Elder Edgels wisdom:

Elder Edgel's wisdom: I knew God was a Heavenly Father who loved me beyond anything I could ever imagine and was going to do His best to help me along.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Heavenly Father is just so loving.

In response to you:
Rangely is not very LDS. 2000 population. About 300 in each ward. A ton of less actives. We've been teaching a lot of less actives. I love them so much but it'd be nice being able to get to people who don't even know yet. Dad, thanks for being such an example in your home teaching. I learning how important it is. That goes to Tyler, too. I kept bugging him about member missionary work when I lost sight of the importance of home teaching.
We got a care package of things from Salt Lake. Everything we need to be able to live. They even gave us $5 each to Subway for surviving. I had to use my companions huge unnecessary knife for making sandwiches. There's a pic.
No idea what poisoned me. I was fine after the one day though. Good thing it was P day so I could nap a lot of it off. We have a PO box. And I don't know it. Mail it the mission address and they'll forward it to me. It's a day longer but you don't have to keep getting updated on my address. I'll mail you a letter this week of things I keep forgetting to tell or ask you and it'll have all that junk.
Well Dad, I haven't heard any airplane jokes. I was actually the one that made it to my companion... And then I apologized for such a joke. I don't know if I told you but my companion was in this area in the start of his mission (I'm the first greenie since him and he's training me, and I'm the first 18 year old in Rangely) so people ask him to pray more than I. But in our first dinner the very first day I did get asked to pray since I was so new. I thought that was funny haha.
We do a different approach with people than just asking them if they want to hear our message. We ask if we could leave a prayer and blessing upon their house. It's powerful. We call down the powers of the priesthood and the blessings they ask for happen. It brings in the Spirit. So that's been softening hearts and increasing people's willingness. It's awesome.
On Thursday we had zone conference and had to wake up at 4:30 to start the day so we were pretty tired by the end of the day. It was 8:30. We had just tried a former but they weren't home. Their neighbors were outside. So we OYM'd (open your mouth) and asked if we could leave a blessing and they said ya. In the blessing Elder Jordan names every member of the family and meant to say "bless them to continue to have good success". Too bad he said sex instead of success. After the prayer we laughed it off though.
You'll see in the pictures that his place is beautiful. Mostly everyone here though was either brought here for, or currently drill oil or work in the coal mine. So There's a ton of trailer and RV parks. Where we live is apparently the "ghetto" of Rangely. It's almost like Vegas haha.
This week flew by! We've met with awesome people that just need a push and a good spiritual confirmation. We're meeting with an excon who served a mission and has been in a nut house. So it's interesting. He has a huge mastiff dog that's really old. Cool stuff. The people here are just so typical western hick, it's hilarious. I feel like I'm Gentle Man Broncos. There's even a LA (less active) that looks IDENTICAL to the guy with the snake it's ridic! Just an older version. It's so funny out here. The quirky people just tickle my peach. Like the Gentleman Bronco guy, the first I met him he had a trucker hat that said "America's #1 drinking team!" and it just made me laugh so hard on the inside. Janea and Tyler would bust up laughing at some of the things here. It's just so perfect.

We're meeting with an eternagator. An eternal investigator. Wife was baptized, he comes to church but doesn't believe. He has an interesting story. Really smart guy. Used to be a preacher. Loves his Vodka. There was a time in his life that he said he's been close with God and felt his promptings continually in his life on exactly the things he should be doing. (for 40 years he's been drinking everyday so he's had this while drinking). He doesn't get drunk. He has some different views. He believes Joseph Smith was a prophet, the BoM was inspired. He believes some facts aren't right in it. He doesn't believe Brigham Young was a prophet. He doesn't believe Thomas S Monson is either. He doesn't think Prophets should have body guards. He thinks everyone is going to Heaven again. So agrees closely a lot but some of it is pretty quirky. Like how Jesus bent the matrix and we can too. Which is true in a sense through faith but he goes a bit too far. We dedicated his home Friday and felt impressed to cast out all evil spirits... Apparently he turned his back on God a while ago and the last three years he hasn't had that closeness with Him and it's been a struggle on his faith. We're going to help him through the atonement. He's a tricky guy.

It's frightens me that I won't know what exactly to say to these people. I get a little depressed and scared and frustrated. I'm casting away all doubt and trying to be selfless and trusting in the Spirit. I know we're going to help these people to baptism. The work hasn't been done in Rangely in a long long time. Our Ward Mission Leader thanked us for working and said more work has been done in the last two weeks in a long long time. That's sad but I'm glad I get to work and help this town. I love it so much. I'm praying to have a confirmation that this is true and that the Spirit can work through me. I've always grown up knowing little by little but I feel it important to do as I'm asking people to do. I know I'll receive an answer. Heavenly Father is just so loving.

I love this work! It's awesome having the Spirit work through me and prompt me on what to say and do.

Elder Edgel's wisdom: DON'T IGNORE THE SPIRIT. You loose so many opportunities to help people that need it so bad! Love, love, love! Who cares about what people think of you! You're not that great anyway.

You guys are sounding like you're doing so awesome. This work is amazing. Life is good when you're not thinking about how good you can make life for yourself. I couldn't be happier.

-Elder Edgel

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My sister & I share a unique trait...

Sorry I didn't get to email last week. They didn't give a P day for those who were transferring in. 36 new missionaries are in Colorado! Next transfer 32 come in. The Lord is hastening His work truly. You can just send it to 999 E Tufts Ave Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113-5907 and they'll forward it to me. I don't know our apartment quite yet. We just moved out of a member's home.

Here we go. I'm going to go fast so try and keep up. We listened to another Bednar talk in the MTC on listening to the Spirit. He said to just keep being a good boy or girl, keep your covenants and it'll fall into place. We don't need to know right then that it's the Spirit whispering to us. Just do good and the rest falls into place. Bednar is awesome.

The airport was the first time being in the real world. It was funny because people looked nervous around us and almost tried to avoid us hahaha. When we landed the Mission President, his wife and his AP's were there to greet us. He was casually shaking everyone's hand and then lit up when he saw me and said, "Elder Edgel! You're going to love your area!" I was taken back a bit but it's so cool to see that he's received inspiration for me on where is best for me. In our interview he asked me what I KNOW. So I said that I know the love that Heavenly Father has for me and that He only wants best for me and that I can trust Him. On the car ride to the mission office I rode with the AP's and they asked why we came out and what we want to learn. I said I came out because I want to learn how to give back and that a mission is a good place to start. My MTC companion said, "because I want to turn branches into wards." What a faithful guy. I said I wanted to learn how to be an effective member missionary that I can continue to give back. The AP's told us how the land of desolation in the BoM is north and we should be grateful to be in the Denver, SOUTH in the land bountiful. Nerdy missionary jokes. I'm in a trio. My trainer is awesome and a good leader. The other guy is from Alabama and also has an accent. I think I'm coming home with a southern accent. They think I'm pretty funny so thanks for praying that my companions won't be so annoyed with me. ;)

Shopping was terrifying. I have $4 for everyday. I had no idea what I was doing. All this time I've also been afraid that I wouldn't eat good if taking care of myself. Come to find out, I eat WAY BETTER when I shop for the foods I want and cook the way I want. I don't starve myself waiting for my mother to slave for me.

Welcome to (range lee) Rangley, Colorado! The most wonderful place I've ever lived. Population: 2000. Exactly what I've dreamed of! Mission President was right. It's kind of dessert but snows. I'll have to take a picture at the top of the city. You can overlook and see all the green trees in the city and the dessert surrounding it with the most wonderful plateaus. We also cover Dinosaur. Population: 300. We only visit once a week. We cover two wards and Dinosaur. We're going to make Dinosaur it's own branch. About 30 members, 3 active though.

I've learned how I can show my love more fully. I'm not the best in conversation, I don't really easily laugh, but my sister and I share a unique trait; we smile big and bright. President said that's how he recognized me. I smile so much naturally out here that I have to keep drinking water so I don't get cotton mouth from having my lips open.

Missionary lingo: "oh man my fart didn't even stink! Call President!" People say "good night" a lot too out here. "I'd add that sister to my team." (marriage team). OYM, SC, HBT, southern comp says "it was baaad" a lot. Oh and "how do you mean?" Example: Elder Jordan: Let's go see blah blah blah Elder Tillman; How do you mean? Elder Jordan: You know how I mean! Elder Tillman: How do you figur? Elder Jordan: How do I figur? Where do you get off! Elder Tillman: How do you reckon? Elder Jordan: Are you high? (I can't put a number on how many times I've heard this exact conversation) I need to learn to write shorter...

Our new apartment has nothing. No beds, no pots, no cooking spary, no blankets, no pillows, no SHOWER CURTAIN, no utensils, no bowls or plates, our pets heads are falling off! It's awesome though. We get everything today. I've been using clothes as a pillow and my sheets, towel and lava lava as a blanket.

Dad, people do ask me to pray all the time. No one's done the plane joke though. It's so good to hear Jeremy is doing better, I'm praying for him. I'm so glad I got to ride the loop with him even though we didn't stick together. It was still lots of fun with him. I got food poisoning last night. Woo hoo! First of the mission! I'm doing good though.

Janea, I gave some missionaries the info at the parade. If they haven't contacted them I'm not sure where the info is. It should be in my memory box that isn't duck tapped over. If they're both duck tapped, it's the one with less stuff. Feel free to dig for it.

It's awesome to see the impact as missionaries. How people will listen to us so easily. Everyday I get to have an amazing spiritual experience with someone. I'm seeing my blessing of loving people more than myself come to pass already. I love the people here. First Sunday we gave a talk on missionary work. I spoke on the need for understanding and not being pushy. (Sorry Tyler, I'm learning to motivate people rather than push them.) I love you guys so much. Thanks for your prayers and love. I can definitely feel it. Take care everyone.

Monday, August 12, 2013

1st P day letter. Pray for the love of God.

I'm so glad to hear from you guys. So Brother Garret and Jeremy got in accidents while I've been gone huh? That's so sad. The good thing is that we can learn so much from seemingly bad things. Chicago sounded fun. Thanks for not visiting Elder Herdt.

The MTC is amazing. Learning so much so fast. It's stressful at times. My teacher is very smart and some things he teaches seems a little beyond us and so it kinda stresses me out. But I know it's good stuff. Last night he taught us about living the principals. Living the Fall of Adam. Living the Apostacy. Finding out how it's relatable in our lives in our language. Makes sense but it was a bit past me the way he explained. It's almost distracting but I'm going strong.

Just thinking about the fact that I'm a missionary brings so much joy to me. It's truly a blessing to serve the Lord. There's 2 districts of missionaries going to Coly, Denver South. 19 of us total. One trio. 4 sisters. My companion is district leader now. He's an amazing guy. When I got paired with him I thought I was going to teach and help him out a ton but now I see that I have so much to learn from him. He may not be the smartest and know exactly how to teach, but he's so humble, loving, patient and meek. I love the guy so much. Most importantly he can deal with me haha. I'm patient with myself. My weaknesses will make me strong in seeing that I need the Spirit in all that I do. I'm learning how to listen to the Spirit.

In a lesson we talked about how investigators are looking for a "water bottle" when they pray. (specific, direct, easy answers). Even though their staring at the water fountain they think they need a water bottle to drink it. And then they die of dehydration. It's our duties to teach them they don't a water bottle. They just need the water. That's what I'm learning. Apply it to your life. There's so much to learn. I'm learning "deep doctrine" isn't Kolob Theory and teleportation. Real DEEP doctrine that you could study for centuries and not know perfectly is The Savior's love. The Atonement. Things that we must apply in our lives. I'm learning to teach like the 12 Apostles. When they teach, they teach very simply. They don't worry us with other worlds, intelligences vs. spirits vs bodies. Some of the missionaries are getting distracted with things like that. It's too bad.

I taught my companion to shave. The little guy is growing up. I'm learning the meaning of baptism. I've been fasting to know. There's so much meaning in things we can learn from that seem so simple. We heard Wilford Woodruff's voice at the missionary conference Sunday. One of the first recordings in history. It was so cool. At the fireside we heard from Jenny Oaks. The apostle's daughter. A very talented violinist. She talked about spiritual gifts and about how if we are imperfect it is our duty to pray for the spiritual gift to make us perfect. She quoted someone on that.

We taught a TRC. Training Resource Center. Investigators, members, inactives, people come and let us teach them in their "homes" in the MTC. Ours was Arnold. We never really taught though. We just bore testimonies and told of our conversions. I challanged him to pray so he said he would. Hopefully I explained it so he doesn't look for a water bottle.

We heard Elder Bednar's talk on the Character of Christ. The coolest thing. How he turns outward instead of inward. A mother called him early one morning and told him 3 girls had been in a fatal accident. One was dead. She needed him to go and find out who the two were because they were so messed up that no one could tell. He realized she was on the phone with the nurse at the same time with him on another phone. (before cell phones). He heard the nurse tell this single mother that her only daughter was the one that had died. A single mother with only one child. At that moment she told Bednar, We need to tell the mothers of the situation now and make sure they know what's going on. She turned outward instead of inward. Another mother who's child ended up dying was relief society president. Before the funeral a sister was whining about how she had a cold and no one had yet gone to give her a meal. Right before the funeral the relief society president did. Amazing stories. So grateful to hear that people are like this and that we can too.

This church is so true. I'm so thankful to be a part of it. We're doing the right thing. Trust in God. Pray for His love. I love you guys so much. I'm praying for you all. Elder Edgel

I was only nervious because I felt like I should be.

Wednesday, the 31 of July 2013 My Momma, When I got dropped off and even before, I felt fine. I was a little nervous at times only because I felt I should be. Jared, Jen, Gavin, Janea & I went to Zupas to eat just before they dropped me off & we saw a ton of families with their missionaries, this poor kid looked like he was about to vomit and cry. Guess where he's assigned to labor, Janea? Denver South! He's going to my mission and is in my district. I think he just always looks like that, haha.

Walking in I felt the Spirit so strong. I knew so clearly what I was doing for two years, what serving a mission even means. My companion is legit. I'm so lucky. He's from Kentucky with an accent, convert of 1 1/2 years, without his family, honest and pure and color blind. I hope I stay close with him on my mission. And he looks like Julian Smith. There's a Canook too. (Canadian)

I want to learn to write like a human. Any suggestions? I really want to write better on my mission. (If anyone reading this has any tips let us know, Thanks)

I'm in the actual MTC. It's great to be with boys that have set their sights and left behind their childhood...kind of. At lunch we sat with some Elders that had been there for a few weeks learning Spanish going to Argentina. One of them had a food anxiety and his companion was getting him to try new foods. He had a leaf of lettuce for the first time yesterday and today he had two bites of salad. His face was so red, he was ready to hurl. But he never did. This kid was freaking out. I asked if he ever had nightmares of food. He said he didn't.

In the orientation they explained this isn't EFY and we need to be sober, haha. I thought it was kinda funny. It is weird though. I do think it is like EFY, were we will be coming home soon. I hope saying that doesn't make you cry, mom, haha. I keep thinking "oh hey, I'm going to pull out my phone and text my pals something about the MTC, then realize I have no phone. There's a certain spirit though when I consciously think that I'll be out here for two years, it's great! I love you all I'm praying. I wish I would have watched Nacho Libre before so I could quote stuff but oh well. You'll have to imagine it yourselves. Elder Edgel