat things he didn't feel the Spirit or comfort in doing it. And how it's so much more important to focus yourself to God's will. He was touched. I want to see he and his wife's progression. A 16 year old that was forced catholic and turned to God and started seeing more LDS things in his life so decided to meet with us. Such a neat honest seeker. This kids gets it. I want to see his baptism. So many people that I've loved. One guy we have to teach from scratch. It feels like teaching a lamanite that doesn't even know what God is. He's a true honest seeker. Believes we all make up God. We explained premortal. He truly understands how we shouldn't know everything because it would be too easy. It's really cool.

Because I'm leaving I bore my testimony to a few people about the urgency of the Gospel. Then I realized, why don't I always do this? It only helps people. I'm learning a lot about wholly relying on God. Another powerful thing for me, is  I'm having a lot of aha moments of realizing that THIS Gospel is IT. THIS is why we're here on earth. Sin is SOOOOOOOO stupid!!!! This isn't just a thing that's kinda cool and will help you and does good stuff for people. But it's truly IT! GOD is the one and only. We exist because we lived with God and He loves us and wants us to return. He gave us the Gospel to do that. This is what everyone is looking for. No matter how content they may seem in their beliefs. It's truly amazing.

The Gospel is literally God sticking His Hand out to us to ensure our getting back. If you're looking for peace, confirmation that you're doing it right, and satisfaction out of life, AND want to have eternal happiness, become dedicated to the Gospel. Take up a new determination to follow even more. It won't be easy, but it will definitely be infinitely better when the

Creator of everything has our back.

I love you all so much. I'm so glad to hear of your happiness. Thank you for all your prayers. I hope you're all doing well. I'm learning a lot. I'm being humbled but I'm learning a lot haha.

Much love,

Elder Edgel

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This Gospel gives us full access to the atonement.

I'm learning power in admiring other people's spiritual gifts. I want to be able to discern them and point them out to others so they can feel their worth. That's something I learned is powerful in the MTC. Our teacher had us go walk around and walk up to someone and admire their spiritual gifts. There were some pretty powerful experiences. One elder just had the feeling to say one had the gift of scriptorian knowledge and it made the persons day and everyone around was like dude he's the greatest scripture master ever! I had seen a physical handicapped person earlier in the week and saw his pure love for everyone around him and how he was just so happy and loving to someone he had only met once before. I was able to admire him for it and made me feel really good.

There's this really awesome really inactive member out in Dinosaur that played the guitar for us the other day. He was in a band and still plays constantly today. It was so awesome to hear live guitar again.

There's a pigeon that sits in Elder Jordan's window every night. We named it taco and try to feed it but he flies away. Random thing of the day.

There's this sweet old 90 year old lady that we visit every now and then. Deaf as a... deaf thing. Every time without fail when we walk in she says, "sit down" in her old lady voice. That's one of our quotes. Well one day when we walked in she talked about the weather and it being warm. (before her hearing aid so she couldn't here a thing, which she still can't even with it) so I said "Can you dig it!?!?" and lost it in laughing. But she's deaf so it just seemed like I was smiling hahaha. The baptismal invite is "will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone holding the proper authority of God? We will be holding a baptisimal service on blank, will you prepare to be baptized by that day? Well she hasn't been to church in like 40 years so I said, "Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by coming to church? WIll you prepare to come to church on September 15th? And then busted up again hahaha. She didn't come but she will some day!

Quotes: "Well then go poop!!!". In a lesson one day we hear in the background. "Grandpa, I need to poop." "Well then go poop!!!" This guy has the thickest beard. When he talks it looks like a bush moving so that made it 10 X's better to imagine him saying. "I was just Talkin' boutchu guys! Get in here, get in here!" (kinda high pitched, black accent) That happened to another Elder with some black guy they were teaching.

Tyler, we eat a ton of peaches. The town over sells them practically like home grown. Best peaches ever. So guess what I sing all the time? Well I'm in the country and I'm eating peaches so I'll let you guess that one.

We've started teaching a 16 year old. One of the kids that has his mission call brought two friends. One has been catholic his whole life and wants to explore other religions and feels good about ours. A lot of stuff has happened in his life where he's prayed for help and he met the kid that invited him to church and things are getting better. So he's taking that as a sign. It's amazing to see him so ready and prepared and thirsting after knowledge.

We talked with this very inactive woman who was baptized at 12 but then stopped caring and doesn't even remember it exactly. We talked about each of our spiritual experiences that showed us that God loves us. Her 15 year old nephew that left the room when we came in eventually came in and sat with us and listened. The Spirit was so strong. He's also very inactive and his dad died when he was 5 who was this amazing man that everyone loved and it didn't make sense that he died. so he went inactive. We bore testimony of the power of the Book of Mormon and gave them each a copy. They were both extremely grateful for us coming by.

The work is powerful. The affects are so visible. I'm truly understanding that this is GOD's church. Not just another church that's pretty good, but literally the church that people have been searching for for centuries and millenias! This is how people come closer to God than by anything else! This is what clears up all of the confusion in the world! This is what gives people hope in this dark world. This is what gives life! This gives us full access to the atonement and gives us peace of mind! It gives direction by the prophet of God we have today! I'm trying to give of myself everyday, every second. I'm trying to keep my mind focused completely and give everything I have. I'm over coming my fears to order for people to feel this joy.

I love you guys so much. I think about you all. I couldn't be happier to serve God. I know that I am literally a representative of Jesus Christ. Keep on truckin' out there!

-Elder Edgel

Monday, September 9, 2013

"One of the healthiest things I've ever done is loving others more than myself."

I love my mommmma!

I have to be quick so I'm sorry. My comp will kill me if I don't hurry up today haha. I always take so long.

Well I've been humbled this week and it's been awesome. I think too often I get too excited about learning and growing that it's necessary that I get slowed down a bit so I don't hurt myself haha.

We visited two very precious souls in the hospital this week. Both were in their 90s. One refuses to read or leave the hospital and has never been to the temple. What do you do in a situation like that? "I know you can't move grandma but we gotta get your old wrinkly butt to the temple!" It confused me. Then we met another very very precious lady. We walk into this ladies room that has her Book of Mormon that has had to be tapped because it has been used so much and the recent Ensign on her lap! My soul just leaped for joy! The most sincere lady I've ever met. She just talked about how grateful she was for her good health compared to others. Well she has cancer and parkinsons and is constantly in pain. She ALWAYS wears her garments even though it's a huge inconvenience. And yet she says she still worries about if she was valiant enough. I know Heavenly Father loves us all, but He has a very special place for her with Him in his most glories kingdom with a very special hug for her.

I'm learning to be so very humble. Too much I thought, man I just wanna get out there so I can just baptize so many people into the Gospel so I can be really cool. I'm learning that that doesn't matter. As long as I just give of myself wholly and truly desire people's happiness. I went to temple prep since our LAs and and investigator was there. It made me realize that we are to help people get to the celestial kingdom. It gave me urgency and helped me see the importance of our work.

Giving blessings is so amazing. I always worry if I'm going to say the right thing but my mind is always filled with such peace. It's so awesome to get done and hear them say, "that's just what I needed to hear". The priesthood is so amazing.

Too often I judge others for not being as servicable as they could.
But I found this out: deeper realization of my own mistakes
stronger desire to help all in anyway
greater joy and appreciation for people's current righteousness.

Good stuff. Good to hear from everyone. I don't even have time to get to dad's and other people's emails. I'm really sorry. So much more I want to tell you. Love you.

Experience I shared with Elder Herdt I wanted you to know: In my blessing when getting set apart, the Stake President said I would learn to love others more than myself. I've been thinking a lot about that. About how true that is in missionary work and how the Savior loved us far more than himself and how he suffered an eternity of pain for us. It's amazing.

Last night I was looking at a map of our mission. I noticed in our area that there were THREE towns on the map that none of us ever noticed, not even my trainer who has been here before. Already we cover two wards in a town that is just bursting with readiness for the Gospel. Already we're really busy. AND we cover another small town of 300 that doesn't even show up on the map, PLUS a ton of little clusters of homes that are isolated. Then we come to find out that there are THREE that just come up on the MAP. If the small town doesn't show. How many other towns are there that aren't on the map? How many more tiny clusters of homes? It opened my eyes on the urgency of preaching the Gospel. The intimate personal relationship Heavenly Father has for each of those individuals.

While writing in my journal and praying last night I closed with this thought. "One of the healthiest things I've ever done is loving others more than myself."

I love guys all so much so personally. I pray for you and your success. Dad, wanna print and send me what you wrote? Sorry for not writting you this week haha. The only time I have is lunch, breakfast, night and my companions like playing risk and I have to roll the dang dice to defend myself... Love you guys so much.

Keep the fire going!

Elder Edgel

Friday, September 6, 2013

We can have a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father through the Gospel.

Love that momma lovin'. My mommy is so good to me and so motivated. I love it!

Thank you so much for the Gavin letter! That makes me so happy. I love my nephews. I think of them all the time when I see kids. Elder Jordan's sex blessing is spreading like wild fire. Everyone in Elders quorum wants a blessing. All the missionaries know. It's gunna be an infamous one.

Stanley is good. We're learning how to help him. He talks forever and last night we didn't even get a lesson. He kept telling captivating stories. He's got some stories. His infamous mud buggy and how him and his buddies would run from the cops across farm fields, up streems, drive over trees, hid in farmer's barns, go out to their bar that would over sell to minors. Funny funny stories.

Quotes: "have you ever had feelings for a sister missionary?" "Ew! No whey!" (Nacho libre but missionary lingo" "We're dead!" With a southern accent "Getcho self a good pinch!" southern accent. Everyone here says Sundee. Instead of Sunday.

We had a neat experience where we went to a part members house in Dinosaur. She's very strong but her husband is jealous of church and make her choose between him and it. She's very distraught. I felt impressed to ask if she wanted a blessing. Oh and a priest going on his mission got to be a part too. I told her that Heavenly Father was glad of her choice of marriage. A steep claim but I felt impressed. She was balling. She was so happy to have the priesthood in her life. It was amazing.

Female appreciation:
Females are an amazing species I'm finding. All the elders like to bag on sisters and their inability. It's really sad. We elders have such a hard time being obedient, spiritual, sensitive, considerate, loving, smelling good and not talking about poops and farts. We all have our weaknesses. But sisters are such an example of selflessness and love. They're so genuine and trusting in their Heavenly Father to make the difference. The sisters in our district wipe a 90 year olds butt twice a day! Talk about true love! (very true story)
So many women out here are married to men that don't want to be active, don't want to try the church, and don't want to let their wives show their devotion to God by participating. It's so sad. So many women trail blazers. They're so awesome. We're going to make their husbands ball like babies and become spiritually sensitive. 

They're black people here at the community college!!!!!!!! IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY TO SEE ALL 5 OF THEM!!!

We're having a lot of blessings. I decided to bare my testimony at every fast and testimony meeting to help motivate the members. They're telling us they liked our testimonies. I have so much greenie fire. I jump up as soon as I can to bare my testimony like a primary kid and just give a short testimony about how I love the work and sit down and my companions stroll up casually a little after and give very wise, comfortable and inspired testimonies. Love those guys. We've had 4 new investigators and 23 lessons. Which is awesome for being white washed. Our productivity gets better and better every week.

I've been praying to have my testimony strengthened. It was shaken good a few times before my mission and so I feel a lot more confident with the things I've learned from them. But Satan is tricky and makes me forget the amazing spiritual experiences I've had. He makes me think they were made up and not by the Spirit. By that I mean he gets Baptists to talk to me. (teehee ok that was mean) But really, talking to Baptists, they're all VERY factual. That's everything they rely on is what they can see. And they can see the Bible and are comfortable with it. So when we bear testimony about how if they try and give a sincere heart the Spirit will work inside them and let them know, they tell us, well you can fool yourself into anything. Emotions are complicated and you can misunderstand them all the time. Tricksy Baptists. But by the Spirit we can know ALL things. Even your Bible says so! HAHA! So I've been praying a lot for confirmation on my testimony. I got a little jealous of my companions but Heavenly Father was patient with me and gave me what I needed. I was praying to remember my spiritual experiences, and remember what I've learned and know as well as further confirmation. And everyday I still do pray for this. We all could.

That night I wrote in my journal all the experiences I've had that have helped me to KNOW. and I keep praying to remember more and receive further confirmation.

I know this church is true. Every young man everywhere should prepare to serve a mission. It will bless their lives more than they can imagine. I've been out for only a month and I'm changing into a whole new better person. Give of yourself wholly! EVEN THE SISTERS GO ON MISSIONS!!! And they don't even have to! As Kenine Singleton said in his testimony after a bunch of women shared theirs, "we need to pick it up guys."

The Gospel blesses us and our familes. We can have a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father through the Gospel. That's the biggest thing I know. I've had a place to escape to my whole life whenever I felt depressed and like giving up. But because of the Gospel, I knew God was a Heavenly Father who loved me beyond anything I could ever imagine and was going to do His best to help me along. I KNOW that because of the Gospel.

A missionaries dying wish: do your home teaching, plan your lessons for church and anything else with love and thought, help others sincerely and know you're where you need to be.

I love you guys.

The church is true and the book is blue.

Elder Edgel

Monday, August 26, 2013

Heavenly Father is just so loving.

In response to you:
Rangely is not very LDS. 2000 population. About 300 in each ward. A ton of less actives. We've been teaching a lot of less actives. I love them so much but it'd be nice being able to get to people who don't even know yet. Dad, thanks for being such an example in your home teaching. I learning how important it is. That goes to Tyler, too. I kept bugging him about member missionary work when I lost sight of the importance of home teaching.
We got a care package of things from Salt Lake. Everything we need to be able to live. They even gave us $5 each to Subway for surviving. I had to use my companions huge unnecessary knife for making sandwiches. There's a pic.
No idea what poisoned me. I was fine after the one day though. Good thing it was P day so I could nap a lot of it off. We have a PO box. And I don't know it. Mail it the mission address and they'll forward it to me. It's a day longer but you don't have to keep getting updated on my address. I'll mail you a letter this week of things I keep forgetting to tell or ask you and it'll have all that junk.
Well Dad, I haven't heard any airplane jokes. I was actually the one that made it to my companion... And then I apologized for such a joke. I don't know if I told you but my companion was in this area in the start of his mission (I'm the first greenie since him and he's training me, and I'm the first 18 year old in Rangely) so people ask him to pray more than I. But in our first dinner the very first day I did get asked to pray since I was so new. I thought that was funny haha.
We do a different approach with people than just asking them if they want to hear our message. We ask if we could leave a prayer and blessing upon their house. It's powerful. We call down the powers of the priesthood and the blessings they ask for happen. It brings in the Spirit. So that's been softening hearts and increasing people's willingness. It's awesome.
On Thursday we had zone conference and had to wake up at 4:30 to start the day so we were pretty tired by the end of the day. It was 8:30. We had just tried a former but they weren't home. Their neighbors were outside. So we OYM'd (open your mouth) and asked if we could leave a blessing and they said ya. In the blessing Elder Jordan names every member of the family and meant to say "bless them to continue to have good success". Too bad he said sex instead of success. After the prayer we laughed it off though.
You'll see in the pictures that his place is beautiful. Mostly everyone here though was either brought here for, or currently drill oil or work in the coal mine. So There's a ton of trailer and RV parks. Where we live is apparently the "ghetto" of Rangely. It's almost like Vegas haha.
This week flew by! We've met with awesome people that just need a push and a good spiritual confirmation. We're meeting with an excon who served a mission and has been in a nut house. So it's interesting. He has a huge mastiff dog that's really old. Cool stuff. The people here are just so typical western hick, it's hilarious. I feel like I'm Gentle Man Broncos. There's even a LA (less active) that looks IDENTICAL to the guy with the snake it's ridic! Just an older version. It's so funny out here. The quirky people just tickle my peach. Like the Gentleman Bronco guy, the first I met him he had a trucker hat that said "America's #1 drinking team!" and it just made me laugh so hard on the inside. Janea and Tyler would bust up laughing at some of the things here. It's just so perfect.

We're meeting with an eternagator. An eternal investigator. Wife was baptized, he comes to church but doesn't believe. He has an interesting story. Really smart guy. Used to be a preacher. Loves his Vodka. There was a time in his life that he said he's been close with God and felt his promptings continually in his life on exactly the things he should be doing. (for 40 years he's been drinking everyday so he's had this while drinking). He doesn't get drunk. He has some different views. He believes Joseph Smith was a prophet, the BoM was inspired. He believes some facts aren't right in it. He doesn't believe Brigham Young was a prophet. He doesn't believe Thomas S Monson is either. He doesn't think Prophets should have body guards. He thinks everyone is going to Heaven again. So agrees closely a lot but some of it is pretty quirky. Like how Jesus bent the matrix and we can too. Which is true in a sense through faith but he goes a bit too far. We dedicated his home Friday and felt impressed to cast out all evil spirits... Apparently he turned his back on God a while ago and the last three years he hasn't had that closeness with Him and it's been a struggle on his faith. We're going to help him through the atonement. He's a tricky guy.

It's frightens me that I won't know what exactly to say to these people. I get a little depressed and scared and frustrated. I'm casting away all doubt and trying to be selfless and trusting in the Spirit. I know we're going to help these people to baptism. The work hasn't been done in Rangely in a long long time. Our Ward Mission Leader thanked us for working and said more work has been done in the last two weeks in a long long time. That's sad but I'm glad I get to work and help this town. I love it so much. I'm praying to have a confirmation that this is true and that the Spirit can work through me. I've always grown up knowing little by little but I feel it important to do as I'm asking people to do. I know I'll receive an answer. Heavenly Father is just so loving.

I love this work! It's awesome having the Spirit work through me and prompt me on what to say and do.

Elder Edgel's wisdom: DON'T IGNORE THE SPIRIT. You loose so many opportunities to help people that need it so bad! Love, love, love! Who cares about what people think of you! You're not that great anyway.

You guys are sounding like you're doing so awesome. This work is amazing. Life is good when you're not thinking about how good you can make life for yourself. I couldn't be happier.

-Elder Edgel

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My sister & I share a unique trait...

Sorry I didn't get to email last week. They didn't give a P day for those who were transferring in. 36 new missionaries are in Colorado! Next transfer 32 come in. The Lord is hastening His work truly. You can just send it to 999 E Tufts Ave Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113-5907 and they'll forward it to me. I don't know our apartment quite yet. We just moved out of a member's home.

Here we go. I'm going to go fast so try and keep up. We listened to another Bednar talk in the MTC on listening to the Spirit. He said to just keep being a good boy or girl, keep your covenants and it'll fall into place. We don't need to know right then that it's the Spirit whispering to us. Just do good and the rest falls into place. Bednar is awesome.

The airport was the first time being in the real world. It was funny because people looked nervous around us and almost tried to avoid us hahaha. When we landed the Mission President, his wife and his AP's were there to greet us. He was casually shaking everyone's hand and then lit up when he saw me and said, "Elder Edgel! You're going to love your area!" I was taken back a bit but it's so cool to see that he's received inspiration for me on where is best for me. In our interview he asked me what I KNOW. So I said that I know the love that Heavenly Father has for me and that He only wants best for me and that I can trust Him. On the car ride to the mission office I rode with the AP's and they asked why we came out and what we want to learn. I said I came out because I want to learn how to give back and that a mission is a good place to start. My MTC companion said, "because I want to turn branches into wards." What a faithful guy. I said I wanted to learn how to be an effective member missionary that I can continue to give back. The AP's told us how the land of desolation in the BoM is north and we should be grateful to be in the Denver, SOUTH in the land bountiful. Nerdy missionary jokes. I'm in a trio. My trainer is awesome and a good leader. The other guy is from Alabama and also has an accent. I think I'm coming home with a southern accent. They think I'm pretty funny so thanks for praying that my companions won't be so annoyed with me. ;)

Shopping was terrifying. I have $4 for everyday. I had no idea what I was doing. All this time I've also been afraid that I wouldn't eat good if taking care of myself. Come to find out, I eat WAY BETTER when I shop for the foods I want and cook the way I want. I don't starve myself waiting for my mother to slave for me.

Welcome to (range lee) Rangley, Colorado! The most wonderful place I've ever lived. Population: 2000. Exactly what I've dreamed of! Mission President was right. It's kind of dessert but snows. I'll have to take a picture at the top of the city. You can overlook and see all the green trees in the city and the dessert surrounding it with the most wonderful plateaus. We also cover Dinosaur. Population: 300. We only visit once a week. We cover two wards and Dinosaur. We're going to make Dinosaur it's own branch. About 30 members, 3 active though.

I've learned how I can show my love more fully. I'm not the best in conversation, I don't really easily laugh, but my sister and I share a unique trait; we smile big and bright. President said that's how he recognized me. I smile so much naturally out here that I have to keep drinking water so I don't get cotton mouth from having my lips open.

Missionary lingo: "oh man my fart didn't even stink! Call President!" People say "good night" a lot too out here. "I'd add that sister to my team." (marriage team). OYM, SC, HBT, southern comp says "it was baaad" a lot. Oh and "how do you mean?" Example: Elder Jordan: Let's go see blah blah blah Elder Tillman; How do you mean? Elder Jordan: You know how I mean! Elder Tillman: How do you figur? Elder Jordan: How do I figur? Where do you get off! Elder Tillman: How do you reckon? Elder Jordan: Are you high? (I can't put a number on how many times I've heard this exact conversation) I need to learn to write shorter...

Our new apartment has nothing. No beds, no pots, no cooking spary, no blankets, no pillows, no SHOWER CURTAIN, no utensils, no bowls or plates, our pets heads are falling off! It's awesome though. We get everything today. I've been using clothes as a pillow and my sheets, towel and lava lava as a blanket.

Dad, people do ask me to pray all the time. No one's done the plane joke though. It's so good to hear Jeremy is doing better, I'm praying for him. I'm so glad I got to ride the loop with him even though we didn't stick together. It was still lots of fun with him. I got food poisoning last night. Woo hoo! First of the mission! I'm doing good though.

Janea, I gave some missionaries the info at the parade. If they haven't contacted them I'm not sure where the info is. It should be in my memory box that isn't duck tapped over. If they're both duck tapped, it's the one with less stuff. Feel free to dig for it.

It's awesome to see the impact as missionaries. How people will listen to us so easily. Everyday I get to have an amazing spiritual experience with someone. I'm seeing my blessing of loving people more than myself come to pass already. I love the people here. First Sunday we gave a talk on missionary work. I spoke on the need for understanding and not being pushy. (Sorry Tyler, I'm learning to motivate people rather than push them.) I love you guys so much. Thanks for your prayers and love. I can definitely feel it. Take care everyone.