Elder Edgels wisdom:

Elder Edgel's wisdom: I knew God was a Heavenly Father who loved me beyond anything I could ever imagine and was going to do His best to help me along.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Elder Edgels toe painting

Patience is how we show our faith in the Lord

I've noticed my life is most miserable when I'm thinking too much about myself. There is so much joy in loosing yourself to blessing others!!! It is the most bizarre thing. I've grown and learned so much and have had so much insight as I've lost myself in serving others.

Friday Rachel called us and said she has been talking with her husband and needs to tell us about it... That's made us pretty nervous so please pray for her. Our appt fell through. Everything with them has been inspired but they've been pretty flakey and haven't showed the most commitment towards this.

During weekly planning we felt inspired to set Dusty on date for this next Sunday! We felt so strongly about it too. He's so ready. In our lesson last night he said he'd pray and call us today so we're really excited!!! We've also found 5 new investigators!! We haven't found a family in a long time so we're really hoping to do that this week.

Elder Oaks came to our mission! He spoke to the 4 outwest stakes' leaders and then squeezed in an hour of talking to the missionaries that lived within an hour of the meeting house to come. We were so blessed to be able to go. It was the neatest thing being able to shake his hand and receive revelation in the middle of talking to us. He talked about being an instrument in the hands of the Lord like his pen is an instrument in his hands. His pen doesn't write it's message. It writes his message on his time, in his way. It doesn't slack off ever for a second and say it can't write today.

Another amazing highlight was Elder Martino from the 70 speaking at a stake conference. It was a bummer that no investigators came because it was amazing to hear him speak.

Mostly this week I've been studying Patience in the Christlike Attributes of PMG. I've learned so much about how patience is how we show our faith in the Lord and our humility to submit to His will. I get so impatient with myself, investigators, missionaries. I learned how it shows our love and confidence in others and in God's timing to teach in His time.

I love you all sorry for the short email!!

-Elder Edgel

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm not sure who these people are, sorry but I just wanted to post the pics he sent.


Thank so much for being so strong da momma. You now take time aside to take care of TWO missionaries. You are one tough momma.

We're having our zone P day and it's going to be off the hook! Just kidding. We'll keep it on the hook but it will be a swell time. We're going to do feet painting and play ultimate frisbee. Elder Donovan is so creative. He came up with feet painting.

I heard the funiest things from these kids that we teach in the Monday family, LA's. Bathtism and the snackerment. Their 8 and 9 and the silliest kids ever.

Missionary work gets better and better every week. We've been busy busy busy but it's been great.

Had a great lesson with Rachel and brought Sister Bedoy, a less active. She was a great fellowshipper. Annie is out of town and wants to push her date back which was a bummer.

MLC's in Vail which is 2 hours away from Grand Junction. We left at 6 Am and got back to our area at 7 PM. So that's a bummer but I've learned to be grateful for the responsibilities as a zone leader even if its meetings that take you out of your area. It's all part of God's work and His glory. Whether for investigators and less actives or His missionaries. It was actually a really personally sprititual meeting for me. We talked on the talk from Elder Bednar on Bearing up Their Burdens and I didn't understand it when I read it. Even though I read it a few times. And it felt President was talking straight to me. I had been under so much stress and fear and doubt and it helped me so much to see how The Atonement can help. Simple things that I've been taught my whole life but still seem to slip past. By the end I felt so empowered to help these missionaries. I now finally know what to do in order to help lift this zone. I feel we can finally get there to our goals.

I got to go on exchanges with ELDER DEAN!!!! That Elder has changed so much. He's still his goofy self but he's so powerful. He's so confident in the Gospel. It was an inspiration serving with him. We had a great talk during our lunch about the changes we've gone through.

We've also been finding some awesome people to teach. We found 3 new investigators.

Because of driving to Vail we were dead on miles so we walked a lot in our area. That was the greatest thing ever. Elder Donovan and I had so many spiritual conversations and we saw so many miracles. We would walk to where we planned and it would talk about 20 - 30 minutes. Then we'd say, "why did we even plan to go this far? It's not even that solid!" and then an amazing miracle would happen. The Lord definitely qualifies those he calls no matter how weak they may be.

The best was the end of the day for Kassandra which lived the farthest. We had an appointment for Sunday and so I said we should confirm with her Saturday Night. So we planned for it and walked it and thought, why did we walk this far if we already had an appointment for Sunday? But it ended up being the best thing ever because she would have been busy and we had a powerful lesson with her. She opened up so much and exlplained her doubts and struggles. I felt so much love and compassion and heart break for her. She feels so hurt from God and doesn't understand why so many things have happened to her when she had prayed and pled for them not to. She is so sincere and said she would do anything to have that healing. I've never met someone so thirsty for the Atonement.

The closer with God I become the weaker I feel which is ironic but makes so much sense. I now see way more how incapable I am of anything on my own. All my weaknesses are more visable. Elder Donovan helps me to be more positive and hopeful and I am but I realize now that there are so many more things I could be doing better. And I will!

This Gospel is the greatest gift I would ever give to anyone. And only offer it because I love those I offer it to. Not because I want to push my religion. But because it's changed my life and helped me to feel the love of my Creator.

I love you all!!!

-Elder Edgel

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pessimism is exhausting

Bum bum bumble be- bumble bee tuna, I like bumble bee- bumble bee tuna.

I last heard Jon Schmidt sing that probably 10 years ago and it still gets stuck in my head on a weekly basis.


This week we've had a lot of things fall apart and a lot of things fall into place. Everything happens for a reason.

Annie is still super awesome. She's on date for baptism for August 30th!!! She's an interesting case. Her whole family is LDS and baptized and she was raised it but never baptized. She struggled with her testimony as well. So we searched for her records and they never came so she's evidently not a member.

We also had a great lesson with the Bedoys, less actives. Her kids came to church but she never did. Come to find out her husband came home late drunk and after hitting her tried lighting his truck on fire only to be saved last minute by an officer. It was a powerful lesson as we shared a message on her being able to conquer, that everything happens for a reason and she can now come to church every week. We also gave her a great blessing.

We put Rachel on date!!!! I have been worrying about her and worrying about if she's going to make it. You can usually tell if your investigator is going to make it by how well they open up to you and how well they keep commitments. I was weary on both of those. But we met her at the church with a member and gave her a tour. In the sacrament room we asked her how she felt and she said she felt a warm, peaceful, protective and safe feeling she can't describe ever since she came inside. The Spirit was strong as we told her that was the Spirit and invited her to be baptized by September 27th!!! She accepted right away! She gave a sweet kneeling prayer praying to have the truth confirmed more and soften her husbands heart towards these things.

There is so much power in people simply coming inside a church building!! One of the greatest missionary tools.

Before the tour I was nervous that she might not come since she's been flakey a lot. I got on my knees in the bathroom and prayed and asked for forgiveness for doubting and the faith to be OK with whatever happens and to have a hope that all things will go according to His plan. I learned so much on the importance of hope that day. We must be realistic on circumstances but always filled with hope. Being pessimistic is just too exhausting anyway and always having hope brings much better results. Sister Edgel told me about how in The Other Side of Heaven, when the missionary was going to the island it was a bad storm and he had to swim in. He said that he simply couldn't afford negative thoughts otherwise his energy would be drained and he wouldn't make it.

We're seeing miracles all the time. Elder Donovan and I keep telling each other that we've never been happier all of our lives and never felt more effective in all of our missions. These last few days I've been thinking about being content with those things that the Lord has allotted unto us, or magnifying our callings. The Lord knows where we need to be in order for our personal growth and others growth. I've learned to be content with my weaknesses and faults and just try little by little to improve them. The Lord knows I need that learning and knows I can influence those I need to in the weak condition I'm already in. But I feel renewed in giving all of myself!!

I love you all!! Keep up being missionaries in being an example of the believers! As Elder Johnson said: Bear testimony often. If necessary, use words.

-Elder Edgel

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Miracles Struggles Happiness

Miracles miracles miracles!!! Struggles struggles struggles. Happiness happiness happiness!!!!!

Dusty quick chewing Aug 1st. We gave him a blessing and that day he drove to Denver. He called us 10 PM and we were afraid it was an emergency. He got to Denver safely and apparently his dad had been meeting with missionaries this whole time and has now decided to be baptized with his son on the 24th! This is the month our mission is trying to get 100 baptism!!! We're so excited!!!!! We're seeing so many miracles!!!!! The mission has about 100 people on date and more that can be put on date so things are looking pretty good so far.

Annie is awesome. She's one of those investigators that you know will be a life long friend. She's so ready to be apart of God's church. She talks about how she wants to be baptized and knows she needs to get things worked out still. That day will be so awesome!

McKinleigh is finally back from her trip!!! It was so great seeing her again. We had a powerful lesson with her. We read 3 Nephi 17. We were excited for it to be really spiritual but in a way we both knew it would be a struggle. She's very logical and is struggling a lot with being confused and over thinking and worrying if God loves her, if He is real, if she knows it, if all this science, history and logic is fact or fiction. So a lot of it was her being confused and arguing but the end was powerful. She told Elder White our third that she felt her chest pounding and the Spirit telling her she needed to tell him that she didn't feel love when he spoke to her and that if he wanted to help people he needed to learn to love. It was HARSH but the Spirit was so strong. He understood. He's very light hearted and doesn't take offense easy. Unless it's cake but that's a different story. But It really helped her to see maybe she does have a testimony.

We've been knocking a LOT of doors! Sometimes I wonder if it's all that effective but I know we're being blessed for it. Even if it's just our own conversion.

I reading Mosiah 8 and he says to cheer up because the end of all the struggles is almost over and then says, yet I truth there remaineth an effectual struggle to be made. So true. This is the truth. THe work is hastening. We have the greatest reason to rejoice, but there does remain an effectual struggle to be made. In our own trials, our testimonies and sharing the Gospel. It was never meant to be easy. But oh how worth it is because we are on God's side and He NEVER fails those who serve Him faithfully. THAT'S such an evidence that this is the truth. He is so behind this work. This would have ended 200 years ago if it weren't. This is only hanging on by miracles and the Hand of God. All logic, and all fact and science would say this should have ended years ago. Most importantly, I know this is the truth because I've gained my own testimony from that spiritual witness.

I love you all!

-Elder Edgel