Elder Edgels wisdom:

Elder Edgel's wisdom: I knew God was a Heavenly Father who loved me beyond anything I could ever imagine and was going to do His best to help me along.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

I can't get over the amazing joy of having ONE WHOLE YEAR MORE TO SERVE THE LORD!!!!

Elder Dean is in my district. He's also my neighbor! It's really nice being next to him. He's such a great missionary. He's already making a huge difference in the area he's serving. The Spirit is strong with this one. Elder Stevens is out west. That's all I know. I saw him at transfers. He's going to do great things in this mission and really help it to grow.

I got the package and I loved IT!!!!!

We've had such a terrific week! We put Dustin on date for Aug 23 and his quit day from chew Aug 1!!! He's so determined. He is the hulk. He has so much battle scars from working and just keeps going. He's going to be so great in the church. Speaking of battle scars, he rolled a riding lawn mower and is out of work for a week or two but it's been a blessing because we can actually teach him now!!!

We found an amazing new investigator. She was raised but never baptized. She came to church after we just invited her to church from the street! She's totally getting baptized this month.

We found 2 new investigators for the YSA ward. Sad to find amazing people and to not be more of a part for their conversion but everything in the Lord's way.

One of those is William. An 18 year old man. I liked him right off the spot when he said he preferred the Cleveland show because it was cleaner that Family Guy. Not many people have that integrity. He was a refferal from the ward council. Someone said, "hey go try Eva McGee. She might have grandkids living with her that might not be members." You can see how easy that fell through the cracks. But on Friday I remembered them and so on Saturday we went and contacted them. His girl friend answered but she had to go to work so she took off. He had us come in and and we started the survey with him (which is a finding tool, very effective). He started crying in the middle and we never even finished the survey! We just jumped into teaching him! He was so grateful for us. He understood everything. He said after I asked, "how do you feel right now?" "I feel many prayers have been answered. I felt before like I wanted to check out one of the Mormon churches. But now I know I need to." He's so excited for his new journey and committed to baptism and reading the Book of Mormon everyday! He will make an amazing missionary one day!

We've seen many more miracles! Mostly in our own personal conversion. Elder Donovan and I bare way more powerful testimony than ever before. We're learning to not be afraid of sharing the truth.

The Wynns (an amazing amazing older couple) invited their horse riding students over for dinner with us. One was not a member but had talked with missionaries before. We committed her to read the Book of Mormon and they each bore their testimony. The Spirit was strong.

I've been thinking about loosing myself more. To no longer with hold anything in my heart. TO give it all to the Lord. To never think about what I'm excited to do at home for even a second because I'm already doing the greatest work in my life. Why be excited for even a second to return from it? I'm coming up on my year mark on the 31st and I am SO EXCITED to have ONE MORE YEAR of doing his amazing work! To give like I've never given before and work with so much more power. I've learned so many skills. And feel like I now know what I'm doing. I'm SO EXCITED to put it all to use this year and become fully consecrated. I can't get over the amazing joy of having ONE WHOLE YEAR MORE TO SERVE THE LORD!!!! That is just so generous of the Lord to give that to me. I feel like I should have 6 months left for whatever reason. But I get a whole year! I feel ready to accomplish whatever the Lord wants to send my way. No matter the companion, the area, the investigators, the ward, the leadership, the responsibility. I feel so ready to tackle it all without a word of complaint and fulfill whatever my duty may be in every aspect.

I love you all so much! This Gospel is the only one and true way no matter how unappealing or offending it may be. It is open to everyone!! It is amazing. I know this is the Church that Jesus Christ established for every single one of us. I testify in the name of Jesus Christ as His representative that we must all unite with Him and serve most faithfully in every aspect we are given in His church or cannot expect all the blessings he wants to give us. I know He loves us all so much.

-Elder Edgel

Monday, July 21, 2014

This gospel is the way to greater peace.

Ya Emerlynn!!!! She's beautiful! I love Easton's prayer in dad's email. Sister Homes-gull! That poor lady. She had to deal with my bratty teenageness. My senior year teacher was a saint for being able to tame the punks. There was that production of 18 lives and the seminary teacher reminded me of her a ton.

Elder Stevens is in my mission!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! That was the coolest thing ever! I can't wait to see what leadership skills he'll bring with him. I'm going to keep him super accountable now that I know him! Elder Dean is my neighbor now too! The other ward missionaries live next to us. It's so nice having a hard working elder live next to us that won't come over to hangout all the time. Already he's doing great things for the ward and the area.

We taught a lady in the ward's solar pannel guy. She invited him to take the lessons and told us he's been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon and feels it's true and really wants to learn. He got there and said he had thumbed through barley and wasn't sure about all of this. But the lesson was terrific and the Sister is an awesome missionary for being so bold. She's one of the best in the ward. Teaching a lot of people on the street but not going anywhere.

Jordan's baptism was awesome! The Sieberts played teh musical number of when I am baptised on the violin and guitar. It was amazing! They are an awesome family.

There is a new family in the ward so our WML told us to go see them. they are the best! Already they've invited people to come to church, are feeding us, allowing us to teach them at 8:00 (have the missionaries teach your family a discussion. It gives them practice, brings the Spirit, and helps you to do missionary work. 8:00 is the least effective time so we teach the members) inviting neighbors to have dinner with us AND came to a lesson with us! They're just on fire with missionary work! We taught Rachel and Steven. We had taught Rachel and she said it was true. We kept trying to meet with them but the lessons would fall through. Finally we made an awesome lesson plan, and planned on bringing awesome fellowshippers and the lesson was awesome! We taught the Plan of Salvation and they really perked up and listened with intent. You could see they felt the Spirit. Their eyes were filled with light as we taught on the Atonement as we taught on being cleansed from Sin. How our Savior has felt every single pain we've gone through. And how our bodies will be reunited despite our wickedness. Not many people in this world understand what the Atonement means. Or what it means that Jesus Christ suffered for them. Many people, including myself when i was younger, have no idea why that's even importnat. It's awesome to see people light up as they understand what eternal significance that has for their lives. The Greers invited them over for dinner on Tuesday (another awesome thing they did) and we're going to come as well!

I've been scared of chasing people off and making them think I'm too pushy. I've thought that if I do then they won't have the chance to really learn what we're all about and think we're just pushy weirdos. There is a balance of all things obviously. But I've learned to not be afraid to be bold. THIS IS THE GOSPEL!!! If they choose not to learn more when the Spirit works through as you're both loving and bold, then why would they if you're wimpy and you don't have the Spirit? If I love them, I will be bold because of how important this. If they want to be mad and make something up about how we're weird they can. But I know this is true and am denying them ETERNAL blessings if I am not bold! Elder Donovan brought up this point. All the missionaries in the Book of Mormon and Bible. Someone hated them and wanted to kill them. Someone got offended because they didn't to hear the truth and change and became hateful and wanted to kill them. It's not like they ran around trying to offend everyone. These were extremely loving men. They spoke the truth. They weren't afraid of speaking the truth because eventually, no one can hide from the truth. We are going to learn to be more bold and loving. Hopefully we'll even get someone that wants to kill us!

I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is truly God's literal church on the earth. God is at the head of this church and directing. Otherwise, how else could it have survived so long against persecution? Sure there have been imperfect men but that doesn't change the perfectness of Christ's doctrine contained in it.

I know that if we want to come closer to Christ and have greater peace that this is truly the way.

It's given me so much happiness and peace. I know that anyone and everyone can find that peace in this Church.

I love you all so much! I love this work!

-Elder Edgel

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The greatest way to influence someone is by the way you live.

This week has been tough and amazing. Its hard to have missionaries who don't want to be obedient. But amazing because I learn so much on how to help them and me.

It's so awesome to hear about Jacob and Rachel. They are tough cookies.

It's been stressful. Tyler and Jacob gave me some amazing advice without knowing it related to me and even without knowing they were giving me advice. Living by example is the best way I learn. I don't pay attention as much (if I can at all haha) to what is said than how it is said and they way the person is living. I mostly watch them and learn so much from them. I need to remember that that is the greatest way to influence someone. It's hard because you want results faster.

We had Mission Leader Conference in Vail and learned a lot about keeping people accountable. The first thing our President did was get his wife up there, put his arm around her and told us to marry someone as awesome as her.

We also ushered for an event called 18 lives. It was amazing. You'll hear about it in Church news. You can watch in on BYU TV. 5 stakes came together and the youth preformed it all. over 700. Oh man it was powerful. There was a scene of the stripling warriors all running up. Everyone talks about it. It was so powerful. They'll all make amazing missionaries. I saw Yazzi and Kaliegh from my last area! Two of the girls of the Medallins. I had to do everything in my power not to hug them haha. It was so nice to see them and all the young men we took out and the members. I felt so loved by them. They're such good people.

We found two new boys to teach! We orinigally had a lot of time to find one day and we lost all that time so we only had 45 minutes. We prayed to find those 2 new investigators anyway and to find a family. The first people we talked to was a 14 year old boy with awesome big hair like Tyler's and Jared's and his little brother. We taught them the first lesson and I've never seen young men more absorbed than these two boys. They were really glad to talk to us and the oldest boy Tristan said the closing praying. They said it would mean a lot to them to find these things out. Their parents are struggling and divorced and that affects them. Tristan and Aiden. Pray for them.

Anwyay. I love you all. I feel your love. Thank you so much.

-Elder Edgel

Saturday, July 12, 2014

He won't force us to be any happier than we choose to be.

That is awesome! I love nice people! They just picked up your car and moved it! I'm sure dad did most of the work. They were just there to assist his super man strength.

I'm so happy to see your strength through all of this, momma. I'm so proud of you. I'll let my zone know how Momma Edgel is doing.

We're doing a LOT of finding which is awesome. I used to hate knocking doors and OYMing but I'm growing in passion for it. Jordan the 9 year old PMF (part member family) will be baptized this Sunday evening and confirmed the following week. We're nervous his family doesn't completely understand the importance of the Gospel and it seems that baptism is only a checklist for him. The mom has no interest in coming to church or going to the temple. But the baptism is all planned out and we're excited! There's a sweet family the ward in the band Jack and Jill. They travel a lot so we don't see them but they're going to do the musical number. They're way cool people so we're excited. There's a few members that are pretty judgemental unfortuntely so hopefully no ones does anything unChristlike as a result of them playing at a baptism...

In my testimony this Sunday I told them how I was a little disappointed with all the old people but have grown to really love them all. This ward is struggling in the stake so I'm really excited to be able to work with them and get the work flying. I love love love my companion Elder Donovan!! We've grown so close. Elder Tasilimu has been one of my favorites. He has a huge heart and a love for everyone. He just sleeps in a lot haha.

We had a great lesson with Jennifer. We met her the first week I got here and have been pulling her weeds but haven't been able to meet with her. She's a little nervous we're trying to convert her but she really likes everything we've shared. She had us over for dinner Wednesday and we taught the first lesson to her and her niece. Her niece was really interested so that was exciting.

We're still struggling with being able to get people to keep our appointments. 4 yesterday and every single one fell through.

Dustin Jackson quit smoking though! He said his packs kept disappearing and when he would smoke they would taste horrible. Now it's just down to chew!

A member gave us a refferal for her neighbor. They had been talking about the Gospel frequently. Her neighbor didn't understand the 3 degrees of glory and Judgement day. Not even that many LDS people understand that it is a plan of mercy. That ultimately we judge ourselves based off of how comfortable we feel standing next to the Almighty Being. Even the lowest place he prepared for us is WAY better than this life now! It truly is a plan of mercy because he won't force us to be any happier than we choose to be. Why would he make us be somewhere we don't feel comfortable in?

I had a dream I was in Steamboat with Elder Donovan and we were just tearing it up. I miss Steamboat a lot. That's been my favorite area. I wish I knew then what I know now, I could have made such a bigger impact but the Lord took me, weaknesses and all and made something great of it. So many good friends there.

Well I love you all! We keep seeing miracles! There are miracles when you trust the Lord and obey His will.

-Elder Edgel