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Elder Edgel's wisdom: I knew God was a Heavenly Father who loved me beyond anything I could ever imagine and was going to do His best to help me along.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Faith-full mission

It's been a growing and humbling week. We still didn't get much proselyting in I'm really excited to work so much harder. There's so much faith being spread around our mission I love it. Our mission set the goal of 1081 baptisms and 1081 reactivations this year. That's one baptism and reactivation per month per companionship. That's estimated to be 90 each per month. But our President added the 1 to help us always remember the importance of the one. That it's not about numbers but individual lives that are changed and brought to the Savior. There was the question in a lot of our minds whether it was realistic or not. I came to the conclusion that the only thing that is not realistic is our own personal doubt and lack of faith. With God everything is possible. Through faith the sons of Mosiah converted thousands to the Lord when the Lamanites hated the righteous. That was definitely not realistic but through God it was made possible.

We had our Zone Conference on Wednesday and our assistants trained us on putting people on date in the first lesson. I'm extremely excited to see how this will go. I know it's so possible.

Thursday I went on my third exchange with Elder Clubb! He was in a former zone of mine and he's now the district leader and doing a great job. Friday we had 40 minutes to weekly plan and then President called us in to his home just to interview us which was good but was a bummer to be away from the work for that long. Saturday we had a three hour companionship inventory We talked about how we both have attributes to teach and help each other with. He's very good with missionaries and helping and gaining their trust and lifting the missionaries he has stewardship over.

We had three great lessons on Saturday. We taught Lenny our recent convert with Brother Triplet our Ward mission leader who is a boss teacher and fellowshipped. He also came with us to Natasha who admitted she's starting to feel guilt for smoking weed and wants to quit now. They have to postpone her baptism because Ben needs to become worthy enough to baptize her but he's met with the Bishop and Stake President and is on his way. Then we taught Adam our new investigator who had been taught formally and set him on a date for baptism. He's 12 and is on probation so we'll see where he goes but we're excited. He's a great kid but his mom doesn't like the church.

Yesterday we taught another recently new investigator named Austin. He's 15 and has a desire to follow God. His dad is not a member but has read all of the standard works and wanted to make sure that his son did as well. We'll get him to join our lessons eventually.

After Elder Rhoades and mine comp inventory and our interview with President it left me really thirsting after becoming the best leader I can so that I can help as many people as possible. It was really humbling for the both of us. President didn't call us in for any specific reason but talking with him made me thirsty after being the best I can. Elder Rhoades shared with me his 5 month vision that he made during a study for the rest of his mission and confided in me to keep him accountable. He's such a saint and a good missionary. I'm really excited to see what we can do the rest of this transfer together.

I love you all!

-Elder Edgel

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