Elder Edgels wisdom:

Elder Edgel's wisdom: I knew God was a Heavenly Father who loved me beyond anything I could ever imagine and was going to do His best to help me along.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Most importantly have Charity

An equation I thought of yesterday was opportunity + good desires = miracles. When we have good desires and act on it with the opportunities we're given, MIRACLES COME. We must have good desires though and WE must act on it. We get more opportunities as a result and a have even greater desires and it just keeps increasing the other exponentially. I'm still figuring out how to write that one out. If anyone wants to shower me in their knowledge of mathematics please feel free.

So amazing things this week! a less active that moved in, 25, is a convert and has been knuckle head had decided to serve a mission! He's been doing some silly things and we've been worried about him but we had a lesson and he got rid of everything bad in his life and has determined to serve a mission. The cut off is in 6 months but he really wants to try. So whether actually going is the Lord's will or not it will put him on the right path and he's excited for that.

There is a 24 yr old guy I love so much, we've hung out with him on a few days and I've talked about him. We had a lesson with him and his mom and the Spirit was so strong. We weren't sure how to help him further. We invited him to read and he has been! But we were afraid of having lessons with him. He came up to US though and said he would like to sit down and talk with us! I can't even believe it! His mom can't either!

I may have said this one already. We were trying to contact a very old referal, we knew they wouldn't be there but we thought it was a good way to OYM someone without the whole tracting approach. So this Brazilian with broken english answered the door. After talking a little we said we had a message that families could be together forever. She got tears in her eyes and said her grandmother passed away 2 days ago and felt that we were sent by God to her. She's very excitedly been reading the BoM. It's challenging teaching her and her boy friend because I'm not sure how well they understand but they keep saying in their broken english, I believe what your saying is true! I can feel it! I know you're God's messengers!" So we're extremely excited to keep teaching them!

On Tuesday in our small towns we got 6 lessons in a day! That's probably the most I've ever have! There is so much work down there! We're going to start teaching this family. I love them so much, I stuck my hand up one of their cow butts when we were serving them. We went by (12 miles out of the way, little iffy at first) to try and get my track hoodie back, (which we can't find... I smell a great b-day present!) I felt to invite them to be taught but was terrified. So I just started saying whatever came to my mind. He was very open and we talked for about half an hour outside. He said he loved our conversation and would love to talk more with us. Just share your testimonies! Fear not!

That day we also had a lesson with our alcoholic friend, he was ranting again so finally, again not knowing what to say just cut him off and started testifying, we were then able to actually teach him (he was also sober) later in the week we called to remind him about church, his brother told us he was asleep wasted and wouldnt' be able to drive but was really glad we were talking with him and told us how worried he was about him.

Then with an excon member we were talking with his son and wife very uncomfortable but started talking about families and about how much God loves them. We then were able to testify about God helping families to be united in this life and the next. It was very simple and we felt the Spirit with them even though his son and wife were a little hostile.

We struggle with being able to see our investigators more than once in a week because of how busy they are. But we're trying. With good desires and our heart in it, miracles will happen.

I know that this truly is life eternal. This church isn't to just give us something to do to pass the time. This is truly life eternal. This is why we are here on earth. This is our purpose. I know that God is real and loves us and is waiting to bless us when we do what He asks. And what He asks will only bring us more happiness than we could have ever imagined.

Stay strong. Do the simple things. Most importantly, have Charity.

-Elder Edgel

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm so honored to be His servant

There's this extremely short girl, Millie, from Peru a convert of 2 years I think. Her whole family followed after she was baptized. She was having a hard time without her family in the States. Every Monday Elder Dean and I get Big Macs from Mickey D's for a dollar (whenever broncos play, the day after Big Macs are a dollar if you have a card). She was working and saw us there and said she was a member. We weren't able to invite her to church but afterward she apparently called her mom saying she saw us and her mom told her how everything would be fine because she would have a family there in the ward. Then her mom asked, "you asked where church is right?". Extremely fortunetly we saw her that same day as we were grocery shopping and she asked when church was. This past Fast Sunday she shared this experience with everyone. It's so neat how God will throw us a bone every now and then that completely had no hand in just to show us: When it comes down it, everything we receive is from what God sends our way. So cool. I'm so honored to be His servant. To all missionaries and future missionaries: BE OBEDIENT. Heavenly Father can use you when you least expect it when you wear proselyting clothes in public even on P-days.

What's the average attendance at San Miguel? Can you send me the Fellowship of the Unashamed?

I love you Mommy. I did my very first baptismal interview (all have had to be interviewed by President or Zone Leaders) for this 12 year old girl. I showed her the picture of you and she said you were very pretty. I said dang straight! My momma's gorgeous!

Our less active husband was finally able to come to church. Oh man that was so awesome. I love that family so much. He's such a powerful man. Still trying to quit chew but He's doing better than He ever has. Kirk is doing good. Having temptations but knows to stay away. We saw someone again that we had OYM'd previously. She was very interested then dropped us and said she wasn't interested and worked 12 days in a row till she had a day off. But we saw her in the laundry mat so we taught her a lesson as she did her laundry and she liked everything. We contacted a refferal that a member was hesitant to give us and she turned out to be very interested. No fear!

I'm learning to forget myself and have trust in the Lord. Realize and remember what He's done for me in the past and that He can continually help me in my future.

I love you all. Thank you for your prayers. They're real and they help. Be positive!

-Elder Edgel

Keep pressing forward with hope

Thank you so much for your prayers. I know the power of prayer is real.

Real quick. Recipes for cream of mushroom and recipes for chicken breast.

We had a zone conference this week which was greatly needed. They had a leadership training at 8. They talked about how there's so many missionaries that have been out less than 6 months and district meetings are greatly needed to help these inexperienced missionaries. Gee, Thanks bucko! What am I supposed to do then if I'm that inexperienced missionary that needs extra training but am supposed to be giving that extra training! But the whole thing was very inspirational and uplifting. Elder Dean and I talked all the way back on how we want to be better and worker harder and have a greater desire.

Things are hard. Hope can easily get swallowed up in fear and doubt. We must all press forward though and see the good in everything. The Savior is just very glad that we chose His plan before this life and because of that we don't have to be eternally miserable. On the other hand He so greatly would like us to be even happier than we are now. And we do so by keeping His commandments and pressing forward.

Our ward gets 50 members in the ward (not counting visitors) on a good day. This past week we had about 20. It was slim. BUT some new converts came which was amazing! Everytime we have a lesson with them it's so powerful. I love them so much. I told them how much they remind me of Jacob and Rachel and their kids of Easton and Teagon. I love that they're doing so well and want to go to the temple.

We also took Fransisco out with us, the new convert and we saw Jacob, a member from Mexico that hasn't been to church yet. He was very excited to come and even more excited to meet Fransisco that also spoke Spanish. The Sisters started a Gospel Principles class in Spanish so many more people can start coming and understanding it in their language. Elder Dean and I set a goal to get so much work going that we can afford to go on Splits and cover more ground at least once a week. That's been very exciting.

I know things would be way easier and I could be way less fearful as a junior companion with someone that knows what he's doing, but I know it'll be so worth it when I work up to being that capable on my own not leaning on anyone else at all. I'm so excited to become who my Father in Heaven wants me to become and completely forgetting myself and my fears.

Speaking of how he wants us to share. I discovered 2 Nephi 26:24-27. It talks about how much he loves us and does nothing unless it benefits us. The only thing He asks of us in return is to "persuade all men to repentance" I'm learning how to love so much more so that the Spirit can work through me more. To trust in those around me. I'm feeling the Spirit so much more this past week and feeling so much more motivated. Our ward mission leader is the greatest. He usually goes to California this time of year (usually in November) without ANY exceptions EVERY year but he says that he feels that he is needed here and feels it's for us the missionaries. People in the ward are talking about how strange it is that he's still here.

I love you all. Keep pressing forward with hope. Keep looking for hope and it will come. Please please please make the effort. For your own good and happiness.

-Elder Edgel