Elder Edgels wisdom:

Elder Edgel's wisdom: I knew God was a Heavenly Father who loved me beyond anything I could ever imagine and was going to do His best to help me along.

Friday, April 25, 2014

I'm so happy to be in this church and to be God's messenger to those who are looking for more peace in this life.

Well I loved this week. Our lessons were so much better. They were fewer, but better. And that's what matters. I had Elder Merrill, a zone leader in my district give a training on dropping people if they're not willing to progress. I love being a district leader because it's so for me. I learn so much by it. I know so little and get to learn so much more as the district leader. You really learn when you teach or pray about when needs to be taught. I'm trying to be more prayerful and thoughtful about my district and their needs. I love these missionaries. They're power houses. I've learned so much more humility as a district leader oddly enough. I love serving others.

I received a call Friday from President that I would be training a brand new missionary! My second son! Strangely though, I felt and heard a voice/feeling saying, don't be too disappointed if you don't end up training. So we had an AWESOME trainers training with President, his wife and the assistants. That's one of my favorite parts about being a trainer haha. Well President called last night and asked to talk to me separately. He said he felt strongly that Elder Johnson and I needed to stay together. So I'm happy with that. He's a kick butt missionary and we're getting so much done!

(I don't have the planner that I wrote down my reminders to tell you so this is a short one)

The McDowells are awesome! We finally taught the whole family. They've been through so much together as a family. The wife, Jennifer, has had so much patience and endurance. I was amazed at their understanding of the need for a prophet to guide us in the paths God wants. We're going to put them on date for this up coming month!
Church was awesome. There were so many people there! Hopefully they don't miss out on the blessings church has to offer year round!

We had an awesome lesson with the Mitchell gang. Tali, Kaleigh, Yasmina, Oumaima and Luke. They're all so profound. We talked about the importance of baptism and the blessings that come from it when we follow the Savior. They said they'll pray bout being baptized May 31st so we'll see how that goes for them! We're really excited!

Tracy came to church again and said that this was her church from now on. We also found out that the Bishop will able to find a way to give her financial support! We talk to her once or twice a week on the phone and she cries about her situation everytime. We're so excited for her. The best part is she drags a less active to church to give her the ride! hahaha

Los amo a todos. You're all so special. I'm so happy to be in this church and to be God's messenger to those who are looking for more in this life. God is able to fill us with that peace we seek when we follow Him. And He's given us that way to follow Him by giving us a prophet. What a glorious thing to think about.

Have a splendid week.

-Elder Edgel

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I've never been this busy and this happy!

We had yet another fantastic week! 8 new investigators this week!! We were busy busy busy preaching the gospel! I've never been this busy and this happy! I don't know why you think I always know what to say because I don't haha. But thank you for always seeing the best in me.

We taught a guy who wants to be a catholic priest because he wants to dedicate his life to God. The catholics believe you can't even consider another beliefs but he said he would read the BoM so I told him he better be careful because he'll find himself considering our beliefs!
We taught another guy who had met with missionaries in the past year but didn't like them at all but said they enjoyed us coming by. He grew up in a rough part of town. All his friends are either dead or in prison. He has a beautiful family though. Man it'd be so great to see them accept the Gospel after all they've been through.
Lyle said that he wanted to get baptized. He's 36, 6'8" and been in prison for 18 years total in his life. And he gets so emotional so easy talking about his family and wanting to change. He said he really wanted to start coming to our church but later his wife told him that she didn't want. So we're praying that her heart will be softened.
Also talking to some crazy people as always! This young kid was walking and started talking to us and said he was athiest but liked talking to mormons when (one of the crazies) came up and invited himself into our conversation and going off on the dumbest tangents talking about how the kid needed to watch his favorite TV show after we moved on from it. So it was frustrating because it killed everything completely but maybe he'll run into missionaries again. I love talking to athiests and people that say, "oh man, I'm not the kind of person you want to talk to".
We have some pretty cool investigators. I'm learning not to fear and really love them and the Gospel in order to do the Lord's work effectively. It's funny when people shut us down saying, "nah man. It's all about love. You don't need anything else." Well true, and the message we share is completely about love and how we can feel it infinitely more!! The love you feel will change your love! I don't know of anything that's more love based. Love is being willing to sacrifice anything for someone. There is nothing more love based than the Atonement of Jesus Christ giving himself willingly to take the blow that was aimed at us.
We met a drunk guy looking for his dogs so we offered to help walk around and help him find them. On the way a lady pulled over in the car saying she had talked to missionaries 7 years ago. I asked if she was a member and she said, "no, but I want to be!" He name is Susan and I've never met anyone with such tender feelings for the Savior. She tears up just talking about Easter. Her biggest hold up is coffee and smoking so we're going to set her on date and help to kick them! But she's been drinking coffee and smocking ever since she was young. At 15 she ran away to Mexico and was on her own. We're excited to be teaching her!
We also had a very powerful lesson with a less active. She said she doesn't feel like she has much of a testimony and wants to. Just taking the time to understand her instead of preaching to her helped her so much to open up and see that she really could have that testimony that she's always wanted.
It's so great to be able to see people open up and desire to change. In Sunday the high council speaker said, "do you know where missionaries go for refferals? New converts. Why is that? Why not go to the old pros that have been in the church for years and years? Because they've very recently felt the power of the Atonement." He talked about how if we allow the power of the Atonement to enter our lives then sharing the Gospel becomes so much easier. It's all about the desire. If we have the desire, everything else falls into place. The way gets opened up to us on how to be better missionaries, or husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, friends, neighbors. When the Lord sees that we want it, it gets so much easier and natural. So pray for the desire and read those scriptures that inspire you the most!

It's so great to be his instrument. We don't get payed once cent for it physically, but not even being a millionaire would come close to the blessings we receive spiritually.
Los amo a todos!!

-Elder Edgel

Thursday, April 10, 2014


To Dad:
Some cool miracles as we humble ourselves and consecrate all we have to give. Learning to be more diligent and work harder. I feel I never was dedicated to much of anything before. Track nope. School nope. Scouts nope. Work nope. I feel so sad to say all of that. But my mission? Everything. Everyday I learn to give more of myself. I feel so much more of a desire to give my everything since I never have before. I really hope to. I want to go home and feel accomplished. Feel I did everything I could personally.

Love you dad. Thanks for your wisdom and love.

We've only been able to teach Oumiama (oh-me-mu) so far. She's the coolest person ever. She said she had a dream she needs to get baptized. She's still nervous about it though. They've had such a rough life and are still so gentle, loving and wise.

We had yet another solid week! Elder Johnson and I agree it's been the most solid of week of our mission so far. Members came out with us to lessons that didn't fall through. A family we haven't been able to teach finally were home and the dad cried talking about how he hasn't been the dad he should being in prison and doing drugs and really wants to be there for his kids. He cried again when he said the prayer. He's been sober for 2 years! He is so awesome but the wife is busy so it's hard to catch her there too. We also taught a guy named Isaiah. He's a little stand offish but really open and nice. Hopefully we can teach his whole family. He's about 24 and does demolition.
A less active family are in a tight financial situation and feel bad for not paying tithing but doesn't think he can. He really opened up again and said that he used to never be comfortable talking about it but does now. He's hard on himself but he's so sincere!
Trish, the sorta homeless lady, called us and said she wanted to come to conference! Our ward mission leader couldn't find anyone though so we called all the solid members we knew that might do us a solid last minute. None of them would... I got discouraged but knew someone would. Finally I said, "alright I'm calling the big guns Elder." "Bishop?" "Bigger" "Stake President?" "Bigger" "Mission President?" "Bigger" "President Monson?" "I don't want to be blasphemous, but bigger. Oh hey brother Kumar!" Brother Kumar is a less active who is hilarious, has a good testimony but he and his wife don't come to church much. He also has really big guns from working out a ton. He says he's going to the Gymlestial kingdom. Of all people, he, the less active that was still asleep conference morning and had no plans of watching it jumped out of bed and said he'd help us. When he picked her up she said she didn't feel comfortable going because she didn't own a dress. He was in street clothes because he just planned on picking her up, dropping her off, and going back to bed. Instead he said, "look at what I'm wearing! and I'm still going to go!" so he ended up staying the whole time just to help her feel comfortable. Such an incredibly kind big Indian man.
The Bishop came to our lesson with the 9 year old and said that he'll talk to the mom about getting her baptized right away instead of waiting a few months which is pointless so we're really grateful for him.

I loved conference so much. Linda S Reeves was one of my favorites. I loved her testimony of reading everyday. So many of us don't want to and I feel bad bearing my testimony of it because I feel people shut me down. But studying there it is. A powerful testimony of the importance of putting our Heavenly Father first by everyday! I love love love that hour of personal study in the morning. If you want to feel and hear Heavenly Father talk to you, READ. EVERY. DAY.

I love the temple. So sacred. I love the peace there. So holy. I love my Savior so much after being in there.

I love you mom. Thanks so much for how much you give. You give far much more than money to us. You give your own blood and tears for us. I do love you. I don't appreciate you as much as I should but I love you dearly. Thank you for loving the Lord. You've done a great job of teaching us and raising us in the right way of the Lord. You truly follow the prophets in 2 Nephi 25:23&26. You have the most personal relationship with your Father in Heaven and have so much tender feelings for your Savior. That has always stood out to me. The best way to teach you could ever do is by example. And you did amazing with that. And if we decide not to follow that, it's our own blindness. You've done an amazing job. Thank you mom.

-Elder Edgel