Elder Edgels wisdom:

Elder Edgel's wisdom: I knew God was a Heavenly Father who loved me beyond anything I could ever imagine and was going to do His best to help me along.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Just be happy & quit complaining

I think I've finally understood the language here. We have words like ensin for ensign, crick for creek, warsh for wash, squarsh for squash, Coradahdo, Sundee and "I says".

This week flew by. I swear I was in this library a few days ago.

A member called us and gave us the address for a less active lady and said she's been less active since 16 but has been coming to church with her for awhile and that she's ready to come back now. She's awesome, her kids are really cool. She's in her 30's so her oldest is 12. They have really good family values. They don't watch much TV or play video games but have a garden and are close as a family. That's pretty special. So we're exited to teach her and her family.

The Mitchell gang is awesome! They're all really excited about being baptized the 31st of May! They've been announcing it young womens and to their friends! Oumiama who is 17 told us she wants to serve a mission so agreed to being baptized by the 31st! We were nervous for her because she seemed distant and not all interested anymore.

We had a great lesson with Trish and Brother Kumar. Brother Kumar gave a a great testimony about how he was a trouble maker and the badest of the bad when 2 sister missionaries knocked on his door at 16. She put up quite a fight and we could tell she really had a barrier around her and would not open up! She kept saying she didn't need to be Mormon and did NOT want a Book of Mormon. I was getting a little irritated but felt I just needed to love her not matter what. Finally we testified boldly and then asked, "what would it mean to you to know God has organized His church and has a prophet to lead it?" and she opened up sincerely and said, "it would mean everything" quietly. She then started justifying herself again and saying she didn't need it. She did agree to reading some of the BoM though so that will be good!

Roody is a rock star and loves to talk haha. He didn't come to church so that's a bummer. He said he wants to quit gambling before his baptism so we're working on that with him.

Buzz is getting more and more interested as he reads. We've been serving him and tearing out the vines in his yard. He's a great guy. His cousin that he hasn't seen in 30 years lives in the ward so that's also pretty cool.

We had a member lesson with a crazy member that doesn't like us very much but wants us to come a lot for some reason.. We were nervous about that but it went pretty well. He keeps texting us to see when we can meet with him but things come up with either a non member lesson or a missionary related thing. So he texted saying we'd better be there and the Lord gets disappointed when we fail. I probably jumped ahead of myself and told him the Lord had priorities for us. But he didn't seem offended when we met with him. He seemed to be doing really good actually. His kids got taken away from him so he's in a ditch but hopefully doing better.

We also had a crazy less active lady blow up when we saw her. All kinds of colorful words were flying from this 50 year old white lady. She talked about how Colorado is the worst place because of the military which makes a whole lot of sense. Gotta love them crazies!

There's a lot of power in being selfless which is what I'm trying to learn to do. I remember Alec saying once, "usually whenever I'm depressed, it's because I'm thinking about myself too much". So I'm trying to pray for investigators more whenever I feel confused or sad. The Lord doesn't like us feelings sorry for ourselves. No one likes someone that feels sorry for themselves. So just be happy and quit complaining!

We had a stake service project in the mountains and it was so beautiful up there with all the trees.

Los amo a todos!

-Elder Edgel