Elder Edgels wisdom:

Elder Edgel's wisdom: I knew God was a Heavenly Father who loved me beyond anything I could ever imagine and was going to do His best to help me along.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Everyday is fun and spiritual

Every week is amazing here. There is no such thing as an average week or day. Everyday is fun and spiritual serving with these elders. We see miracles so often. Forget the law of averages! Unless this is just the average. And if this is just the average then I can't imagine what could be better than this!!

Ralph is doing amazing! He's coming to church, reading everyday and has a date in mind for when he wants to be baptized!!
Christian's parents are in opposition to him meeting with us but he said that he'd tell them, "who do you want more? Drug dealer Christian or Mormon Christian? and if they say neither than I guess we won't have a relationship anymore". He reminds me so much of Jacob. Scrawny boy that left the house early in defiance of his parents and wanting to live his only life, only to come back with a very earnest desire to change. I love Christian so much. He's the kind of person that would serve a mission after they convert. So honored to have been the one to teach him.
We were afraid that we were coming off too pushy towards Mandy so we slowed down and had a casual lesson with her as a suggestion from her parents and something we prayed about. Apparently after we left she was bummed she wasn't taught as much as she was hopping! She has a great desire to learn what she needs to do so it's really reassuring that she wants it and isn't meeting with us because we're friends.
Carl lately has been defensive and we can tell that he's not too happy when we come by. He also came to the door in his underwear and you can tell when someone is tired of you when they come to the door in their underwear. He came to church on Sunday though and we had a great lesson on the blessings he'll receive at baptism. He told us he was planning on telling us not to come back but the Spirit was so strong that he said we could come back.
This whole transfer we've been blessed with finding new investigators like crazy. This week was dry. It was Sunday and we had only found 1. Last week we found 10. So we set a goal of three without much faith. While trying to contact a potential we ran into a guy named Danny and just started talking with him. He was Hispanic and we all know how much I love my Hispanics. Then his 12 year old son came out too. The second I saw that he had a son and that he was hispanic too I knew that that meant that there would be many other adorable hispanic children running around in side and that there was no way that I would not get in this door. We have had so many people tell us to go away but I would not allow that to hapen now. They let us in and we watch the He is the Gift video and they loved it. They had met with missionaries in the past in Salt Lake and were interested in meeting with us! 3 New investigators right there! It's not about numbers but setting number goals are definitely an act of faith.

I love you all!

-Elder Edgel

Friday, November 28, 2014

Please share the "He is the gift"

I love my new area, I love my new companions, I love the new zone, and I love the members here!

I however didn't care much for the mess that was left for us haha. See the pictures of me in the chair.

Things have been pretty crazy over here in Delta... Let's see if I can include everything. This is the busiest my mission has ever been... White washing(meaning we're replacing the other missionaries that were here) the zone leader area so we have a really messy house, a disorganized area (meaning leads of people to teach and record about the town) and a zone to get going. Plus He is the Gift to get planned so our ward gets pumped, the zone gets pumped and help the stake get pumped, Mission Leader Counsel, Zone Meeting, District Leader Counsel, training a new zone leader and training a soon to be zone leader/helping him to become obedient and consecrated and higher standards that our mission has ever had that we need to be hitting. (: Lots to do! It is the most exciting time to be a missionary!

Tuesday we met some investigators and the ward mission leader who told us that he has not been too impressed with missionaries here. Apparently after they've been there for a while they slack off. I'm actually very excited to work with him! He's on fire and won't accept anything but the best! We cleaned our apartment that night which was a huge mound of garbage.
Wednesday we met more investigators and found some very prepared people!
Thursday we had a very spiritual Mission Leader Counsel 2 1/2 hours away about He is the Gift Initiative and the new standards of excellence which are the principles of baptism so that every area can baptized every week. They're high goals. The highest we've had but we're really excited and know it can be done. I feel like my vision has raised to what we should be accomplishing. So those two things alone open a huge can of worms of work and planning and prayer and meetings. I also had an appointment with a chiropractor 30 minutes away who fixed me up but we had traffic on the way back and didn't get home till 9 so we didn't any proselyting except talking to a guy in Little Caesar's when we got dinner. I didn't think I could be exhausted just from driving.
Friday was weekly planning so we dented the many things that we need to do. Saturday was zone meeting and that was awesome to see how excited the missionaries were. I love love love missionaries because of their excitement to serve the Lord!
Sunday we got to meet the ward and asked as many members as we met for people they knew that we could teach... not a one. We had a great Ward Counsel with the Stake President, President Taylor. It was an honor to see him teach the ward leaders. He's also so excited for He is the Gift. It's too bad that not everyone is as excited but this man gets how important this will be. Fortunately Elder King grabbed the video on his USB for our zone meeting so we've been able to use it for our ward leaders and also for the ward counsel. That night we met with the Bishop and discussed what we could do in order to get the ward excited for this. He's so humble that he suggested him and one of his counselors role playing in the Gospel Principles class on sharing it with a friend. We're going to have the 5th Sunday School class on it.

He is the Gift is the most exciting thing I've ever been a part of. It's bigger than Wet N Wild coming back to Vegas! It's bigger than Blink 182 getting back together! It's more huge than getting a black man in office! These last few years I haven't card for Christmas at all. I just felt that it was selfish, greedy, and commercialized. I've felt empty on that day. But this video helped me to really see the meaning for it. I feel a reverence for it now. I feel a greater desire to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. Celebrating the birth of our Savior. The gift of life, love, hope and peace.
The greatest gift that anyone could give me for Christmas this year would be to share this video with someone and invite them to discover and embrace the gift of our Savior. This video must be more than just a cool 3 minutes. This video should soften hearts in preparation for your testimonies and invitations to embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ through His restored Church. There is no greater way or more exciting time!
For Christmas please email me and tell about the miracles that you've seen as you've shared this with your friends and family and then shared your testimony about embracing Jesus Christ and then invited them to embrace it with you as well by coming to church with you or listening to the missionaries.

I cannot say enough about this initiative. PLEASE pray, ponder and plan how and who you'll share this message with. You're friends will thank you for doing so. This is way too huge to let pass by. This is what Jesus Christ wants for His children. Their joy and their peace that comes from this message. All missionaries around the world are focusing on this in everything that they do for the entire month! If it's that important it should have some kind of focus in the rest of your lives as well!

I love you all and am confident that you will see miracles as you simply share this video with many people!

New Companions pictures

Monday, November 17, 2014

So many amazing things happened here

Well Elder Johnson was my companion in my last area so I obviously have failed at talking about my companions haha. Ya he's from Boulder. Love that guy. Great at the piano.

So good to hear the gospel essentials in your ward is a good class! Woot! I'm so glad that you are a good missionary momma, because I dislike when members see missionary work as the missionary's work. I love members that see that this is all of our work and blessing to be a part of.

I LOVE MY MISSION!!! I'm getting transfered out. I was crushed when I found out. President called us to tell me I was leaving to white wash an area (don't know if a zone leader area is being moved or if the zone leaders are being replaced) training a new zone leader and getting an awesome third that needs to become converted to obedience and become a leader. I'm so excited and so heart broken at the same time. I have LOVED serving with Elder Penuelas sooo much. He's taught me so much. He's so powerful and such a great missionary. I wish I would have given Elder Welck more attention. He's done so great though. He's grown a lot and helped us out a ton. The transfer wouldn't have been the same without him. I have loved this ward sooo much. Some of the most amazing members I've ever met are here. Some not so much haha. But some powerful ones are here. They've taught me so much about how I want to be when I grow up.

We have had the most spiritual lessons with the Grays. Everything for our lesson on Saturday fell through, couldn't get a member to come with us and the kids weren't there and our lesson was focused for Stone, Steel and Violet. So we got to talk about Jaida's concerns and confusions. We resolved all the ones she addressed about becoming gods, temples, confirming the Holy Ghost, and the trinity. I can very confidently say that I know that they know the church is true. I know they will be baptized. I know they will be sealed. I feel so much love for them every time I think of them or see them. I feel the Spirit so strongly around them because I know it's their time. Last week I kept having the feeling and a voice whisper, "It's almost time, it's almost time, it's almost time" and in our lesson with them I kept feeling surges of the Spirit very strongly saying "It's time, it's time, it's time." We're very excited for them. They are going to do so many amazing things as members. The road isn't nearly over them. But they agreed that they need to tell their parents and their family that they want to join the church if they want to show Heavenly Father that they have real intent of joining and are going to care more about what He thinks than what others think.

I've noticed that the worst lessons I've taught are when I'm scared of messing it up and not being enough and scaring them away and not doing it right. And if I keep it up, those thoughts will happen. But as if I learned to forget that and focus on why the Gospel is so important and why the Grays need it and just be bold with them even if it might scare others away, that the Spirit has come in way stronger than ever before.

We had a very successful week. We found 12 new investigators! My mission record. I've knocked a ton of doors in the cold.

We also had a very spiritual emergency to tend to. Last night Elder Penuelas wanted to borrow the Spanish Elder's hair clippers so we went to their apartment around 8 55 and did our planning while we waited for them. Their phone was off. We got a call from the spanish sisters in eagle telling us that a recent convert of a few weeks just got in an accident and the wife as passed away, the kids are injured, they need a blessing and they're at our hospital. So we waited for the elders to get home. 9:25 and their still not there so Elder Penuelas knows spanish and we decided that we would just go and do it ourselves and bring the Branch President and his counselor who had already been notified several times. It was the most powerful blessing I've been a part of. The father was destroyed. I learned a ton about being the importance of a junior companion. I don't know spanish so I only said maybe 15 words the entire time. We sat with them and I just prayed and took care of the phone with texting people to keep them updated as the President and his counselor talked with them. Elder Penuelas said some powerful words which I am grateful that I was able to understand about how the church would take care of them. Then they gave the oldest daughter, the father and the oldest son each a blessing. Again all I did was pray and handle the phone. Elder Penueals gave the first blessing which was powerful that I could again understand bits and pieces of power. All three of them in their blessings were inspired to tell them that it was her time and that Heavenly Father took her because he needed her. The son was told that he was spared because the Lord needed him to serve a faithful mission and bring many souls unto Christ. We got home around 10:45 of course with the Assistants knowing and their permission.

I'm going to miss this area, the investigators and my companions! So many amazing things happened here. I learned so much while serving here. More than any other time of my mission and I know I'll continue in learning.

The Grays will be baptized soon, Annie Olson and her son Michael and possibly his wife will be baptized around January/February, John Merritt will be baptized very soon, Debbie Meriam wants to be baptized and just needs her husband to get into gear. I can't wait to hear of all the amazing things that happen here after I'm gone. All of these people are so strong. I can't wait to take what I've learned to help many others in my new area!

I love you all!

-Elder Edgel

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Usually people put a wise quote here

We taught John! We told him that he could be baptized soon and that there was just confusion and then he told us that he was on probation. So I felt awful for shoving my foot in my mouth but he's so humble and told us that he knew it would happen when it was right so isn't too worried about it. But he will be baptized a whole lot faster than before.

Lee Holt and Sheree dropped us this week. Really bummed me out but when someone drops us the Lord is preparing someone else for us to teach.

We had a good lesson with Joe. He vented for a good 20 minutes randomly. Normally he's very quiet. He did pay very good attention and was listening to every word we said when we did teach him. Hopefully he doesn't get off point and quit now that he's getting to the good stuff.

Sheree dropped us through text. Devastating. She said that she would report us if we came by again. That I do not understand. She had been reading, praying, went to church twice, met the Bishop and had a few friends. Elder Welck told us that when someone drops us, God is preparing someone else for us to teach. So we decided to focus more on our finding efforts even though it's dark early. We went tracting at 7 (people hate it when we knock their door when it's dark even though in the summer it's still light out at 8:30). We ran into the most pleasant, friendly, faithful lady ever. She's in her 70's and had had contact with the church her whole life. God had been preparing this lady her entire life. She loves the church and would love to be baptized. Nothing comes easy though... Her husband is less active and pretty stubborn. He claims to be a member but wants nothing to do with us. We'll get him though. God is more powerful than a stubborn husband.

The Grays are back in town!! We're so excited to teach them!! They came to the last two hours of church. Missionary work tip: make sure that your Gospel Principles class is the perfect environment for nonmembers and where they can really feel the Spirit. A member made a weird comment and instantly all three of us let out a sigh and started praying. I was pretty irritated and the thought came to me, "Do you not think that I am more powerful than a comment?" So that must mean that good things are in store for the Grays. We're teaching them tonight! I'll get a picture so everyone can see their beautiful family.

We drove to a baptism in Montrose which is an hour away. It was Elder Penuelas's last area and the investigator he put on date. It gave me time to reflect. While partaking of the sacrament as I prayed I realized that one day I'll be closing my eyes while the sacrament is passed as a grown man with a family. It humbled me and helped me to realize that God is molding me into who He needs me to be and that I have no need to fear about any of that. If anything I should be very hopeful and confident for my future with Him at the helm. I also realized the need to submit more to His will. To serve more out of a willing desire. It was very good reflection. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is so cool in how it works. After I have exercise faith in him through fasting to know how to be better, repenting through seeing how I can be better, renewing my baptismal covenants, The Spirit then purifies my sins and teaches me how I can do better to endure. It's sad that something this simple so many people don't know, refuse to know, or refuse to live. When in all reality it brings the greatest joy than any other thing.

I love you all so much!

-Elder Edgel

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I'm sorry I've been writing short emails. The longer I've been out the more use to being away from home I am and the less I care about being there and just want to be where I am. Get everything done that I need. I've been a bit selfish with my time. I should know that it's not my time. For one and ultimately it's God's time and I do what He wants. And 2 it's yours, dads, and everyone else that has helped pay for me for my mission. I will write better emails. Thank you momma.


We are seeing A TON of miracles in the 11th ward. My companions are amazing. They've taught me so much and we get along so great. Trios are a ton of fun and you get ton of work done if you're all focused and I'm grateful we all are. Elder Penuelas has taught me a lot about being effective and getting things DONE. He's focused, knows how to work, loves to work, and knows how to help people get baptized. Elder Welck keeps the work fun and is a light hearted guy. He's very easy to get a long with. Loves to laugh and finds joy in just about anything.

The 10th elders gave us this referral that we all thought was going to be very unsolid. It turned out to be a great lesson and she's already come to church twice! It's hard for her to come to church because she gets claustrophobic from being inside without windows for so long so we're working on getting her to stay for the rest of church. Our ward isn't very excited so she hasn't liked it too much unfortunately. But she's on date for November 29!

We picked Lee Holt back up. He's been pushing back because he doesn't understand prophets and doesn't allow us to teach him about it and gets so caught up in what he doesn't know. We're seeing him tonight and going to lay down the law and teach very simply.

The first week here we street contacted a lady that was telling us that the LDS faith was a bunch of bogus. It ended with her being excited to talk to us again and for us to teach her. She's super elect and has just been blinded by the world. Her daughter is just as solid! She's loved everything that we've taught her. We've only taught twice though since she's out of town and is hard to catch.

We're really sad to hand off another really solid investigator named Victor. He's 18 so he needs to go to the single's ward. He felt the Spirit strong in our lesson with him. He was really really excited for us to teach him again. He doesn't have a social life since he works so much. He's a really excitable guy and will be a great missionary!

We haven't been able to teach Loni all that much. We've only taught her twice and we haven't been able to make it inside her house yet. She likes it all but is flakey and works a lot. Hopefully we can teach her again soon other wise we need to drop her.

John Merritt is really amazing! He got really down after his baptismal interview when he found out that it might be awhile for his baptism. He left the church for a little but came back and is in church whenver he's in town. He's more active than his wife that's a member. Well he'll be baptized within the next 4 weeks!

Holden is 22 but married so we have a great relationship with him. He's open but busy but we should be able to start teaching him twice a week and then set him on date soon.

We had one of the most intense lessons of my mission. Dusty and his son Garrett. We taught Dusty a long time ago but he's been busy for a long time. He's so ready for baptism though. He loves everything we teach him. And not the way normal people love what we teach. Him and his son cracked out their Bible and were asking the whole time where what we said was found. The funny thing is they accepted the Book of Mormon as scripture without much explanation so if it was found in the Book of Mormon that was good enough for them. They had such a thirst and wanted to learn everything we had to teach and know all the details. Dusty is in his late 40's and his son is in 20's. Some of the nicest people I've ever met. Dusty divorced very early after being married but he is extremely respectful towards women and very friendly and polite to everyone. His son is the same. Both very knowledgeable, wise and humble. Deeply spiritual. Very open and loving to everyone. And very very interested. They're some of the most elect people I've ever met. They're also very hard working so it's hard to teach them often enough.

We haven't been able to teach Justin Quinton yet. He's very busy. He's also a charitable guy but hard working so we're trying to nail him down to a time.

We're going to teach Annie again and start teaching her son on Wednesday. He's very interested.

The Rivera's are moving but have been reading the Book of Mormon here and then.

We had a deep lesson with Joe the New Yorka. Things have been really hard on him through his divorce. He opened up a lot and told us a lot about it. He said that we've helped him a lot through it. All we've ever done though is smile and teach him doctrine. He's always been really busy but we've promised to just take 10 minutes of his time so we just teach one or two principles and then pick up the next we see him. But every time we've taught him doctrine. It's crazy how much just teaching him has helped. There's a quote that says the study of doctrine will help behavior more than the study of behavior. We've helped Joe more by teaching him about the Restoration than talking to him about his problems.

They Gray's have been out of town in Panama for 2 weeks but get back on the 5th. They've fallen behind a little and gotten a little lax so as soon they get back in town we're going to fearlessly jump on it. I was too intimidated and afraid of loosing them the last few times we've taught them but that's only slowed them down. There's no reason to be afraid when you have the truth so when they get back we're going to boldly testify to them!

Eddie the body builder dropped us unfortunately. It's crazy how uncomfortable people will feel around us for no reason at all. All we've ever done was smile and ask about them and be so happy about the message we share but for whatever reason the next time we see them they're really uncomfortable. Dustin Jackson is an example of that. He had a baptismal date and was ready to go. Then he fell away and last we saw him at the Halloween party he barley would look me in the eye let alone acknowledge my existence. It's unfortunate that people are afraid of the truth. Why?

We had a great zone conference. Sister Murdock has two kids on missions as well. She told some missionaries once about how jealous their moms are of her right now. That she gets to be in their presence. How she and their mothers would give anything to be able to watch their children be missionaries for at least 5 minutes. We took a member out with us and she loved watching us teach. She said it reminded her so much of her son that's on a mission. So go out with the missionaries momma! It'll almost be like watching me!

I feel like the beginning part of my mission was for me. I needed to be converted first. I had no idea what I was doing but tried my best. I at least had one conversion being myself. Now I feel like I actually know what I'm doing and know how to baptize and help people get there. I'm really really excited now to work as hard as I can with these last few months I have left and bless as many people as I can and then continue being a missionary forever!

I might leave this area in 2 weeks so that's really unfortunate. There's always the chance that I could stay one more. I love this area for the people that I've been able to teach. Some of the most elect people I've ever met.

I love you all!

-Elder Edgel

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blessing Blessings

So there's a few things this week. The transfer is the biggest. I am really really really really really really REALLY excited to be serving with Elder Penuelas! We're going to baptize a lot. We both talked about how we can just feel it. Not dreaming or being over hopeful and niave. We're going to have good plans on what to do in order to lift the members to do missionary work, bring the Spirit to many investigator's lives, and lift our zone to all baptize. We're excited! Amazing things are happening in our mission. We are eradicating disobedience in the Colorado Denver South Mission. Let it be known that this mission is an exactly obedient mission! We're going to get there.

Another thing I am very happy about is my grandson Elder Ostland! Elder Dean is training!! I'm so happy. Elder Ostland is such an amazing man. He's going to learn and grow so much on his mission. He's gone on splits with missionaries for 2 years prior, worked very hard his whole life, prepared very well, and even worked for two mission presidents. I'm very proud to have him in my posterity. He calls me grandpa all the time. He gets impatient with Elder Dean at times which is funny to me haha he'll learn.

So there's this family, the Wynnes. They are some of the most amazing people I've ever met in my life. They are very spiritual and righteous people. They truly have a sound understanding. There seems to be nothing that they're not willing to do for the Lord. They are legends. They live out in Whitewater and are always sharing the Gospel with everyone around them and more than that actually bringing people to be baptized! They've been great fellowshippers for the Grays. They had us come over and serve them the same time as when they're friend who lives on their property would be cutting wood and then followed up with him on their invitation to him to take the lessons and re-invited. We're really excited! We've quite a few people this week actually that are very promising.

Sister Herrara's non member husband's view on the church has changed here recently and is more open to the lessons which we will have to teach powerfully. Joe is from New York and recently he's been coming closer to God since his split with his wife and has never really understood who Jesus Christ is. Eddie is a yoked body builder that has never understood organized religion but is very interested and can discern truth. We're going to be teaching a young single mother named Kassandra who we had a powerful lesson with a month ago but haven't been able to see. Loni was eager to read the Book of Mormon and learn more from us and her husband is open. The Rivera's have been reading a little from the Book of Mormon. We're going to start teaching Dusty who was very spiritual and solid but needed a month or two for things to slow down. He's been interested his whole life but has never had any of his LDS friends invite him to learn.

The Grays are still amazing! They already know the church is true. They've been led so much to it. They just need to have a more stable and solid foundation and resolve some concerns while gaining a testimony. They'll have a date here soon. The amazing thing with them is that they will undoubtedly bring many with them into the church. They are that amazing. He will be a Bishop one day and she will be a Relief Society President. This Sunday Jaida had to leave early and so Blu was left in charge of all the kids, Stone 12, Steal 10, Violet 7 and Jhett 1. Well leave it to the men, Blu left Jhet at church haha. We are sooooo excited for this family. I pray for them several times a day. I will not let Satan have room to get in the way.

As you can see the Lord is getting ready to pour out a huge blessing on the Grand Junction 11th Ward!! And we cannot wait! We're also going to be going around prayerfully selected members and invite them to give out a Book of Mormon to their friends and teach them how to do it naturally and with ease. Many of us have invited our friends to do things and then we check it off. Got it done. That friend just isn't interested. Which is great that we have in the first place! But if they are truly our friends, then wouldn't we never stop? If we truly really love them. And more than that, have we given them a Book of Mormon? And if we have do they even know what it's all about? Or why it's important? Or how it's blessed our life? Or how it could bless their life? I'm really excited. I know that a huge blessing is going to pour down on our area and on the members because they're so fantastic. Another thing I realized though is this outpouring is going to be much dependent on how worthy and ready the 11th ward members are. I know through inviting them to give out a Book of Mormon though that it will bring many blessings down on us. It may not be directly the way we think. It may not be that specific friend or anyone related to it. That Book of Mormon handed out with so much love and tenderness and testimony could very well be thrown behind some books on a book shelf never to be touched. They may forget, but God notices and sees every good thing we do. NO effort is EVER wasted. God ALWAYS will bless us for trying. It may come through the window when we've opened the front door expecting it, but it will come. Let me know of the blessings being poured down on San Miguel!

I love you all!

-Elder Edgel

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A mission is better than the Lord of the Rings

I am staying! This past weekend has been a lot of fun and quite interesting. Ready?! Here we go!

Tuesday we MLC's in Vail, then dinner, then missionary correlation, then stake correlation. So no time for proselyting which was sad. MLC's was amazing. Our President is cracking down on the mission. Elder Lawrence said that our mission is too relaxed. I left feeling so much more committed to obedience and helping others see the blessings of it as well.

I realized the difference in the obedient missionaries is they prepared before their missions. So their missions mean a lot to them and don't dare mess it up through stupid disobedience. SO YOUNG MEN!! Prepare prepare prepare! Elder Cook said our actions need to be in line with our goals otherwise we are serving two masters. Too many young men he said think it's enough to just show up to their mission. Is that enough to show we're ready to represent our Savior in His work?

President interview Elder Donovan before we left. Dun dun dun!! I knew off the bat what it was for. At the begginng of the transfer we made a bet that if he's the new assistant he has to shave his arm pits and if he's not then I'll shave mine. We both thought that it was the safest bet of our life. But of course I was more safe. He currently has some pretty itchy pits!

We found a new awesome investigator Loni. She is so eager to learn everything. She hasn't read or watched conference though so that's a bummer. But she recognizes the truth in what we shared so we're excited for her.

We've only taught 7 lessons this week but every single one of them were good solid lessons. 5 of which had members to. I can't tell you how exciting everything is right now. The work of the Lord is the most exciting thing in this whole world. My whole life I've dreamed of being on an adventure. I never realized how the Gospel is that adventure that every boy dreams of. It's way more filling and satisfying than any Lord of the Rings or Star Wars movie. To go out and find out lost brothers and sisters and see their lives completely change as they grab hold onto the iron rod. To become a man and stand for the truth and not let up with many others justifying. To have the Lord work through me and say things I never would have thought of.

Elder Donovan left Friday so we did a lot of final planning together Thursday and Friday which was very productive. Since then I've been with Elder Kamrowski and Elder Dean and the Assistants. Elder Merrill is going home so the other Assistant, Elder Barfield and I teamed up. I was able to get a lot of things done though with all the down time of them doing Assistanty stuff. There was A LOT of things I needed to do and it was getting overwhelming so that was a tender mercy. I finally feel caught up. It is so lonely without Elder Donovan though. I love that missionary so much. We became brothers and could read each others thoughts often. We have our zone meetings this Thursday and it's going to be a big deal. This Zone Meeting all the Zone leaders are emphasizing obedience and going to teach the reasons and blessings so that our whole mission can become exactly obedient. We made a lot of plans on how to do that this last MLCs.

I've been praying for my investigators every single day by name and specifically. If anything, I feel more focused, more confident, more love. Satan has been attacking our investigators. They all start dying when we put them on date... literally. Jerry did die before I got here when he had agreed to baptism. Dusty fell off a steep cliff like hill and now has partial paralysis, whenever we have an appointment with Lee Holt he ends up in the hospital that day and when we had a dinner with the Gray's and other awesome members they had to take their 2 year old to the hospital. So this family (the Wynnes who I admire as if they were in the quorum of the Seventy) taught us about protecting our investigators through prayer. We had a baptism every month scheduled and our investigators were excited and ready but now we have nothing. It's really sad but I know God will deliver.

The Grays actually attended General Conferance! So we're excited to see how that went! Man we're so excited to see them baptized. We'll put them on date soon.

I love you all!!

-Elder Edgel

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Just love people, be natural and do your best

We've had a great week this week! Appointments still cancel left and right but overall we had some great things happen!

This week though we did have really effective exchanges with a great but struggling missionary. He has ADHD so it's a struggle to stay focused and be diligent. But he's making excellent strides and has a great testimony. We've butted heads a bit these past 3 transfers but we had a great exchange and lifted each other.

On another exchange we had a great first lesson and are starting to teach an awesome new family of 4! They're in their 20s and have a 3 and 4 year old. They're all a lot of fun! They just moved in and are looking for a new church and are looking to have a fresh new start in their lives. They're both so funny! She's pregnant and he keeps telling us to pray for his new babies because he says it's going to be triplets haha. They couldn't come to church this Sunday but should next Sunday. We found them through a strange way. It was dark and around 7:50. Our plans fell through and we had an appointment at 8 so we decided to street contact any one. We prayed fervently before we went out. We've been working and haven't seen much. We saw an SUV with their car door open so we decided to let the people know and started talking to them. We didn't have time to teach them but they allowed us to come back and they've been awesome since! We told the ward at PEC and they jumped on it! They're excited to fellowship. Our Bishop is great. That's what I'm most excited about from this week!

On a sad note, the Greer family, the awesome new members that came that are on fire with missionary work. Their 3 or 4 year old son Mason passed away. It's been really sad. They're very strong. We haven't seen them since because they're in Provo with family and had the funeral there. They are outstanding though. Being so strong and growing close to their Father in Heaven and their family.

I learned a valuable life lesson this week. So simple yet I allowed my fear and anxiety to allow me to forget. The principle of just loving people, being natural and doing my best. Being myself. Allowing 5 minutes of just talking to someone sincerely about each other and then testifying and accepting that not everyone will get it. I only have to find the ones that do want it and accept the simple gentle invitations. I know that the Lord is preparing someone for all of us to fellowship and love. We challenged a family to specifically pray to know who they can share the Gospel with, what to do and for the opportunity to do it. And the next day he called us and told us about the great yet simple experience they had in answer to their prayer!

God love us so much that He gave us the way that we could experience the most joy in this life! And because it's so true and real, He will lead us to share it with others! He is preparing people. He truly does want everyone to be a part of this Gospel . It's that real!


I love you all!

-Elder Edgel

Monday, September 22, 2014

So many tender mercies

Man I wanna say this has been a Spiritual last few weeks but it's been a spiritual last few 13 months! Especially ever since I was called as a zone leader though. I've never been a part of more spiritual things. I've heard from the dude over the Proselying in the church over the whole earth, Brother Hemingway and his companion Brother Gonzalez. Heard from Elder Oaks of the 12, Elder Martino of the 70, Elder Lawrence of the 70 and his wife. It's helped me so much more in my missionary work.

There's not much time today. We've worked hard this week but it's been a struggle. We're trying to work more with the members. It's an investment and it's not always immediate results. But we're having great results. We go out there on the streets and we testify and testify and testify. And not many people listen. This week we found 0 new investigators. It's been a while since I've only gotten 0. It's so sad. We give out our heart on those doors and testify of how it's blessed our lives and what amazing things the Gospel has done for our lives. People will half smile to be polite and tell us not to come back. It's rough but we're happy giving our all. This week we even literally ran from door to door to talk to more people. We know that the Lord is noticing our efforts and rewarding us. No effort is ever wasted in sharing the Gospel. I wouldn't rather do anything than I am now. "Thou are my servant, O Isreal, in whom I will be glorified. Then I said, I have labored in vain, I have spent my strength for naught and in vain; surely my judgement is with the Lord, and my work with my God." 1 Nephi 21:3-4. That's the difference with this work than any other work. Despite how many people say no, I still feel successful. I'll never stop working for this. There are so many tender mercies and miracles in this work. Guiding us in everything we do.

One awesome thing is the Gray's come to church! I get so happy thinking of them! We can't wait to see their continual progression. The Wynnes, an amazing older couple I've fallen in love with, were so excited to see them. We had told them about them when they asked if they could be a part of someone we were teaching. Sister Wynne made sure to sit with them in Relief Society and they invited them over to the house to have a picnic so we're excited! They are the perfect examples of member missionary work and fellow shipping. I want to be like them one day.

I love you all!

-Elder Edgel

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Gathering of Israel

We're learning to work with the members more. I'm really excited. It's a whole new ball game. We have worked and worked and worked and WORKED and it's almost like spinning our wheels in the dirt. No effort is ever wasted and I needed to do it with Elder Donovan. We grew so much from it and bonded and saw many miracles from it. But it's time to move on to bigger and better things. We'll still work our fannies off though. Members are more of an investment though. You can see progression faster with personal contacts but with members it's tricky. LDS members don't have many friends so it's harder for them to share the Gospel. I love the story of Ammon for that. He went out of his way to make friends with the lowest of the low to have more opportunities to share the Gospel. Ammon is my role model. Members can be such powerful missionaries. They can develop a real love for their friends. You can while tracting but it's different as a member. I love finding out of our own efforts because it's taught me a lot about how to be a missionary for the rest of my life and the importance of it.

The 9th Elders had to pass off their most progressing investigator family on Monday when Elder Donovan accidentally found out that they actually live in our boundries by 300 feet out in the country of Palisade. The Grays are such an awesome family! Blue, Jaida, Steal, Stone, Violet, Jet and their dog Cash. Everyone has an awesome name. They have been taught on and off for 2 years and said they feel it's finally God's timing for them to look more into the Church. They have been reading everyday and praying about it everyday! It's amazing! We're so excited for them!

Lee Holt almost dropped us as a result of the last member we brought with us... Just remember to love the people the missionaries bring you to. Everyone thinks that it's the missionaries that must gain the trust of the members which is very true. But the members also need to gain the trust of the missionaries. This work is soooo important. It should never be treated lightly for a second. Realize what your signing up for when you go out with the missionaries. It should be no light thing. These are Heavenly Father's children and He's on the edge of His seat hoping that His children can make it back to Him. He puts a lot of trust in us. Fortunately the member we brought with us go a long great and calmed him down so he still wants to continue.

I got to serve with Elder Dean!! It was amazing. He has changed so much. He is so confident and converted and still has so much fun. He is so much more of a man. I hope he can train soon. He's so ready. New missionaries need trainers like him.

Tuesday Elder Lawrence spake to the whole West Side of the Mission. That only happens once a year. It was amazing beyond words. I've never learned so much in my life. His wife taught us for 2 hours on the Gathering Israel starting with the premortal existence and ending with the Second Coming. It was so powerful and sacred. I had no idea how sacred and important and the magnitude of my calling as a missionary. Words cannot even begin to describe. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the Gathering of Israel. You said that the missionaries could have looked at you as a Gentile and I had no idea what that meant till now. But so many questions have been answered. I feel so much more love for people and confidence in my calling and importance of the Gospel. It feels like a missing piece to a circuit that when completed everything lights up! If I have any recommendations for missionaries preparing it's to study in depth the Gathering of Israel. It took 2 hours to teach us all of that. Which is still taking time to expound on for myself to understand more. You can understand why no words can do it justice. I feel so much more Spiritual Power to say the least.

I wish I could say the smallest part that I feel so members would understand the importance of Sharing the Gospel and non members would feel the importance of what I as a missionary represent. It's far more beyond anything any of us can imagine. It deserves our entire hearts, mights, minds and strengths. It deserves all our energy, all our focus, constant thinking about, constantly sacrificing for. I LOVE MY MISSION!!!!!!

I love you all so much! Hurrah for Israel!

-Elder Edgel

Friday, September 12, 2014

How to be a great fellowshipper


It has been a physically, mentally and spiritually draining last few weeks. So many things have fallen through and so many bad things have gotten in the way of our investigator's happiness. But the Lord never fails us. He catches us at the last moment. Just when we think we can't go on. Like he did Alma and Samuel the Lamanite. Just when they gave up He came to them. All of our investigators are being attacked. It's hard to not get really frustrated. You just can't think about it. You have to think about the hope and the things to look forward to. It's like paying attention to a bratty child. When you pay too much attention to a bratty child (or Satan in real life) he sees that and it makes him happy and fuels his brattyness. But if you're just like, whatever punk, God is so much better than you. Then he does get more and more mad. But you're at least the boss.

Lee Holt is awesome. Our fellowshipper though is questionable. Lee has a lot of questions and gets overwhelmed and our fellowshipper gave him every prophet book and told him to read them to answer his questions... Don't do that if you're a fellowshipper... I feel like we need to teach classes on being a fellowshipper. So many people don't know how and if I never served a faithful mission, I wouldn't either. You really need to be their friend. Not just mere professional acquaintences that shares their testimony when called upon. You have to be so excited that you don't even wait for the missionaries to tell you to bear your testimony. And be so excited for them that you don't wait for the missionaries to ask you to go by and see them. These people are making one of the most important and at times difficult choices in their lives! They are deciding whether or not to change their entire life style to follow the Savior! You bet they're going to need some support and love and encouragement! I'm talking random texts of support, dropping off them delicious Mormon Cookies, inviting them to every single ward activity (having a ton of ward activities) inviting them into your life, having them for dinner, hanging out with them you name it! These people need it so badly! Please don't take for granted the amazing blessings you have in the Gospel!! My mom didn't have those blessings!! It's almost unbearable to think of where people's lives are and where my mom's life was. The Gospel has changed it. EVERY BODY needs this!! They need to know they need it! This cannot be too casual. Being a fellowshipper is not just during a lesson. It needs to be 24/7. They need your help. You need to be their new best friend. Imagine yourself without the Gospel. To what extent would you want your friends or new friends to help you along? Imagine that was your family member suffering without the Gospel. This is soooo important!!!

One of the biggest reasons I came on my mission was to learn how to be a missionary and fellowshipper for the rest of my life. I love sharing the Gospel! And am excited that my mission never has to end!

The Bedoys are so awesome. I love them so much. On Saturday we had an appointment for every single hour of the day (saturdays are the hardest days too) I got to go on exchanges with none other than Elder Hamblin!! He's a district leader in our zone so it was really good seeing the change in each other. And last week was a real struggle. By Saturday we had only 7 lessons. Well on Saturday 4 appointments canceled or fell through and they STILL doubled our lesson count. It was so refreshing to seeing this really is God's work.

Well we have to get going. We have an awesome zone p day today and we have to help some missionaries clean their apartment because they're really struggling and one has ADHD and a clean apartment is impossible but we love a lot anyway.

I love you all!!

-Elder Edgel

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The power of the atonement

Elder Donovan and I are staying together!!!! Elder White left. Elder Donovan and I were the only zone leaders that didnt get changed. It's just him and I. I learn so much from him everyday. He's the foundation. I get crazy and don't think straight and he's there to help me see straight.

We have a great new investigater named Lee Holt in his 60's. We've learned all sorts of cool things from him. He's had 9 strokes and wants to make things right with God. He came to church. His first time going to a church in 50 years. He has a lot of questions and wants to be baptized. He is the perfect example of member missionary work. He told us "there was a lady that I used to talk to-but she was just a friend! I don't want you thinking anything otherwise. She's just a good looking young lady but we were just friends." she would tell him about the Gospel a lot and now he's investigating and wanting to be baptized!

There were a lot of struggles this past week. But everything is always in the hands of God. We also had a great zone meeting. Elder Donovan always feels so drained afterwards. We're exhausted but not tired. It's like being spiritually drained. The missionaries really liked it though. The theme was on being missionaries of power and authority. Elder Donovan trained on Faith, I trained on preparation and Sister Turner (the Sister Training Leader in the zone) trained on love. And then Elder Donovan and I gave a joint training on conviction. It was powerful. I love giving trainings. Even if they're spiritually draining haha.

We also saw Rachel!!! She still wants to meet with us but feels uncomfortabe doing this without her husband but he's interested in learning s we're excited! We love teaching families anyway! Everything worked out. We prayed and fasted so much for them. They will be so blessed from the Gospel

I found out that I have mexican relatives!! And I'm related to half the ward. President Atkinson's son's wife's family is the Whittings and they're related to over half the ward. And the Bedoys are related to them through something as crazy as my relationship. So they're family!!! We laughed a lot about that with them. I love them so much.

One of the new missionaries is struggling. It is SO hard. you have no idea what you're doing and there is so much pressure Satan attacks you with. It feels so dark and hopeless. I think it is because we've never lived as high of standards and are killing off the natural man and he's putting up a fight. Even if it's hard, we have to do it. If we stay comfortable then we'll never become anything greater. It has taken me a year to finally have questions answered, concerns resolved and understand why everything happened the way it did. I've learned so much about the Atonement and the infinite power in it. Every dumb intentional and unintentional thing we've ever done can be turned into a good thing IF we are willing to change and follow the commandments. I felt so much stress on myself when I messed up at the beginning and thought I was messing up so many things and hindering God's work. But when we use the Atonement all that we've ever messed up can be turned into a good thing for ourselves and others! Who doesn't want that? Is there anyone reading this email that does not want that? For all we've ever done wrong to be turned into a good thing? I will testify that it is IMPOSSIBLE without the Atonement. We are not wise enough to do something like that on our own. But someone above sees and understands everything and CAN do that IF we allow Him to. If we do those few things that He has asked us. If we give up those things that really don't matter in the first place and do those things which will bring the most lasting joy. I know that full access to God's power is only accesible through His authority which is the Priesthood found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and it is NEVER impossible for someone to change. Whether you're an old rich person stuck in your ways, a poor young drug addict, or a struggling teenager, change is so possible.

I love you all!!!

-Elder Edgel

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Elder Edgels toe painting

Patience is how we show our faith in the Lord

I've noticed my life is most miserable when I'm thinking too much about myself. There is so much joy in loosing yourself to blessing others!!! It is the most bizarre thing. I've grown and learned so much and have had so much insight as I've lost myself in serving others.

Friday Rachel called us and said she has been talking with her husband and needs to tell us about it... That's made us pretty nervous so please pray for her. Our appt fell through. Everything with them has been inspired but they've been pretty flakey and haven't showed the most commitment towards this.

During weekly planning we felt inspired to set Dusty on date for this next Sunday! We felt so strongly about it too. He's so ready. In our lesson last night he said he'd pray and call us today so we're really excited!!! We've also found 5 new investigators!! We haven't found a family in a long time so we're really hoping to do that this week.

Elder Oaks came to our mission! He spoke to the 4 outwest stakes' leaders and then squeezed in an hour of talking to the missionaries that lived within an hour of the meeting house to come. We were so blessed to be able to go. It was the neatest thing being able to shake his hand and receive revelation in the middle of talking to us. He talked about being an instrument in the hands of the Lord like his pen is an instrument in his hands. His pen doesn't write it's message. It writes his message on his time, in his way. It doesn't slack off ever for a second and say it can't write today.

Another amazing highlight was Elder Martino from the 70 speaking at a stake conference. It was a bummer that no investigators came because it was amazing to hear him speak.

Mostly this week I've been studying Patience in the Christlike Attributes of PMG. I've learned so much about how patience is how we show our faith in the Lord and our humility to submit to His will. I get so impatient with myself, investigators, missionaries. I learned how it shows our love and confidence in others and in God's timing to teach in His time.

I love you all sorry for the short email!!

-Elder Edgel

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm not sure who these people are, sorry but I just wanted to post the pics he sent.


Thank so much for being so strong da momma. You now take time aside to take care of TWO missionaries. You are one tough momma.

We're having our zone P day and it's going to be off the hook! Just kidding. We'll keep it on the hook but it will be a swell time. We're going to do feet painting and play ultimate frisbee. Elder Donovan is so creative. He came up with feet painting.

I heard the funiest things from these kids that we teach in the Monday family, LA's. Bathtism and the snackerment. Their 8 and 9 and the silliest kids ever.

Missionary work gets better and better every week. We've been busy busy busy but it's been great.

Had a great lesson with Rachel and brought Sister Bedoy, a less active. She was a great fellowshipper. Annie is out of town and wants to push her date back which was a bummer.

MLC's in Vail which is 2 hours away from Grand Junction. We left at 6 Am and got back to our area at 7 PM. So that's a bummer but I've learned to be grateful for the responsibilities as a zone leader even if its meetings that take you out of your area. It's all part of God's work and His glory. Whether for investigators and less actives or His missionaries. It was actually a really personally sprititual meeting for me. We talked on the talk from Elder Bednar on Bearing up Their Burdens and I didn't understand it when I read it. Even though I read it a few times. And it felt President was talking straight to me. I had been under so much stress and fear and doubt and it helped me so much to see how The Atonement can help. Simple things that I've been taught my whole life but still seem to slip past. By the end I felt so empowered to help these missionaries. I now finally know what to do in order to help lift this zone. I feel we can finally get there to our goals.

I got to go on exchanges with ELDER DEAN!!!! That Elder has changed so much. He's still his goofy self but he's so powerful. He's so confident in the Gospel. It was an inspiration serving with him. We had a great talk during our lunch about the changes we've gone through.

We've also been finding some awesome people to teach. We found 3 new investigators.

Because of driving to Vail we were dead on miles so we walked a lot in our area. That was the greatest thing ever. Elder Donovan and I had so many spiritual conversations and we saw so many miracles. We would walk to where we planned and it would talk about 20 - 30 minutes. Then we'd say, "why did we even plan to go this far? It's not even that solid!" and then an amazing miracle would happen. The Lord definitely qualifies those he calls no matter how weak they may be.

The best was the end of the day for Kassandra which lived the farthest. We had an appointment for Sunday and so I said we should confirm with her Saturday Night. So we planned for it and walked it and thought, why did we walk this far if we already had an appointment for Sunday? But it ended up being the best thing ever because she would have been busy and we had a powerful lesson with her. She opened up so much and exlplained her doubts and struggles. I felt so much love and compassion and heart break for her. She feels so hurt from God and doesn't understand why so many things have happened to her when she had prayed and pled for them not to. She is so sincere and said she would do anything to have that healing. I've never met someone so thirsty for the Atonement.

The closer with God I become the weaker I feel which is ironic but makes so much sense. I now see way more how incapable I am of anything on my own. All my weaknesses are more visable. Elder Donovan helps me to be more positive and hopeful and I am but I realize now that there are so many more things I could be doing better. And I will!

This Gospel is the greatest gift I would ever give to anyone. And only offer it because I love those I offer it to. Not because I want to push my religion. But because it's changed my life and helped me to feel the love of my Creator.

I love you all!!!

-Elder Edgel

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pessimism is exhausting

Bum bum bumble be- bumble bee tuna, I like bumble bee- bumble bee tuna.

I last heard Jon Schmidt sing that probably 10 years ago and it still gets stuck in my head on a weekly basis.


This week we've had a lot of things fall apart and a lot of things fall into place. Everything happens for a reason.

Annie is still super awesome. She's on date for baptism for August 30th!!! She's an interesting case. Her whole family is LDS and baptized and she was raised it but never baptized. She struggled with her testimony as well. So we searched for her records and they never came so she's evidently not a member.

We also had a great lesson with the Bedoys, less actives. Her kids came to church but she never did. Come to find out her husband came home late drunk and after hitting her tried lighting his truck on fire only to be saved last minute by an officer. It was a powerful lesson as we shared a message on her being able to conquer, that everything happens for a reason and she can now come to church every week. We also gave her a great blessing.

We put Rachel on date!!!! I have been worrying about her and worrying about if she's going to make it. You can usually tell if your investigator is going to make it by how well they open up to you and how well they keep commitments. I was weary on both of those. But we met her at the church with a member and gave her a tour. In the sacrament room we asked her how she felt and she said she felt a warm, peaceful, protective and safe feeling she can't describe ever since she came inside. The Spirit was strong as we told her that was the Spirit and invited her to be baptized by September 27th!!! She accepted right away! She gave a sweet kneeling prayer praying to have the truth confirmed more and soften her husbands heart towards these things.

There is so much power in people simply coming inside a church building!! One of the greatest missionary tools.

Before the tour I was nervous that she might not come since she's been flakey a lot. I got on my knees in the bathroom and prayed and asked for forgiveness for doubting and the faith to be OK with whatever happens and to have a hope that all things will go according to His plan. I learned so much on the importance of hope that day. We must be realistic on circumstances but always filled with hope. Being pessimistic is just too exhausting anyway and always having hope brings much better results. Sister Edgel told me about how in The Other Side of Heaven, when the missionary was going to the island it was a bad storm and he had to swim in. He said that he simply couldn't afford negative thoughts otherwise his energy would be drained and he wouldn't make it.

We're seeing miracles all the time. Elder Donovan and I keep telling each other that we've never been happier all of our lives and never felt more effective in all of our missions. These last few days I've been thinking about being content with those things that the Lord has allotted unto us, or magnifying our callings. The Lord knows where we need to be in order for our personal growth and others growth. I've learned to be content with my weaknesses and faults and just try little by little to improve them. The Lord knows I need that learning and knows I can influence those I need to in the weak condition I'm already in. But I feel renewed in giving all of myself!!

I love you all!! Keep up being missionaries in being an example of the believers! As Elder Johnson said: Bear testimony often. If necessary, use words.

-Elder Edgel

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Miracles Struggles Happiness

Miracles miracles miracles!!! Struggles struggles struggles. Happiness happiness happiness!!!!!

Dusty quick chewing Aug 1st. We gave him a blessing and that day he drove to Denver. He called us 10 PM and we were afraid it was an emergency. He got to Denver safely and apparently his dad had been meeting with missionaries this whole time and has now decided to be baptized with his son on the 24th! This is the month our mission is trying to get 100 baptism!!! We're so excited!!!!! We're seeing so many miracles!!!!! The mission has about 100 people on date and more that can be put on date so things are looking pretty good so far.

Annie is awesome. She's one of those investigators that you know will be a life long friend. She's so ready to be apart of God's church. She talks about how she wants to be baptized and knows she needs to get things worked out still. That day will be so awesome!

McKinleigh is finally back from her trip!!! It was so great seeing her again. We had a powerful lesson with her. We read 3 Nephi 17. We were excited for it to be really spiritual but in a way we both knew it would be a struggle. She's very logical and is struggling a lot with being confused and over thinking and worrying if God loves her, if He is real, if she knows it, if all this science, history and logic is fact or fiction. So a lot of it was her being confused and arguing but the end was powerful. She told Elder White our third that she felt her chest pounding and the Spirit telling her she needed to tell him that she didn't feel love when he spoke to her and that if he wanted to help people he needed to learn to love. It was HARSH but the Spirit was so strong. He understood. He's very light hearted and doesn't take offense easy. Unless it's cake but that's a different story. But It really helped her to see maybe she does have a testimony.

We've been knocking a LOT of doors! Sometimes I wonder if it's all that effective but I know we're being blessed for it. Even if it's just our own conversion.

I reading Mosiah 8 and he says to cheer up because the end of all the struggles is almost over and then says, yet I truth there remaineth an effectual struggle to be made. So true. This is the truth. THe work is hastening. We have the greatest reason to rejoice, but there does remain an effectual struggle to be made. In our own trials, our testimonies and sharing the Gospel. It was never meant to be easy. But oh how worth it is because we are on God's side and He NEVER fails those who serve Him faithfully. THAT'S such an evidence that this is the truth. He is so behind this work. This would have ended 200 years ago if it weren't. This is only hanging on by miracles and the Hand of God. All logic, and all fact and science would say this should have ended years ago. Most importantly, I know this is the truth because I've gained my own testimony from that spiritual witness.

I love you all!

-Elder Edgel

Thursday, July 31, 2014

I can't get over the amazing joy of having ONE WHOLE YEAR MORE TO SERVE THE LORD!!!!

Elder Dean is in my district. He's also my neighbor! It's really nice being next to him. He's such a great missionary. He's already making a huge difference in the area he's serving. The Spirit is strong with this one. Elder Stevens is out west. That's all I know. I saw him at transfers. He's going to do great things in this mission and really help it to grow.

I got the package and I loved IT!!!!!

We've had such a terrific week! We put Dustin on date for Aug 23 and his quit day from chew Aug 1!!! He's so determined. He is the hulk. He has so much battle scars from working and just keeps going. He's going to be so great in the church. Speaking of battle scars, he rolled a riding lawn mower and is out of work for a week or two but it's been a blessing because we can actually teach him now!!!

We found an amazing new investigator. She was raised but never baptized. She came to church after we just invited her to church from the street! She's totally getting baptized this month.

We found 2 new investigators for the YSA ward. Sad to find amazing people and to not be more of a part for their conversion but everything in the Lord's way.

One of those is William. An 18 year old man. I liked him right off the spot when he said he preferred the Cleveland show because it was cleaner that Family Guy. Not many people have that integrity. He was a refferal from the ward council. Someone said, "hey go try Eva McGee. She might have grandkids living with her that might not be members." You can see how easy that fell through the cracks. But on Friday I remembered them and so on Saturday we went and contacted them. His girl friend answered but she had to go to work so she took off. He had us come in and and we started the survey with him (which is a finding tool, very effective). He started crying in the middle and we never even finished the survey! We just jumped into teaching him! He was so grateful for us. He understood everything. He said after I asked, "how do you feel right now?" "I feel many prayers have been answered. I felt before like I wanted to check out one of the Mormon churches. But now I know I need to." He's so excited for his new journey and committed to baptism and reading the Book of Mormon everyday! He will make an amazing missionary one day!

We've seen many more miracles! Mostly in our own personal conversion. Elder Donovan and I bare way more powerful testimony than ever before. We're learning to not be afraid of sharing the truth.

The Wynns (an amazing amazing older couple) invited their horse riding students over for dinner with us. One was not a member but had talked with missionaries before. We committed her to read the Book of Mormon and they each bore their testimony. The Spirit was strong.

I've been thinking about loosing myself more. To no longer with hold anything in my heart. TO give it all to the Lord. To never think about what I'm excited to do at home for even a second because I'm already doing the greatest work in my life. Why be excited for even a second to return from it? I'm coming up on my year mark on the 31st and I am SO EXCITED to have ONE MORE YEAR of doing his amazing work! To give like I've never given before and work with so much more power. I've learned so many skills. And feel like I now know what I'm doing. I'm SO EXCITED to put it all to use this year and become fully consecrated. I can't get over the amazing joy of having ONE WHOLE YEAR MORE TO SERVE THE LORD!!!! That is just so generous of the Lord to give that to me. I feel like I should have 6 months left for whatever reason. But I get a whole year! I feel ready to accomplish whatever the Lord wants to send my way. No matter the companion, the area, the investigators, the ward, the leadership, the responsibility. I feel so ready to tackle it all without a word of complaint and fulfill whatever my duty may be in every aspect.

I love you all so much! This Gospel is the only one and true way no matter how unappealing or offending it may be. It is open to everyone!! It is amazing. I know this is the Church that Jesus Christ established for every single one of us. I testify in the name of Jesus Christ as His representative that we must all unite with Him and serve most faithfully in every aspect we are given in His church or cannot expect all the blessings he wants to give us. I know He loves us all so much.

-Elder Edgel

Monday, July 21, 2014

This gospel is the way to greater peace.

Ya Emerlynn!!!! She's beautiful! I love Easton's prayer in dad's email. Sister Homes-gull! That poor lady. She had to deal with my bratty teenageness. My senior year teacher was a saint for being able to tame the punks. There was that production of 18 lives and the seminary teacher reminded me of her a ton.

Elder Stevens is in my mission!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! That was the coolest thing ever! I can't wait to see what leadership skills he'll bring with him. I'm going to keep him super accountable now that I know him! Elder Dean is my neighbor now too! The other ward missionaries live next to us. It's so nice having a hard working elder live next to us that won't come over to hangout all the time. Already he's doing great things for the ward and the area.

We taught a lady in the ward's solar pannel guy. She invited him to take the lessons and told us he's been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon and feels it's true and really wants to learn. He got there and said he had thumbed through barley and wasn't sure about all of this. But the lesson was terrific and the Sister is an awesome missionary for being so bold. She's one of the best in the ward. Teaching a lot of people on the street but not going anywhere.

Jordan's baptism was awesome! The Sieberts played teh musical number of when I am baptised on the violin and guitar. It was amazing! They are an awesome family.

There is a new family in the ward so our WML told us to go see them. they are the best! Already they've invited people to come to church, are feeding us, allowing us to teach them at 8:00 (have the missionaries teach your family a discussion. It gives them practice, brings the Spirit, and helps you to do missionary work. 8:00 is the least effective time so we teach the members) inviting neighbors to have dinner with us AND came to a lesson with us! They're just on fire with missionary work! We taught Rachel and Steven. We had taught Rachel and she said it was true. We kept trying to meet with them but the lessons would fall through. Finally we made an awesome lesson plan, and planned on bringing awesome fellowshippers and the lesson was awesome! We taught the Plan of Salvation and they really perked up and listened with intent. You could see they felt the Spirit. Their eyes were filled with light as we taught on the Atonement as we taught on being cleansed from Sin. How our Savior has felt every single pain we've gone through. And how our bodies will be reunited despite our wickedness. Not many people in this world understand what the Atonement means. Or what it means that Jesus Christ suffered for them. Many people, including myself when i was younger, have no idea why that's even importnat. It's awesome to see people light up as they understand what eternal significance that has for their lives. The Greers invited them over for dinner on Tuesday (another awesome thing they did) and we're going to come as well!

I've been scared of chasing people off and making them think I'm too pushy. I've thought that if I do then they won't have the chance to really learn what we're all about and think we're just pushy weirdos. There is a balance of all things obviously. But I've learned to not be afraid to be bold. THIS IS THE GOSPEL!!! If they choose not to learn more when the Spirit works through as you're both loving and bold, then why would they if you're wimpy and you don't have the Spirit? If I love them, I will be bold because of how important this. If they want to be mad and make something up about how we're weird they can. But I know this is true and am denying them ETERNAL blessings if I am not bold! Elder Donovan brought up this point. All the missionaries in the Book of Mormon and Bible. Someone hated them and wanted to kill them. Someone got offended because they didn't to hear the truth and change and became hateful and wanted to kill them. It's not like they ran around trying to offend everyone. These were extremely loving men. They spoke the truth. They weren't afraid of speaking the truth because eventually, no one can hide from the truth. We are going to learn to be more bold and loving. Hopefully we'll even get someone that wants to kill us!

I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is truly God's literal church on the earth. God is at the head of this church and directing. Otherwise, how else could it have survived so long against persecution? Sure there have been imperfect men but that doesn't change the perfectness of Christ's doctrine contained in it.

I know that if we want to come closer to Christ and have greater peace that this is truly the way.

It's given me so much happiness and peace. I know that anyone and everyone can find that peace in this Church.

I love you all so much! I love this work!

-Elder Edgel

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The greatest way to influence someone is by the way you live.

This week has been tough and amazing. Its hard to have missionaries who don't want to be obedient. But amazing because I learn so much on how to help them and me.

It's so awesome to hear about Jacob and Rachel. They are tough cookies.

It's been stressful. Tyler and Jacob gave me some amazing advice without knowing it related to me and even without knowing they were giving me advice. Living by example is the best way I learn. I don't pay attention as much (if I can at all haha) to what is said than how it is said and they way the person is living. I mostly watch them and learn so much from them. I need to remember that that is the greatest way to influence someone. It's hard because you want results faster.

We had Mission Leader Conference in Vail and learned a lot about keeping people accountable. The first thing our President did was get his wife up there, put his arm around her and told us to marry someone as awesome as her.

We also ushered for an event called 18 lives. It was amazing. You'll hear about it in Church news. You can watch in on BYU TV. 5 stakes came together and the youth preformed it all. over 700. Oh man it was powerful. There was a scene of the stripling warriors all running up. Everyone talks about it. It was so powerful. They'll all make amazing missionaries. I saw Yazzi and Kaliegh from my last area! Two of the girls of the Medallins. I had to do everything in my power not to hug them haha. It was so nice to see them and all the young men we took out and the members. I felt so loved by them. They're such good people.

We found two new boys to teach! We orinigally had a lot of time to find one day and we lost all that time so we only had 45 minutes. We prayed to find those 2 new investigators anyway and to find a family. The first people we talked to was a 14 year old boy with awesome big hair like Tyler's and Jared's and his little brother. We taught them the first lesson and I've never seen young men more absorbed than these two boys. They were really glad to talk to us and the oldest boy Tristan said the closing praying. They said it would mean a lot to them to find these things out. Their parents are struggling and divorced and that affects them. Tristan and Aiden. Pray for them.

Anwyay. I love you all. I feel your love. Thank you so much.

-Elder Edgel

Saturday, July 12, 2014

He won't force us to be any happier than we choose to be.

That is awesome! I love nice people! They just picked up your car and moved it! I'm sure dad did most of the work. They were just there to assist his super man strength.

I'm so happy to see your strength through all of this, momma. I'm so proud of you. I'll let my zone know how Momma Edgel is doing.

We're doing a LOT of finding which is awesome. I used to hate knocking doors and OYMing but I'm growing in passion for it. Jordan the 9 year old PMF (part member family) will be baptized this Sunday evening and confirmed the following week. We're nervous his family doesn't completely understand the importance of the Gospel and it seems that baptism is only a checklist for him. The mom has no interest in coming to church or going to the temple. But the baptism is all planned out and we're excited! There's a sweet family the ward in the band Jack and Jill. They travel a lot so we don't see them but they're going to do the musical number. They're way cool people so we're excited. There's a few members that are pretty judgemental unfortuntely so hopefully no ones does anything unChristlike as a result of them playing at a baptism...

In my testimony this Sunday I told them how I was a little disappointed with all the old people but have grown to really love them all. This ward is struggling in the stake so I'm really excited to be able to work with them and get the work flying. I love love love my companion Elder Donovan!! We've grown so close. Elder Tasilimu has been one of my favorites. He has a huge heart and a love for everyone. He just sleeps in a lot haha.

We had a great lesson with Jennifer. We met her the first week I got here and have been pulling her weeds but haven't been able to meet with her. She's a little nervous we're trying to convert her but she really likes everything we've shared. She had us over for dinner Wednesday and we taught the first lesson to her and her niece. Her niece was really interested so that was exciting.

We're still struggling with being able to get people to keep our appointments. 4 yesterday and every single one fell through.

Dustin Jackson quit smoking though! He said his packs kept disappearing and when he would smoke they would taste horrible. Now it's just down to chew!

A member gave us a refferal for her neighbor. They had been talking about the Gospel frequently. Her neighbor didn't understand the 3 degrees of glory and Judgement day. Not even that many LDS people understand that it is a plan of mercy. That ultimately we judge ourselves based off of how comfortable we feel standing next to the Almighty Being. Even the lowest place he prepared for us is WAY better than this life now! It truly is a plan of mercy because he won't force us to be any happier than we choose to be. Why would he make us be somewhere we don't feel comfortable in?

I had a dream I was in Steamboat with Elder Donovan and we were just tearing it up. I miss Steamboat a lot. That's been my favorite area. I wish I knew then what I know now, I could have made such a bigger impact but the Lord took me, weaknesses and all and made something great of it. So many good friends there.

Well I love you all! We keep seeing miracles! There are miracles when you trust the Lord and obey His will.

-Elder Edgel

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Elder Tasilimu sees a goat for the first time
sweet garden
amazing sunsets

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

With the Lord I can do anything

THis transfer is going to be the best! My companions are awesome! I knew I wasn't going to be staying in Foothills deep down and knew I was going to Grand Junction. Elder Donovan is the best! He reminds me of Tucker Wallace with how sincere and genuine he is. Not a bad bone in all of his body. Just so hopeful and loving. Very obedient and a hard worker! I'm so excited for that. We also get a third wheel which I'm excited about! Elder Tasilimu! He's been pretty quiet and opening up more and more everyday which is exciting! He has a great testimony! He's from Samoa! He's just coolest guy ever! I love him a ton.

I've learned to love disobedient elders. I hate hate hate disobedience because it's so stupid! You only hurt yourself and the Savior and trample him under your feet! But I've learned to not judge disobedient elders. They always have an amazing story and are going through a lot. I've learned to love them more.

I'm filled with so much love for the missionaries in my zone. This is truly a call to repentance. I see now that I was not the district leader that his mission needs! So the Lord called me to zone leader so that I'll straighten up. President is doing a lot of cool things for this mission. He's very inspired. He has such a strong clear vision that we all become converted, unified, and baptize 100 a month. A lot of missionaries and members have problems with him, but if you're around him all you can feel is selflessness and love. I hope to represent him well for this zone and help them all become a little more converted. I don't know how on earth I'll do that but with the Lord I can do anything.

So it's been a very humbling experience being a zone leader. Humility has been something I've wanted to work on for a long time. I thought I'd be more prideful as a zone leader but it's been the opposite. So I'm excited!

The ward is a bunch of old people! So many old people in these small towns out west! That's a little depressing. It's so hard to stay awake in the wards out here in the west side haha. I think there's only priest out here. I'm learning to love the ward though. I love the work, so I might as well love the people I'll be working with. Don't let San Miguel get filled with Oldies! Go baptize some young families!

We had a miracle new investigator. Elder Donovan and I are very forgetful and get distracted very easily so we zoned off while I was driving on the highway so we pulled off. As we were about to drive off again I noticed a lady outside her house right next to us. So we drove over and she was very open and friendly! We're going to help her pick some weeds this Tuesday!

This area has been struggling and the elders have been working really hard. I hope we can make a change and get the help of the members.

The Stake is so inspiring though! They have a great vision and are gettting all the members more active in missionary work. It's exciting! I'll also get to work with President Atkinson, dad's cousin more so that'll be really cool working with family. He's definitely got some Edgel in him even though he's actually very talented musically on the piano. I guess not unlike Jared and Tyler.

I love you all so much! Help them missionaries out! We need a whole lot more than just 80,000 missionaries! We need EVERY MEMBER. This work was never intended for just 18-28 year old kids. This was intended for ALL. So go invite invite invite! And the Spirit WILL guide you to the elect and WILL be with you and fill your mouth when the Lord sees you're serious about this!

-Elder Edgel

Monday, June 2, 2014


Jeff Crookston is my ward mission leader!

Transferred & Zone Leader....The more we use the Atonement the better we will understand it & the happier we will be.

We had interviews with President Friday and he told me I'd probably be leaving. Then Saturday I got the call from the AP's I was leaving and Johnson was staying yet another transfer. Elder Whitely (the AP) asked if I knew what was happening so that gave me a reason to stress out about what he's teased me about for awhile but he wouldn't say anything else. Then Sunday morning President called and asked if I'd be a Zone Leader... I was pretty bummed. I probably shouldn't have been but I feel like I've just gotten the hang of being a good District Leader. I wanted to be that missionary that worked really hard and taught all the time and whitewashed, opened areas, and trained. Not a lot of people take the calling of District Leader very serious and I was hoping to be able to help change that.

I know it'll be good though. I know it's what President feels inspired to do. I thought I would for sure dodge being a zone leader since Johnson has stayed so long. He'll have been for 9 months which is the max a missionary can stay in an area.

We had a great end though Sunday. It was fast and testimony so I got to bear my testimony one last time and announce my leaving. Then we had a great lesson with the M on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. L sat in the dark corner and just looked so sad the entire time. It's sad to see that she doesn't want to be happy with her family and instead fight it. We hope she has a change of heart.

We had crazy week. Started off with teaching a less active that tased her 12 year old daughter for coming home at 10 instead of 7. She loves her kid a lot but is just confused on how to make sure she doesn't go down wrong paths. We tried to help her understand that the Gospel is the best thing she could ever do. She just doesn't want to go to church though. Sad stuff.

Haven't seen R at all which has been sad. He's falling off more and more. It breaks my heart.

Another less active who like to just chat the entire time said that our efforts to try to teach really have helped and he's been making a lot of changes. That was rewarding. He said he'd really try on making an effort to quit smoking and would fast and pray about it. I'm bummed I won't be here to help him out some more.

We had a great lesson with Sister C, another less active. We talked about what we always talk about. Going to church. She got sick on Friday and couldn't come. AHH! Hopefully she'll get there. She wants to go to the temple.

We went to a doctor's appointment and there I got to see my pal Elder Hamblin who's companion was also there for the doctors. So that was really good talking to him. We talked about different things we were doing in the field. It was so good getting advice from him.

TW couldn't come to church because her kid had dance practice that was a bummer. Her husband moved out as well. It's still awesome that she wants to make that climb back. She got the first chord to a Child's Prayer tattooed to her foot! haha. I'm bummed I can't be there to teach her anymore either.

Sunday The Ms all came to church (except David the oldest). The reason that's a big deal is the mom is fighting this and even the youngest made his decision against hers and came to church. Steven said they all had a talk and all the kids decided to join the church!! This was a huge deal when S told me privately as we were walking out. He said he'd prayed about it for over 2 hours privately in his car one night. I won't be here for the baptism on June 14th but S said he'd advocate all he could for me to be there haha. Not all the kids will be baptized by June 14th but the majority will.

A lady named J that we've been teaching has been going through a rough time and almost lost her storage so we helped her with that and got a member to bring a truck. She broke down crying but she came to church and loved it!

Then while trying a less active I started talking to her Mexican neighbors who were cooking some really good food so they invited us in to eat with them!! It made me so ridiculously happy to eat some authentic Mexican food and speak a little Spanish again. They're just so incredibly friendly and welcoming! All I said was man that smells good, what are guys cooking? And then the mom comes to the door and invites us in! Unfortunately they said no to Spanish missionaries coming by but they were extremely charitable.

I love this area and these people but I know wherever I go the Lord will prepare people. I hope to work harder than ever before and give myself completely over. It's so great bearing your testimony to random people. It can be nerve racking but as soon as you do it becomes a great experience. We helped a lady move a couch up 2 flights of stairs and she seemed hesitant to us but as soon as we just bore our testimonies she opened up and we had a great talk. Unfortunately she said no to us coming by but it helped me to see how this stuff really won't be that hard at all when I go home. If I just keep at it.

The Atonement of Jesus Christ is everything. It's hard to understand sometimes, but it's real. If we just keep trying to use it more we'll be happier and understand it more and more. 2 Nephi 26:27 says, "hath he commanded any that they should partake of his salvation? Behold I say unto you, Nay; but he hath given it free for all men; and he hath commanded his people that they should persuade all men to repentance."

Hop on the band wagon of the Lord's hastening of the work and share the Gospel with your friends in the ways that you can!! He's given this to us for free and commanded that we "persuade all men to repentance". If you want greater faith, testimony, happiness. If you want to feel like you're serving God, do missionary work.

I love you all!

-Elder Edgel