Elder Edgels wisdom:

Elder Edgel's wisdom: I knew God was a Heavenly Father who loved me beyond anything I could ever imagine and was going to do His best to help me along.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The gospel contains why we even exist

Sounds like everyone is having a blast. The Gospel is so amazing because it allows us to truly have fun and enjoy life with our families. People may say they don't need God or need religion or need the true church in order to have enjoy life and their families. That they can have good families without it. Ahem. That's the biggest bull honky I've ever heard. Families are missing out so much. It's so hard to think of all the families in the world that don't have the Gospel and are missing out because of false teachings against the church and personal pride. It's really too bad.

Have I told you about an awesome family here? Husband was exconed. Twice. They're about to go get sealed in the temple. He hasn't been in for quite a few years. Their children are all wayward and very stubborn and living with them currently for a little. The oldest is like 26 or more. They have a huge house that they built by hand from many different barns and live out in the boonies with their own gun range. They've had so many miracles in their lives it's amazing to hear. She had a experience with an amazing man that was out in the middle of no where and picked up a hitch hiker in a suit and brief case that really helped her in her life. He talked about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the importance of prayer. Ya, that's right, talked about OUR church! Booya! They're one of the most charitable people I know. They constantly are allowing strangers that are in a rough spot to live with them for a little. Right now 15 people are living in their house. Mom, dad, 3 kids, 2 lost boys, 1 lady that's having marriage problems and her kid, 3 kids whose mom is in Salt Lake for depression rehab, another friend living going through a patch, a random Mexican whose girl friend stole his money and ran and doesn't speak english and the dad's dad. Ya, talk about charity. She's trying to help everyone and not go crazy.

Who are the lost boys you may ask? I don't know if I talked about them. They got kicked out of the polygamist colony. Or asked to leave themselves. A 26 yr old got kicked out and his little brother Bo-in (don't know how it's spelt) 16 yr old found out about the internet and wanted to leave when he realized everything he knew was a lie. It's a very heart gripping story. They've been through a lot till the Christensons finally took them in. They're still struggling. They're very confused. Some of my most favorite people I've ever met. So genuine and mannered. Apparently in the colony you go to middle school then do construction for the rest of your life and you do it well. But I love those guys so much. I'm so definitely coming back after my mission.

I love your Alma 38:2 momma. Thank you so much for that.

We met this guy a few weeks back, stoned drunk. The first thing he said to us was, "hey you guys are Latter Day Saints right?" He told his amazing story of being on meth and heroine in a dump neighborhood. He had a trial in steamboat for a DUI and had no way of getting to it. So he prayed and said, if you're God, you'll help me get there. I'll walk down this alley and if I go right, I'm going to rob the liquor store and drink myself to death, if I go left, you're going to help me. He looked left, and saw a car battery by the dumpster. He passed cops 3 times and never got pulled over, he ran out of gas, met a priest who helped him out and promised God would get him where he was going, and as soon as he pulled into his mom's driveway, the car died. He sobbed like a baby.
Sober, he avoided us. Then he was drunk and we could talk with him. Then he was sober and avoided us. Finally he was in a very humbling situation and talked with us. His girl friend broke up with him and his power went out for 3 days and lost his puppy. So he let us come in. So we talked about things being for our experience and shared Joseph Smith in Carthage, talked about the purpose of the BoM and Church. He wanted to be baptized and said he was ready to. He asked us to give him a ride to church (before we asked him if he wanted to) and immediately said he'd be baptized. I explained the going to church 3 times so he matter of factly said "well then I'll be baptized the fourth Sunday". We also asked him about calling us Latter Day Saints and how he knew and he told us, I don't know, I just knew. Something told me you guys were.
It's been a miracle and complete privilege to be apart of his conversion. I have never seen such great faith.

I find out about transfers this Thursday, Friday or Saturday. I hope I stay. I feel I will. I love the people here. I feel like Ammon, desiring to dwell with them perhaps till the day I die. About 90% of the ward are converts. it's the funniest time. I really need to record the stuff that goes on.

We get fed pretty much every night. My favorite dinners are the good ones. I'm eating well on my own. Pasta slides, sandwiches, pancakes, left overs, juevos y chorizo, the works.

My comp is 23 and been out for a year. I'm 18 and been out for like 2 months. So he can be a little prideful and not take into account things I have to say. We've been doing awesome this whole transfer but this past week was a little hard. I talked about after we felt the Spirit during lessons when we were both soft hearted and so it was good. We're better now.

I love you all as I say every time. Never fear to share the Gospel with friends. God is hastening his work as they always say. Miracles will happen when you offer it and love people. It's happening here. Just speaking up and offering the Gospel can affect generations to come. Look at my mommy and our family now. Look at my great great great Grandpa George. All he got was a flyer he couldn't even read. A simple invitation. And now we're so many generations later. The Gospel is real. It contains what our lives are even for. Why we even exist. I talk about it all the time because it continually blows me away. I know these things are true. Pray about them for yourself. God will give you an answer.

Compiled with Love,
Elder Edgel

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sharing the gospel the way Jesus did

I love my parents incredibly and everyday I'm so grateful for the things they've taught me. Everyday I consciously think of the effort they made towards me. I'm sorry I was a punk and am a punk still haha. But I love you guys so much. I don't fully realize the sacrifices you've made but I do think of them. I love talking about my parents and what amazing things they've done to raise they're 5 troublesome kids and 1 daughter.
I got to go on exchanges with Elder Hamblin! I've sent you pictures of me and him. He's such an awesome missionary. He's been struggling with his companion a lot. He's so willing to do anything for anyone but his companion (his trainer) just hates everybody and doesn' act like he wants to progress. But him and I were able to talk about it and my companion and his companion (who get along famously instantly) were also able to talk about it. Hopefully they get better. But it was a dream come true being able to serve with my buddy Hamblin.
We have this investigator Tom who is open minded but just wants to do the eduaction side of it. Which is a good start. But he's really funny. We were talking about even Hitler being bapitzed for the dead and i asked my companion, he's already been baptized? I thought they would wait a little bit on that. And Tom starts flipping through the BoM going, come on Joe Smith! There's gotta be some kind of bit on the Hitler thing! He's a really funny guy.
To all scripture scholars: what kind of scripture marking system did you use? I'm developing my own and looking for advice from others.
Could somebody get me Todd Moodys hilarious poem for the Christmas fast sunday with the moldy bread those years ago?
In Gospel Doctrine (we don't have principles yet but we're going to start one) they were talking about family history ideas. Sister Tew told us that her mom made real bed time stories of their family ancestors history. I thought you might like that idea, mom.
People can't say or remember Buhecker and Edgel (both weird German names) so they call us Bacon and Eggs.
I'm learning that service and helping others must be done out of pure love and desire to lift another. Not out of, "I'll do this because then they'll see what a cool person I am and want to talk to missionaries." But out of simple love and desire to help in anyway. I'm learning it must be completely selfless and you must have no back thought of how you're going to trick them into wanting to be baptized because of it. The Savior went around healing people of life long, life threatening, heart aching, undescribeable pain causing illnesses. All out of the most pure love. He didn't say, alright now listen up to my words and get baptized in my church. He did it with the most single mind in just lifting their burdens in any way he possibly could. Such selflessness and love. Once we do this, then we can see miracles of being able to help others more than through physical ways. Sharing the Gospel isn't to get gain or to say you're a good member and you're better at being obedient. But to just share the pure love the Savior has for us. He tells us over and over, if you have faith and you want it, I'll give it to you. He just wants to help us in anything we desire. He'll give us anything we want. Inside the church, outside the church. But how much more He will bless us when we don't think of what we want to do and think of what He wants us to do. That's when we're no longer just a branch being grafted in a tree. That's when we're His SERVANT grafting others. And what an honor it is. How much you are able to feel of His love when you don't ask for things and look for ways to help build His Kingdom.
The church is so true. I'm learning that stronger and stronger each day. It's not something here that's pretty cool and can help us and has a few good things going for it. It's so simple and so amazing that it's the purpose of why we even exist.
I love you all so very much and pray for each of you. Both my family and all my friends and all people in the ward and all people I've ever known. I may not be good at writting to you particularly but I remember and think of you so often. I wish I could have enough time to talk to each of you individually every week. And to think of how infinitely much our Father in Heaven who created us wants to talk to us every day.
Compiled with much love,
Elder Edgel

Monday, October 14, 2013

Lets plan for a miracle

I will hand write you this week. There are a lot of people I have to write and I'm very behind. But I will do my best. I loved my package! I finally got it! It was perfect.
I love my area. I love my people. I love my companion. I'm really appreciative (not allowed to love) for the sisters. Our bishop is hilarious. We only have one counselor it's so small haha. On average about 50. Our goal is to double it. And the Lord is preparing the way. We're praying for it and telling people about it. We're doing our best to work. I'm trying my hardest to hold the Edgel name properly and never waste a second. To be the kind of hard worker as my dad and brothers. To be the missionary they think I am. Too often I feel we waste time. Little things like not having an appt. after 8 and walking around almost aimlessly trying to talk to anyone. Miracles have happened from that though so I try not to ever complain haha. This week Elder Buhecker had to pee and we asked a member but it was broken so he told us of a pool house we could use. We couldn't find it so I thought to knock a particular house and ask them. He said to keep looking. We walked by again and I felt to knock that house. It was an awesome experience. He was bit out there with ideas but it was great. Awesome family.
We found 8 new investigators this week! It was truly a miracle. Mission president has increased the standard to 6 which has been a big deal for people. People have been struggling with it. We found 8! We reached 17 lessons by our third week! It's been great. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to, that my companion was going to be much of a help, but I've been humbled. He may do things differently but we get it done and make a great team. I'm  learning to calm down and really get personal and just get to know people before I start preaching to them. They tell us to talk for a bit and THEN bring up the restoration, Elder Buhecker? He talks 30 minutes and THEN brings it up ever so slightly. It makes me so anxious but it brings the Spirit. I'm  learning to really work with his talents and his way of doing things.
Saturday night during planning he just said, let's plan for a miracle and get 5 new gators tomorrow. Guess what? We had a miracle of 5 new gators. We also were handed an eternigator of 2 years. We had the Spirit strong as we told her our purpose.
Well the library just announced that we need to get off comps because we've been here too long. We're in another missionaries area for P day and the ZLs are also so it's double and every computer has a missionary on it haha. Hope you like the pics.
People don't think I'm 18. They think I'm older than my 23 year old companion hahaah. They don't belive I'm the youngest. That's reassuring. My District leader sounds like uncle merril.
I love you all! Make sure my friends are reading my emails. I'm going to write them shortly. Post on facebook my blog if you haven't.
Elder Edgel

Pictures of Denver

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I had sweat coming out of my eyeballs

More pics next week. We've had both a great and bad week. I love every second. We've had 11 lessons from the past 2 weeks. Every week you're supposed to hit 20. We're struggling. God is mindful. I'm learning to not be hard on myself. Godly sorrow talk was perfect for me. I love the revelation our leaders receive for us. We're learning and having fun. We were depressed because our gator who we had found that week, we put on date the second time we met her, felt the spirit so much, put her on date for her birthday (which we didn't know) and she dropped us through her boy friend. I have faith in her though. And "when our hearts were depressed" scripture. I love you all.
It's so true how we realize the importance of the Gospel while on missions. The Gospel was always so dear to me but I'm realizing the full velocity of it while on a mission. I was prideful and thought that wouldn't really change for me. That attitude really hurt me in the MTC and slowed me down first few days. But when I let go and realized I have some learning to do, I've been so much happier and closer to my Savior and been more okay with sounding like a sensitive little guy haha. It's definitely beyond words to be a missionary.
It's dark and we can't see anyone to contact anyway. No one is ever outside this late and this cold. My companion brought that up but I said, whatever come on lets just humor this thought inside my head. So we walk through the park a little. Sure enough, can't see jack. So I decided, "well I'm just going to go for it." So outloud I just say, "Hey! How's it going?" into the empty night. Absolutely no answer obviously. hahahahahahahaha. I busted up laughing so hard. My companion was really down and he was able to laugh as well. It was a good healing time. The day was crap, but we could laugh. We also walked down to this river and quoted the grinch "Hello! How are you? I asked you first!" and we heard what sounded like someone throwing a big rock in and making a splash so we tried talking to them but got no response so we shared the Gospel with them. Never got a response though haha. But we needed it to cheer up.
I'm becoming a man, Tyler. In the middle of the day when I'm lost in the work I pause and think, "I'm doing the same amazing work as my father and amazing brothers and becoming like the Savior as they were." It's truly amazing to follow in these big foot steps. It's so cool to be on my own and on the Lord's errand. There's just an awesome spirit about it. Whether shinning my shoes in the morning and watching that Colorado Sunrise or bearing testimony to a stranger, it has an awesome feel to be following after such great men and becoming more confident, faithful, humble, virtuous, knowledgable, experienced and capable. More like the Savior. It's amazing. I love this work. I love representing the Edgel name. I love representing our Savior

Conference very powerful. I loved it so much. So inspired. I thought of you guys and had sweat coming from my eyeballs from the talk about the grandparent with a grandchild in prison. How God knew they were strong enough to take it. Well you guys must be a whole lot stronger hahaha. You guys have been amazing parents.

I love you all so much. Elder Edgel