Elder Edgels wisdom:

Elder Edgel's wisdom: I knew God was a Heavenly Father who loved me beyond anything I could ever imagine and was going to do His best to help me along.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cowboy Elder

I'll keep working and praying and growing.

Holly molly. Although you may not think. You've done an excellent job raising your children. It's sad to see when our investigators are hardened and then all these things start happening to humble them. It's hard to see because I just want to say why don't you get it!? Just be humble and listen to the Spirit! I hope they get it.

I got the packages! I got the V day and Tylers and Janeas letter so thank you all! I haven't actually gotten Janea's letter. The Sisters just told me they have it. The dried fruit was the best! Thank you thank you!! Especially the mexican mangos haha.
Thanks for all you do momma.

We had a great week and some way cool lessons. Our district is going to start doing a prayer list of our investigators for all of us to pray for. In our last DM one of the new sisters said she went to another DM on exchanges and it was quiet and awkward and just weird and said she likes ours a lot more so that was reassuring haha.

Thursday morning we got a call from the zone leaders. "are you elders almost here?" "Almost to where?". Well we got to zone meeting for the last hour of it and it was exactly what I needed to hear. They challenged us to read the Book of Mormon everyday for 30 minutes in personal study. I've stressing out a lot in my personal study trying to cram in as much as possible. But remembering that I won't have the Spirit that way and calming down and just simply reading has brought the Spirit in a whole lot more.

We OYM'd (open your mouth in case anyone has forgotten) some two college kids shoveling snow off their car and so we helped out. It turned out that one of them was a member and told us how much he's strayed away but has always loved the church and stood by it but is just lacking the commitment. His friend is very open as well so we're excited to start teaching them!

We also talked in sacrament meeting Sunday. Bishop asked what we thought we should talk on and scripture reading popped into my head so we did. Jared taught as well and came in late after sacrament in his cook clothes haha. He's been coming to a lot of lessons with us which has been great. So has Kirk. He drove us down to Oak Creek and came to a lesson with us to Travis! He's been smiling a lot more but work keeps him from church.

Matt is doing super although we only saw him once this week. We're going to try to get his baptism going really soon! We may have to move it back so he can get over Word of Wisdom issues with chew and smoking. Pray for him.

Bo Hatch has officially quite chew so that's really exciting! We had lunch with them when we went down. The ward council has been playing with the idea of putting us in the south route for a few days a week and live with the members the Crofts, a super awesome older couple. But they're kitchen flooded and so that may not be possible any more this transfer. But we have a lot of investigators here in steamboat we need to work with so it will work out.

We have a new investigator Jebidiah! He doesn't like to call us elder because he thinks it sounds ridiculous so he said he'd call me EE and Elder Dean, Dean if we call him Jebidiah. He loves meeting with us and this last time we read the beginning of the BoM together since he didn't and he wants to read on his own now. Sean isn't on target for baptism but is doing pretty good. He hasn't been reading and has lost a bit of interest so that's disapointing but he can get there.

I need to take pictures of some of our investigators. They're a riot! Travis has a gnarly beard and long hair. He struggled with the concept of polygamy but we explained we don't practice that so that helped. He struggles a lot with beer and went on about how he couldn't stop coffee but then said maybe he should before we really even taught anything about it haha. It turned out that the sisters are teaching his girlfriend so that should help him out a lot!

The work is hard but I do everything I can in every moment to be moving the work forward. It's so worth it.

I'm not anywhere close to where I need to be and have a lot more to work on in order to be the servant Heavenly Father wants for me to be. I'll keep working and praying and growing. I'm just an old chunk of coal but I'm going to be diamond someday. Elder Dean and I have grown closer. He's becoming more mature everyday. He's such an example of ultimate humility. I'm learning to open up more and be a good sport.

Los amo a todos!

Elder Edgel

Monday, February 10, 2014

Steamboat District

Elder Edgels Steamboat district

Love is much more than patience

Shout out to my homies!! Hi homies. Me ama todo!! I think of you all time to time and wonder what you're up to. I'm curious to know what my mission and emails look like to you since you're obviously not members and my "job" is seamingly to convert people like you haha! But I hope you'll let the missionaries in sometime and share our message with you. Even if it's just to let them out of the heat. Try out this message. I love you all so much. I'd name names but I know I'd forget a few at the moment and offend some of you haha but know that I honestly do think of you and love you all!

There's so many amazing things happening here. Jared Guy, Less active 25 wants to get on a mission before he's 26, got the higher priesthood, Bo Hatch (as you know) less active guy whose family I've really grown to love got the "ironic" priesthood as he says, Fransisco a new convert got the aaronic priesthood and passed for the first time!! Kirk our recent convert is going to get it soon when he can get off work and has come to peace with being baptized when he was. He kept saying that he felt rushed into it and it happened to fast but we talked about the purpose of baptism being to put us on the right path, not us being on the path and then being baptized. He's been feeling the Spirit a whole lot more and doing really good. He jokes about how he didn't know there was so much commitment in the church and work and probably wouldn't have gotten into it if he knew before hand hahaha. Miliandro, this Peruvian we met at McDonalds on Pday that was here for the season but didn't know where the church was wants to serve a mission!! Gabby another recent convert is going to do baptisms soon and is on FIRE! The Sisters will go over to give her new member lessons and she'll just be reading a talk or watching mormon messages and the sisters will feel like, what are we even doing here? She doesn't need us haha. Matt, the guy that came to church and said he wants to be baptized is going to be on Feb 28!!!! Sean, an athiest is on date for March 8 and said he wants to be proven wrong about athiesm and is searching for an answer! The ward is growing! It's so good to see and be apart of. I've given my testimony every month since my mission. I love being with these people. There's a recent convert that's been under a lot of stress and a learned man gave her a bunch of anti material but she's been doing really excellent. She apparently framed a picture of her sitting really close to me when I was closed in and me freaking out trying to get away hahaha.

We had dinner with Fransisco, Gabby and Milagros again last night and had some more delicous Mexican food. They say that I am Mexican! Woo hoo! But they said that I still need to learn to cook, get a mexican cow boy hat, dance, and be illegal like them hahaha.

Elder Dean and I are learning to loose ourselves everday. It's so important to have the Spirit. That is the most important thing we could ever do. I'm having such a deeper craving for it than e ever before. More importantly than the greatest technique of OYMing or style of teaching, or education or knowledge or experience, is the SPIRIT. Fear not if you don't know how to answer the questions of your friends! Just remember that it's the Spirit anyway. If we have the Spirit, there will be nothing we cannot do. Miracles just like the ancient times with Alma and Ammon will happen in a very real way. I love that so much about the Savior. We dont' need to be anyone special. Infact it's when we realize that we're simply not all that more special than anyone else that we become special enough to be a part of His miracles.

Thank you for the music! I love having music. could I get some more sweet pictures of each siblings family and some of my friends!?

I'm learning to really love my companion. Not just put up with him, but really love him. Love is much more than just patience. Love isn't just putting up with someone.

Well I love you all!! Read the scirptures! Say your prayers! Do all those simple things that make such a huge difference. It's not easy, but it's worth every second.

-Elder Edgel

Monday, February 3, 2014

Yes there can be MIRACLES

It blows me away how real He really is. I want to become so focused and centered on the Gospel. I want my every being to desire bringing about His work. I want to be filled with His love. Too much time is wasted even when I'm being obedient and doing everything I'm supposed to and doing the work but not centered on His love. We can cover so much ground when we feel His love.

I'm glad to be with Elder Dean as well. I've learned so much patience and have become less and less of my natural Edgel instincts. I'll have the best eternal marriage EVER now!

First miracle. That beautiful truck, Jasmine. Tyquisha on P-days.

Second miracle! Hopefully my eyes don't get watery again in the library. With the new transfer I wanted to get more motivated than ever before and more focused and filled with charity and desire. So we've taken up Moroni on praying for charity just about everytime we pray. We have had the coolest lessons because of that. Just because we have more of a desire we've had so many doors open to us and so many more people available to talk to us! It's amazing what happens when our minds are focused. We have 4 progressing investigators all of a sudden too! Genuine solid progressing investigators! We'll be praying about a baptismal date for them soon!
One whose name is Shane, has read up to 2 Nephi on his own! He has a real desire. He claims atheism and was raised catholic. We talked about prophets and authority and he asked us, "do we have one of those today?" with the most sincere desire to know! We told him about Christ having 12 apostles and today having 12 apostles and he goes, "we do? Why doesn't anyone tell me these things!" He asked what it mean for our bodies to be temples and why we need to do certain things and stay away from others. We talked about Chastity and Word of Wisdom and he asked sincerely, "if someone does, can they be forgiven?" Yes Shane, they sure can.

The greatest miracle this week. We're fasting and praying for a baptism this month. We really want one. A man named Matt came to church all by himself. He's known bishop since they were kids and saw his conversion. He's had his 2 year old daughter for 3 whole weeks which is the most he ever has. He doesn't know where Mom is and she's very unstable. He told us that he wants to join the church and fully intends on coming next week and from now on! We get to teach him seeing that he lives alone. I've been filled with so much love and gratitude to be able to be apart of his conversion! It's so amazing. I love Heavenly Father so much. I'm so grateful to be His missionary in these last days and especially as THE marvelous work is being brought forward.

So many miracles. If all we do is just have our hearts and mind in it! Our might and strength is not enough. We must give him our EVERYTHING. Every fiber. Every desire. To really want what he wants and not fight it internally. Hard to learn, but because of the Atonement we can learn it instantly if we really want to. It's all dependent on our want. I'm going to make copies of this talk I'm reading.

I LOVE my baked potato cooker! And what on earth should I do with this Elk meat! Bo Hatch gave us the back straps of his wife's elk for dinner. ohhhh My goodness. Best. Dinner. Ever. The fruits of sharing the Gospel! They have a temple day of June 12th! He's nervous but we know he can make it.

I had an idea. For My B day or something, a flashdrive full of spiritual uplifting music, talks, and movies made by the church. Those are approved.

I love you all so much! Don't fight the will of God like Laman and Lemuel. Your problems won't go away if you kill your younger brother or change wards anything like it! God's will is God's will and is the same anywhere you go. What's even better is it doesn't drag us down or keep us from being happy. It lifts us to new planes of happiness. Trust the Guy who knows you perfectly.

-Elder Edgel

Sunday, February 2, 2014

When you have the desires, miracles happen.

That sounds like a ton of fun going to Death Valley! The stars are amazing out here. Between driving to and from Craig and Steamboat I got to get out of the car and I got to just walk up and down the road staring at the stars in amazement. It was in the middle of nowhere with untouched snow everywhere, pitch black with the wind blowing (one of my favorites, windy nights) with weeds and bushes peaked over the snow so you could here them rustle in the wind, with the brightest stars you've ever seen in the frigid cold. It was so neat looking up and around and seeing all that God has given us, and how much more we can enjoy them when we are free from all our guilt that we've created for ourselves in this life. How much more we can appreciate God's creations when we follow God's commandments. There's just no words that can explain the gratitude for the Gospel helping us to be more filled in this life. It's so amazing.

It's so neat to see how people who were struggling so much in their life finally just get it. To see the Spirit finally work through them after their long journey and the heartache they've caused to themselves and their family.

Transfers! What will it be? 3 Transfers for Elder Edgel so far in Steamboat. He will... STAY! Seis mas semanas en Steamboat para Elder Edgel y Elder Dean tambien! Everyone thought I would leave this area for Elder Dean and take off. But I get 6 more weeks! Elder Dean and I are going to be fasting to strengthen ourselves and get ourselves more motivated for the work. That's the hardest thing for myself. Staying top notch motivated. When you have the desire miracles can happen though. Something I keep thinking about. If we just simply have the desire we will see amazing things happen. We're already seeing cool things happen and we're just getting started! We're learning how to work together as a companionship more effectively. I'm really excited. We've had some neat lessons with people.

A brother received the Aaronic priesthood in church! He said the last time we committed him to live the word of wisdom for a week was really easy so we did again and had give think of reasons why he needs to, how to help himself, what he'll miss out on if he doesn't and a date for the temple. We're very excited for him. They've decided to go to the temple to be sealed this year. he is scared he won't make it, but he definitely will. The ward has been so awesome with fellow shipping him. They were so sad to think I might be leaving and told me I better be one of the first families they visit after haha. I've grown really close with them.

Jared had his interview with the stake president and is coming along very well on preparing for a mission. He's come out a lot with us and has been a huge help.

We started teaching a family! It's hard to find those in Steamboat. Everyone is a single ski bum come to party. We brought a member and it went very well. We'll be seeing them tonight. After that lesson we ran into Alejandro, one of the Sister's investigators. I love this guy and am sad I can't speak spanish because I can't teach him. But he invited us in and we got to talk about him being baptized and practiced english and spanish. He will definitely be baptized.

We had dinner with Fransisco and Gabby, the couple that the sister's taught and baptized and Milandro the girl from Peru that we found and Rafa, Fransisco and Gabby's really good friend that they live with. Man oh man it was good to eat real mexican food again. They don't speak much english so most of the night was in Spanish which was really nice. I love all those people sooo much. The Sisters are teaching Rafa which is really exciting. We got to talk about Fransisco and Gabby's conversion which was very interesting. Before I was here the sisters tracted into them and Rafa said they could come back just because they were pretty, then when they came he was scared and didn't want to see them so he forced Gabby to who didn't want to either. Then Fransisco came out of his room and saw them and yelled "crap!" but they're version in spanish and in his room they could hear him saying to Rafa, "I don't want to hear anything from mormon girls!" Gabby didn't either at first.
But then Sister Tew came in and almost instantly became the best of friends with Gabby. The first time Fransisco met them he asked what he had to do to be baptized out of curiosity. Sure enough, they all finally felt the Spirit and were baptized. Now they're working on Rafa who says he knows he needs to be but needs time. I told them how I still have my passport and can use it after my mission and they got really excited saying that we were going to go to Mexico together hahaha.

Another thing, my spanish is infinitely better on my mission. Even in Mexico for the 3 weeks my spanish wan't this good. I can say many sentences at a time now and can talk to someone on the street enough to give them to the sisters haha. Really cool. I love love love spanish. I speak it in my head sometimes even though I'm sure it's the worst grammar. But my mind will just speak it in little things sometimes. I can even pray in spanish!

I know I need to stay sober, stay calm and sober for the next few trials that hit. I'm studying whenever I have the chance and doing everything I can. The next step is to actually love everything that I do. To not fear going into a lesson and only trust. To really study more effectively because I have the desire to help those around me. I know God has a purpose for me. I'm excited to stay in Steamboat. I love the people here. I want to work so hard for them.

I love you all. Thank you for the way that all of you have raised me and encouraged me. I'll work hard for you.

-Elder Edgel