Elder Edgels wisdom:

Elder Edgel's wisdom: I knew God was a Heavenly Father who loved me beyond anything I could ever imagine and was going to do His best to help me along.

Monday, September 22, 2014

So many tender mercies

Man I wanna say this has been a Spiritual last few weeks but it's been a spiritual last few 13 months! Especially ever since I was called as a zone leader though. I've never been a part of more spiritual things. I've heard from the dude over the Proselying in the church over the whole earth, Brother Hemingway and his companion Brother Gonzalez. Heard from Elder Oaks of the 12, Elder Martino of the 70, Elder Lawrence of the 70 and his wife. It's helped me so much more in my missionary work.

There's not much time today. We've worked hard this week but it's been a struggle. We're trying to work more with the members. It's an investment and it's not always immediate results. But we're having great results. We go out there on the streets and we testify and testify and testify. And not many people listen. This week we found 0 new investigators. It's been a while since I've only gotten 0. It's so sad. We give out our heart on those doors and testify of how it's blessed our lives and what amazing things the Gospel has done for our lives. People will half smile to be polite and tell us not to come back. It's rough but we're happy giving our all. This week we even literally ran from door to door to talk to more people. We know that the Lord is noticing our efforts and rewarding us. No effort is ever wasted in sharing the Gospel. I wouldn't rather do anything than I am now. "Thou are my servant, O Isreal, in whom I will be glorified. Then I said, I have labored in vain, I have spent my strength for naught and in vain; surely my judgement is with the Lord, and my work with my God." 1 Nephi 21:3-4. That's the difference with this work than any other work. Despite how many people say no, I still feel successful. I'll never stop working for this. There are so many tender mercies and miracles in this work. Guiding us in everything we do.

One awesome thing is the Gray's come to church! I get so happy thinking of them! We can't wait to see their continual progression. The Wynnes, an amazing older couple I've fallen in love with, were so excited to see them. We had told them about them when they asked if they could be a part of someone we were teaching. Sister Wynne made sure to sit with them in Relief Society and they invited them over to the house to have a picnic so we're excited! They are the perfect examples of member missionary work and fellow shipping. I want to be like them one day.

I love you all!

-Elder Edgel

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Gathering of Israel

We're learning to work with the members more. I'm really excited. It's a whole new ball game. We have worked and worked and worked and WORKED and it's almost like spinning our wheels in the dirt. No effort is ever wasted and I needed to do it with Elder Donovan. We grew so much from it and bonded and saw many miracles from it. But it's time to move on to bigger and better things. We'll still work our fannies off though. Members are more of an investment though. You can see progression faster with personal contacts but with members it's tricky. LDS members don't have many friends so it's harder for them to share the Gospel. I love the story of Ammon for that. He went out of his way to make friends with the lowest of the low to have more opportunities to share the Gospel. Ammon is my role model. Members can be such powerful missionaries. They can develop a real love for their friends. You can while tracting but it's different as a member. I love finding out of our own efforts because it's taught me a lot about how to be a missionary for the rest of my life and the importance of it.

The 9th Elders had to pass off their most progressing investigator family on Monday when Elder Donovan accidentally found out that they actually live in our boundries by 300 feet out in the country of Palisade. The Grays are such an awesome family! Blue, Jaida, Steal, Stone, Violet, Jet and their dog Cash. Everyone has an awesome name. They have been taught on and off for 2 years and said they feel it's finally God's timing for them to look more into the Church. They have been reading everyday and praying about it everyday! It's amazing! We're so excited for them!

Lee Holt almost dropped us as a result of the last member we brought with us... Just remember to love the people the missionaries bring you to. Everyone thinks that it's the missionaries that must gain the trust of the members which is very true. But the members also need to gain the trust of the missionaries. This work is soooo important. It should never be treated lightly for a second. Realize what your signing up for when you go out with the missionaries. It should be no light thing. These are Heavenly Father's children and He's on the edge of His seat hoping that His children can make it back to Him. He puts a lot of trust in us. Fortunately the member we brought with us go a long great and calmed him down so he still wants to continue.

I got to serve with Elder Dean!! It was amazing. He has changed so much. He is so confident and converted and still has so much fun. He is so much more of a man. I hope he can train soon. He's so ready. New missionaries need trainers like him.

Tuesday Elder Lawrence spake to the whole West Side of the Mission. That only happens once a year. It was amazing beyond words. I've never learned so much in my life. His wife taught us for 2 hours on the Gathering Israel starting with the premortal existence and ending with the Second Coming. It was so powerful and sacred. I had no idea how sacred and important and the magnitude of my calling as a missionary. Words cannot even begin to describe. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the Gathering of Israel. You said that the missionaries could have looked at you as a Gentile and I had no idea what that meant till now. But so many questions have been answered. I feel so much more love for people and confidence in my calling and importance of the Gospel. It feels like a missing piece to a circuit that when completed everything lights up! If I have any recommendations for missionaries preparing it's to study in depth the Gathering of Israel. It took 2 hours to teach us all of that. Which is still taking time to expound on for myself to understand more. You can understand why no words can do it justice. I feel so much more Spiritual Power to say the least.

I wish I could say the smallest part that I feel so members would understand the importance of Sharing the Gospel and non members would feel the importance of what I as a missionary represent. It's far more beyond anything any of us can imagine. It deserves our entire hearts, mights, minds and strengths. It deserves all our energy, all our focus, constant thinking about, constantly sacrificing for. I LOVE MY MISSION!!!!!!

I love you all so much! Hurrah for Israel!

-Elder Edgel

Friday, September 12, 2014

How to be a great fellowshipper


It has been a physically, mentally and spiritually draining last few weeks. So many things have fallen through and so many bad things have gotten in the way of our investigator's happiness. But the Lord never fails us. He catches us at the last moment. Just when we think we can't go on. Like he did Alma and Samuel the Lamanite. Just when they gave up He came to them. All of our investigators are being attacked. It's hard to not get really frustrated. You just can't think about it. You have to think about the hope and the things to look forward to. It's like paying attention to a bratty child. When you pay too much attention to a bratty child (or Satan in real life) he sees that and it makes him happy and fuels his brattyness. But if you're just like, whatever punk, God is so much better than you. Then he does get more and more mad. But you're at least the boss.

Lee Holt is awesome. Our fellowshipper though is questionable. Lee has a lot of questions and gets overwhelmed and our fellowshipper gave him every prophet book and told him to read them to answer his questions... Don't do that if you're a fellowshipper... I feel like we need to teach classes on being a fellowshipper. So many people don't know how and if I never served a faithful mission, I wouldn't either. You really need to be their friend. Not just mere professional acquaintences that shares their testimony when called upon. You have to be so excited that you don't even wait for the missionaries to tell you to bear your testimony. And be so excited for them that you don't wait for the missionaries to ask you to go by and see them. These people are making one of the most important and at times difficult choices in their lives! They are deciding whether or not to change their entire life style to follow the Savior! You bet they're going to need some support and love and encouragement! I'm talking random texts of support, dropping off them delicious Mormon Cookies, inviting them to every single ward activity (having a ton of ward activities) inviting them into your life, having them for dinner, hanging out with them you name it! These people need it so badly! Please don't take for granted the amazing blessings you have in the Gospel!! My mom didn't have those blessings!! It's almost unbearable to think of where people's lives are and where my mom's life was. The Gospel has changed it. EVERY BODY needs this!! They need to know they need it! This cannot be too casual. Being a fellowshipper is not just during a lesson. It needs to be 24/7. They need your help. You need to be their new best friend. Imagine yourself without the Gospel. To what extent would you want your friends or new friends to help you along? Imagine that was your family member suffering without the Gospel. This is soooo important!!!

One of the biggest reasons I came on my mission was to learn how to be a missionary and fellowshipper for the rest of my life. I love sharing the Gospel! And am excited that my mission never has to end!

The Bedoys are so awesome. I love them so much. On Saturday we had an appointment for every single hour of the day (saturdays are the hardest days too) I got to go on exchanges with none other than Elder Hamblin!! He's a district leader in our zone so it was really good seeing the change in each other. And last week was a real struggle. By Saturday we had only 7 lessons. Well on Saturday 4 appointments canceled or fell through and they STILL doubled our lesson count. It was so refreshing to seeing this really is God's work.

Well we have to get going. We have an awesome zone p day today and we have to help some missionaries clean their apartment because they're really struggling and one has ADHD and a clean apartment is impossible but we love a lot anyway.

I love you all!!

-Elder Edgel

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The power of the atonement

Elder Donovan and I are staying together!!!! Elder White left. Elder Donovan and I were the only zone leaders that didnt get changed. It's just him and I. I learn so much from him everyday. He's the foundation. I get crazy and don't think straight and he's there to help me see straight.

We have a great new investigater named Lee Holt in his 60's. We've learned all sorts of cool things from him. He's had 9 strokes and wants to make things right with God. He came to church. His first time going to a church in 50 years. He has a lot of questions and wants to be baptized. He is the perfect example of member missionary work. He told us "there was a lady that I used to talk to-but she was just a friend! I don't want you thinking anything otherwise. She's just a good looking young lady but we were just friends." she would tell him about the Gospel a lot and now he's investigating and wanting to be baptized!

There were a lot of struggles this past week. But everything is always in the hands of God. We also had a great zone meeting. Elder Donovan always feels so drained afterwards. We're exhausted but not tired. It's like being spiritually drained. The missionaries really liked it though. The theme was on being missionaries of power and authority. Elder Donovan trained on Faith, I trained on preparation and Sister Turner (the Sister Training Leader in the zone) trained on love. And then Elder Donovan and I gave a joint training on conviction. It was powerful. I love giving trainings. Even if they're spiritually draining haha.

We also saw Rachel!!! She still wants to meet with us but feels uncomfortabe doing this without her husband but he's interested in learning s we're excited! We love teaching families anyway! Everything worked out. We prayed and fasted so much for them. They will be so blessed from the Gospel

I found out that I have mexican relatives!! And I'm related to half the ward. President Atkinson's son's wife's family is the Whittings and they're related to over half the ward. And the Bedoys are related to them through something as crazy as my relationship. So they're family!!! We laughed a lot about that with them. I love them so much.

One of the new missionaries is struggling. It is SO hard. you have no idea what you're doing and there is so much pressure Satan attacks you with. It feels so dark and hopeless. I think it is because we've never lived as high of standards and are killing off the natural man and he's putting up a fight. Even if it's hard, we have to do it. If we stay comfortable then we'll never become anything greater. It has taken me a year to finally have questions answered, concerns resolved and understand why everything happened the way it did. I've learned so much about the Atonement and the infinite power in it. Every dumb intentional and unintentional thing we've ever done can be turned into a good thing IF we are willing to change and follow the commandments. I felt so much stress on myself when I messed up at the beginning and thought I was messing up so many things and hindering God's work. But when we use the Atonement all that we've ever messed up can be turned into a good thing for ourselves and others! Who doesn't want that? Is there anyone reading this email that does not want that? For all we've ever done wrong to be turned into a good thing? I will testify that it is IMPOSSIBLE without the Atonement. We are not wise enough to do something like that on our own. But someone above sees and understands everything and CAN do that IF we allow Him to. If we do those few things that He has asked us. If we give up those things that really don't matter in the first place and do those things which will bring the most lasting joy. I know that full access to God's power is only accesible through His authority which is the Priesthood found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and it is NEVER impossible for someone to change. Whether you're an old rich person stuck in your ways, a poor young drug addict, or a struggling teenager, change is so possible.

I love you all!!!

-Elder Edgel