Elder Edgels wisdom:

Elder Edgel's wisdom: I knew God was a Heavenly Father who loved me beyond anything I could ever imagine and was going to do His best to help me along.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Elder Tasilimu sees a goat for the first time
sweet garden
amazing sunsets

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

With the Lord I can do anything

THis transfer is going to be the best! My companions are awesome! I knew I wasn't going to be staying in Foothills deep down and knew I was going to Grand Junction. Elder Donovan is the best! He reminds me of Tucker Wallace with how sincere and genuine he is. Not a bad bone in all of his body. Just so hopeful and loving. Very obedient and a hard worker! I'm so excited for that. We also get a third wheel which I'm excited about! Elder Tasilimu! He's been pretty quiet and opening up more and more everyday which is exciting! He has a great testimony! He's from Samoa! He's just coolest guy ever! I love him a ton.

I've learned to love disobedient elders. I hate hate hate disobedience because it's so stupid! You only hurt yourself and the Savior and trample him under your feet! But I've learned to not judge disobedient elders. They always have an amazing story and are going through a lot. I've learned to love them more.

I'm filled with so much love for the missionaries in my zone. This is truly a call to repentance. I see now that I was not the district leader that his mission needs! So the Lord called me to zone leader so that I'll straighten up. President is doing a lot of cool things for this mission. He's very inspired. He has such a strong clear vision that we all become converted, unified, and baptize 100 a month. A lot of missionaries and members have problems with him, but if you're around him all you can feel is selflessness and love. I hope to represent him well for this zone and help them all become a little more converted. I don't know how on earth I'll do that but with the Lord I can do anything.

So it's been a very humbling experience being a zone leader. Humility has been something I've wanted to work on for a long time. I thought I'd be more prideful as a zone leader but it's been the opposite. So I'm excited!

The ward is a bunch of old people! So many old people in these small towns out west! That's a little depressing. It's so hard to stay awake in the wards out here in the west side haha. I think there's only priest out here. I'm learning to love the ward though. I love the work, so I might as well love the people I'll be working with. Don't let San Miguel get filled with Oldies! Go baptize some young families!

We had a miracle new investigator. Elder Donovan and I are very forgetful and get distracted very easily so we zoned off while I was driving on the highway so we pulled off. As we were about to drive off again I noticed a lady outside her house right next to us. So we drove over and she was very open and friendly! We're going to help her pick some weeds this Tuesday!

This area has been struggling and the elders have been working really hard. I hope we can make a change and get the help of the members.

The Stake is so inspiring though! They have a great vision and are gettting all the members more active in missionary work. It's exciting! I'll also get to work with President Atkinson, dad's cousin more so that'll be really cool working with family. He's definitely got some Edgel in him even though he's actually very talented musically on the piano. I guess not unlike Jared and Tyler.

I love you all so much! Help them missionaries out! We need a whole lot more than just 80,000 missionaries! We need EVERY MEMBER. This work was never intended for just 18-28 year old kids. This was intended for ALL. So go invite invite invite! And the Spirit WILL guide you to the elect and WILL be with you and fill your mouth when the Lord sees you're serious about this!

-Elder Edgel

Monday, June 2, 2014


Jeff Crookston is my ward mission leader!

Transferred & Zone Leader....The more we use the Atonement the better we will understand it & the happier we will be.

We had interviews with President Friday and he told me I'd probably be leaving. Then Saturday I got the call from the AP's I was leaving and Johnson was staying yet another transfer. Elder Whitely (the AP) asked if I knew what was happening so that gave me a reason to stress out about what he's teased me about for awhile but he wouldn't say anything else. Then Sunday morning President called and asked if I'd be a Zone Leader... I was pretty bummed. I probably shouldn't have been but I feel like I've just gotten the hang of being a good District Leader. I wanted to be that missionary that worked really hard and taught all the time and whitewashed, opened areas, and trained. Not a lot of people take the calling of District Leader very serious and I was hoping to be able to help change that.

I know it'll be good though. I know it's what President feels inspired to do. I thought I would for sure dodge being a zone leader since Johnson has stayed so long. He'll have been for 9 months which is the max a missionary can stay in an area.

We had a great end though Sunday. It was fast and testimony so I got to bear my testimony one last time and announce my leaving. Then we had a great lesson with the M on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. L sat in the dark corner and just looked so sad the entire time. It's sad to see that she doesn't want to be happy with her family and instead fight it. We hope she has a change of heart.

We had crazy week. Started off with teaching a less active that tased her 12 year old daughter for coming home at 10 instead of 7. She loves her kid a lot but is just confused on how to make sure she doesn't go down wrong paths. We tried to help her understand that the Gospel is the best thing she could ever do. She just doesn't want to go to church though. Sad stuff.

Haven't seen R at all which has been sad. He's falling off more and more. It breaks my heart.

Another less active who like to just chat the entire time said that our efforts to try to teach really have helped and he's been making a lot of changes. That was rewarding. He said he'd really try on making an effort to quit smoking and would fast and pray about it. I'm bummed I won't be here to help him out some more.

We had a great lesson with Sister C, another less active. We talked about what we always talk about. Going to church. She got sick on Friday and couldn't come. AHH! Hopefully she'll get there. She wants to go to the temple.

We went to a doctor's appointment and there I got to see my pal Elder Hamblin who's companion was also there for the doctors. So that was really good talking to him. We talked about different things we were doing in the field. It was so good getting advice from him.

TW couldn't come to church because her kid had dance practice that was a bummer. Her husband moved out as well. It's still awesome that she wants to make that climb back. She got the first chord to a Child's Prayer tattooed to her foot! haha. I'm bummed I can't be there to teach her anymore either.

Sunday The Ms all came to church (except David the oldest). The reason that's a big deal is the mom is fighting this and even the youngest made his decision against hers and came to church. Steven said they all had a talk and all the kids decided to join the church!! This was a huge deal when S told me privately as we were walking out. He said he'd prayed about it for over 2 hours privately in his car one night. I won't be here for the baptism on June 14th but S said he'd advocate all he could for me to be there haha. Not all the kids will be baptized by June 14th but the majority will.

A lady named J that we've been teaching has been going through a rough time and almost lost her storage so we helped her with that and got a member to bring a truck. She broke down crying but she came to church and loved it!

Then while trying a less active I started talking to her Mexican neighbors who were cooking some really good food so they invited us in to eat with them!! It made me so ridiculously happy to eat some authentic Mexican food and speak a little Spanish again. They're just so incredibly friendly and welcoming! All I said was man that smells good, what are guys cooking? And then the mom comes to the door and invites us in! Unfortunately they said no to Spanish missionaries coming by but they were extremely charitable.

I love this area and these people but I know wherever I go the Lord will prepare people. I hope to work harder than ever before and give myself completely over. It's so great bearing your testimony to random people. It can be nerve racking but as soon as you do it becomes a great experience. We helped a lady move a couch up 2 flights of stairs and she seemed hesitant to us but as soon as we just bore our testimonies she opened up and we had a great talk. Unfortunately she said no to us coming by but it helped me to see how this stuff really won't be that hard at all when I go home. If I just keep at it.

The Atonement of Jesus Christ is everything. It's hard to understand sometimes, but it's real. If we just keep trying to use it more we'll be happier and understand it more and more. 2 Nephi 26:27 says, "hath he commanded any that they should partake of his salvation? Behold I say unto you, Nay; but he hath given it free for all men; and he hath commanded his people that they should persuade all men to repentance."

Hop on the band wagon of the Lord's hastening of the work and share the Gospel with your friends in the ways that you can!! He's given this to us for free and commanded that we "persuade all men to repentance". If you want greater faith, testimony, happiness. If you want to feel like you're serving God, do missionary work.

I love you all!

-Elder Edgel

So often we tiny humans fight against a very real perfect God that knows everything and sees everything.

That pic of my was from the Weltons! They're an awesome family.

So good to hear about your mad OYMing skills! That's so inspiring! I love that the more we do it, the better we get. New things come to our minds on how to do it more effectively and so on. And if nothing else, it blesses those around us! Although maybe not so much fruit from being obedient and OYMing, we do receive blessings in a very real way and it blesses our families and loved ones.

Sorry I didn't email, it was memorial day and the library was closed, so we got permission to email today.

R is struggling. He seems to be loosing steam about the Gospel. He hasn't come to church or shown much desire to. He says he has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and living the Word of Wisdom so that is exciting! We hope it's true that he has. We met a less active on the street that says she has a belief it's true but doesn't want to live it. It's really sad to see that. Why wouldn't one want to be blessed by Heavenly Father through living his commandments? So often we tiny humans fight against a very real perfect God that knows everything and sees everything. There's some perspective for ya!

The M girls went to the Salt Lake Temple for a sealing so we can't wait to hear about their experiences and the Spirit they felt.

We had a young man come out with us again that was roudy the first time. We were a little hesitant to have him come out with us again because he was pretty negative and scared away people on the street when we tried to talk with them. But he took it serious this time and even put on his suit. The first young man to do that! And contributed to the lesson so it was really cool. We actually met with L Mc. (Which we found out is really C and they're in a common law marriage and the kids have the wife's last name). He is still very sincere and really wants to meet with us but his wife is scared to after hearing rumors about the church and of course the intimidating commandments we've been given. We're going to try to stop by again and try to talk with her.

We have a new investigator named W! This guy has a great understanding of the Gospel. He's from New York and went from rich to on the streets because of his drug addiction and was in prison from 18 to 29. Despite all of this he still has a great understanding of the Gospel and personal relationship with his Savior. He's Pentecostal and said he can't believe in another prophet but he knows what the Spirit feels like so we're very hopeful for him.

We also met a guy named R who was doing spray paint art. He's about 36 and told us he had congested heart failure and was about to die but was extremely optimistic about things. He understands enjoying a wholesome life way more than most people because he knows first hand how real and how imminent death is. He told us, "I don't want only 5 people at my funeral because I was miserable and depressed about my disease and eventual death so all they have to say is, 'man that R, he uh... he sure got to work on time!'" It was pretty cool because before we left the car I needed to get more pamphlets. There weren't any Plan of Salvation pamphlets left and I only had one in my scriptures and felt like I was going to need that one left especially. When we started talking with him I felt to give him that one especially. So I really hope he feels the Spirit. He's already living the Word of Wisdom so it should be an easy transition for him!

I realized this week how short my time to serve really is. Going through my camera was weird. The work I do deserves my whole self. There is no reason to want to be at home or think about it. What I'm doing is way better than anything for me at home! Why dream about being somewhere else and doing something else when I'm doing the greatest work ever? Missionary work will never as amazing as it is now.

I hope you all are able to be doing missionary work and are praying for the opportunity to share your testimony. It feels so good to give away your testimony. If you want to strengthen and deepen your conversion, share your testimony! I love you all!

-Elder Edgel

May 19th to dad I get fearful that it's because of ME that things aren't working out and because of ME that people fall off and all this, but that's just being too selfish and thinking way too much about myself when I should think of others.

R is struggling. We don't feel the Spirit teaching him as we once have. He has been living the WoW (as he says) and he has been reading everyday (as he says) There's a member that taught a lot of Haitians so he's been a great help. He still hasn't come to church and the last two times he didn't come to the door. So we're worried about that. He talks differently about the church. He doesn't sound like he wants to move forward much. It seems he lets us in mostly because we serve God and he's very Christian, not because he wants to learn more truth. He talks about how the things we've taught him have helped him though so we're hopeful.

The Mcs, no. L is interested and believes what we've taught but his wife is the one that isn't. Turns out she texted us behind his back. We met with him and he really wants to. He has a few concerns himself but really likes everything. She's been antid a little and isn't so keen on changing so much. But we're praying for them and are going to see them soon.

O and Y's parents are very open with their change to Christianity. Other siblings have already so they're ok with it. Y said that while talking to her over Skype about Jesus Christ that her mom said that she could feel something inside of her every time she talked about Him. Pretty amazing. Those girls are going to do so much to hasten to work. They're very special. It's been an honor to teach them.

Sounds like Vegas is fun! The mission is awesome. I've learned to really love my mission and see the importance of giving myself and to not even have one spec of desire to even think about home. But to really give myself. Obviously I'm human but I'm learning a new perspective of dedicating myself. I get fearful that it's because of ME that things aren't working out and because of ME that people fall off and all this, but that's just being too selfish and thinking way too much about myself when I should think of others. So I'm continually learning not to be hard on myself and trust the Lord and just press forward through the bad times, average times and the really good times. I will loose myself a little bit more every day.

I love you dad. Thanks for writting me and thank you a ton for praying for my investigators.

-Elder Edgel

May 19th letter lay aside their fears that were keeping them from being free of their guilt and wrongs so that they could be baptized and be free of all those things

I love my mommy!

This week was awesome! We picked R the Haitain back up. We'd be praying so hard this whole week. We saw him again and I had no idea what to do. I didn't want to loose him. I felt that silent little subtle good prompting to just be excited for his baptism. So I told him how excited I was to see him get baptized. He looked a little confused for a bit. But I told him how he was experiencing attacks from the adversary because this was true and that he could get over them in order to be more happy. By the end he was excited again and we had our typical exchange of goodbye across the parking lot when we leave his appartment. "I love you R!!!" "Ya man, I love you more! One love brotha!" We also had a lesson at a members house on the Word of Wisdom. The member explained that his reason for not wanting to join shouldn't be simply because he doesn't want to stop drinking coffee. Then he was no different from the youngman that refused to give up his riches in order to follow Christ. It was a great Spirit.

There was an amazing baptism for a family of 3 in the Clear Creek zone leader ward. The Spirit there was great. R wasn't able to come so that was a bummer. And only T and Y came. But T is now really excited to be baptized. And it's only strengthened Y to. She had no idea what to expect (being from Muslim culture) She explained when they saw an LDS video about Christ and saw Jesus get baptized they were really confused why some guy was helping him to get his hair wet hahaha. The baptism helped me to trust the Spirit. To forget all my weaknesses and things I do wrong and just focus on bringing the Spirit to people's lives. I got up for testimonies and shared a scripture from Alma inviting all to be lay aside their fears that were keeping them from being free of their guilt and wrongs so that they could be baptized and be free of all those things. It's tough that the adversary keeps so many from the truth. That we too often give into our fears when they're only making things worse from us. We need to let go and follow the good feelings in our heart! Not the doubt and fear! Who wants to follow doubt and fear? Take a chance and follow the good!

We talked to the 4 girls about being baptized even though Steven can't do it. We were nervous if they'd all be there and if anyone else would be. But it worked out perfectly to where it was just them 4 and their grandmother who has been a huge deal in all of this. Oumiama and Yasmina said, "well no offense to him, but I can't wait around forever. I want the blessings of baptism." They're so awesome. It was tough for K. She said she'd pray about it. It's really too bad they're dad can't for awhile. There's no telling when he will be able to either. The good news is they really want to be baptized soon. They're very inspiring. Then Y said, "wouldn't it be so cute to wait till you were baptized with your husband!" a bunch of "awwwws". Then the grandmother "but you'd miss out on all those blessings you could be having!" Kaleigh: "your missing the point! That'd still be adorable!!" hahaha. Funny girls. But they definitely are serious about being baptized soon.

B and L haven't been going anywhere so we planned to drop them but they made things easy and told us how they want to some day learn these things but feel bad because they're not putting forth effort to find out. Then the McDs dropped us last Monday over a text. That was a huge bummer but we'll be stopping by and seeing why soon.

We had a great member lesson with a family and two other boys from the ward last night. One of the boys had decided not to serve a mission and the other two were preparing to so we talked from their Duty to God about preparing to. All 4 of them are going to come out with us more so we're hopeful that will help them all in some way.

The Lord always knows what's best for us more than we do. We're all pretty hard headed to authorities but the Lord gives us callings, not our Bishops and so on. So we should trust them.

I love you all! Stay calm and preach the Gospel!

-Elder Edgel

Happy Mothers Day

You definitely are a missionary! You're the best kind of missionary! That's just so inspiring momma. Honestly, you're more fearless than I am! You need to get a name tag! Man I'm so lucky to have such an example of a converted momma.

Well you've heard about mostly everyone when we talked on the phone. It was special to see all of you! I love you all! You all look so beautiful!

But we are seeing R tonight. We've been praying all week and inviting members to pray for him so we hope he feels the truth. The Ms are amazing. I need to take a picture with them. They want to be baptized but their dad insists and forbids anyone else baptize them but he's not worthy himself just yet so we hope things work out soon so they can have the blessings of the Spirit.

We met a family that used to meet with the missionaries. They were so united as a family and so close to each other and their Father in Heaven. It was sad that they didn't want to investigate further because it would be so wonderful for them. She simply said she's not looking to find if God has a prophet or if it could benefit her. But God loves them a ton as well and will lead them to Him.

We finally saw the McD's again!! They're so awesome. L said he believes Joesph Smith was a prophet and has been reading and praying! It's so special. We hope to see them in white soon. We've invited them to a date so they're thinking about it.

Another great highlight was going on exchanges with Elder Manu! He taught me to never judge anyone's actions but to look at the heart. Following commandments is very important but what's on the heart is even more important. It doesn't excuse us from living the Gospel though. Even he'll tell you that.

Last night writing in my journal I just couldn't stop writing about my momma till it was far past our curfew. You were just such an inspiration to me with how converted and with how much of a desire you have to share the Gospel. And you do it so naturally. You do it to where you're comfortable doing it. That's so special.

Your life is a powerful testament and a loud witness of the reality of the Atonement's ability to heal and change us when we simply follow to God's will.

Happy Momma day Momma!! I love you so much!

Thank you for your powerful example! You've done so much to raise such a beautiful family even when it seemed impossible. I'm so honored to offer that same magnitude of a message that the missionaries brought to your door. There is no greater joy than to see people really take hold upon the Gospel and allow it to change their lives.

Happy Momma's day to all the Momma's that helped raise me! Kelli Mikesell, Darla Herdt, Christine Mecham, Keiko Garcia, Barbara and all you others that have played a part.

I love you all! Keep sharing the Gospel.

-Elder Edge